I have a twin?

A story about two twins that don't even know it. One is a boy(Johnny) who lives with his dad.The other twin is a girl(Cady) who lives with her mom. They were seperated at birth. During 7th grade they find out. What is thier next move. Cady is narrator.

Chapter 1

Can't wait! Tomorrow I turn 13! But first here how today went;

It was the day before school started (I know, I know Great b-day on the first day of school) so I was being real lazy, flipping channels. Nothing Good, I thought. I got up and went to the computer, I didn't even bother to turn it on. "Mom," I yelled, "Mo-om Where are you?" I ran to her bedroom, she wasn't there. Then I went to the kitchen, there was a note. It read:

At the store, getting groceries. Back in 30.

As soon as I put the note down, my mom came in with her hands full of groceries. I was walking to the car to get stuff out when my mom said, "No! Don't go in the car! Go to your room!" "Why? What did I do?" "Nothing. Your birthday presents are in there, I need to wrap them. I can't bring them in, if you're standing there." "Alright," I said grabbing my laptop, heading down the hall to my room.

"Hon, you can come out now," my mom called from the living room,

"I'm going to Stacey's."


"Be good!"

"Ok I promise I'll only burn half the house down," joked.

"Bye," she said as she closed the door. "And now you're gone," I said trying to go on my laptop. "Damn it!," I yelled, "Stupid internet! It never works!"

About an hour later, the was a knock on the door. I thought it was my mom so I open the door. But it wasn't, it was some sales person. " Hi," he said,"Are your parents home?"


"Older siblings?"

"Im a only child!"
"May I come in?"


"Let me in," he said trying to open the door.

" Haha! I locked it!"

" Open up!"

"Go away you perv," I shouted at him as I slammed the door. Then, I ran to the kitchen picked up the phone, and called my mom. No answer, I was on my own. So I opened the door again, keeping the screen door locked. I wrote down his licenceplate number. Step one, done, I thought. Then, I picked up my toy gun, and pointed it at him. "Im not afriad to use this," He looked throgh the screen door, his eyes widend. He ran away to his car. I had our convo recorded, not that I was trying to but before he came I was recording my voice. "Step two, done," I said. After that I dailed my moms number again but before I pressed the talk button, her car pulled up. "Mom," i said when she came in the house, then I told here the the whole story. At first she didnt believe it. Then I showed here the recording and the licence plate number. Now, she believed me. " We should call the cops," my mom said. I ran to get the phone. She dailed 9-1-1. " Hello," the police officiar said. "Hi," my mom responded, " Um, well my 13 year-old daughter was home alone, when a man came to the door, and demaned to come in, and wouldn't leave, even though my daughter said no, and-" "Ma'am We'll be over in a minute, tell us then," the police cut her off. "Ok. Bye." "He will be over soon," my mom called.

5 minutes later, the doorbell rang. It was the cops.

"Were you the one who reported the creepy man?"


"Do you have a picture of the man?"

"No,but we have his licence plate number, and thier convosation was recorded."

"Ok. May we have the number?" That's where I popped in, " Here you go," I said handing him the paper. " Come in," my mom said," We'll show you the recording."

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