A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is the story of Fiona Lupin's life, love, friendships, and death. All credits go to J.K. Rowling.

Fiona Lupin information:
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Brown
Brother: Remus Lupin
Blood: Half-blood
Gift: Animagus

Fiona is nearly the complete opposite of Remus. He is sensible, she's hard-headed and reckless. He's modest, she's cocky. He is good at controlling his anger, she is not. See where I'm going with this?
She loves her friends and family more than anything.


Chapter 2

Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs, and Duckbill

Morning sunlight was pouring through the open window of Fiona Lupin's bedroom as she rustled in her bed. Her eyes slowly fluttered open at the sound of voices outside of her bedroom door.
"She's going to get mad, James," said Fiona's brother, Remus, in a disapproving tone.
"Maybe we shouldn't wake her up like this," Peter Pettigrew said, trying to sound reasonable, but instead sounding afraid. He was among the many people that disliked Fiona's fiery temper.
She could almost see the smirk that was surely spreading over James Potter's face as he snorted with laughter and replied, "Lighten up! This is going to be fun."
Fiona grabbed her wand off of her bedside table and, clutching it in her hand, hid it under the blankets.
Not this time, James, thought Fiona.
She closed her eyes, pretending to sleep, just as the door creaked open and footsteps came scurrying into her bedroom.
"Okay. One. Two. Three!" she heard James say. On three, Fiona pointed her wand at the water that had just been thrown from the bucket James was holding and shouted, "/Wingardium Leviosa/!" before it could drench her. The water hovered in midair before she even finished saying the spell. She directed it so that it was over James's head and let it fall, leaving him soaking wet and knocking his round glasses askew. Remus and Peter burst into laughter. Fiona smiled, set her wand back on her bedside table, and stood up from her bed.
"Hope you've learned your lesson about trying to mess with me, James," Fiona said, laughing at him.
James grinned and replied, "Not quite yet, Fi."
The next thing that she knew, she was covered head to toe in ice cold water that had been thrown on her from behind. She spun around and saw Sirius Black laughing madly, holding an empty bucket.
"PADFOOT!" Fiona shouted. By that point, Peter, Remus, and James had fallen onto the floor from laughing so hard.
Fiona tackled Sirius to the ground, causing the bucket to fall with a clatter. Sirius allowed himself to be pinned to the ground by her.
"This is a nice position to be in, Fi-Fi. What are you going to do to me now?" said Sirius with a devilish grin and wiggle of his eyebrows.
Fiona smirked and said, "In your dreams, Black."
Sirius, who was much stronger than Fiona, grinned and rolled so that he was forcing her to the ground.
"This is actually how it goes in my dreams, Fi," Sirius said.
They both laughed and Sirius got off of her. He helped her up and they turned to Remus, James, and Peter, who were just now regaining their composure.
"That was priceless," James said, wiping a tear from his eye.
"So was Fiona's spell against you, Prongs," Sirius said, leaning against the wall beside him.
"That was cheating," James said, straightening up, but still keeping his grin.
Remus, who now was looking very serious, said, "Besides, Fi, what if the Ministry of Magic finds out?"
"Don't be mad because I'm smarter than you, James," she teased before turning to Remus, "and the Ministry of Magic will just think that Dad did the magic unless someone decides to tell them otherwise." Her brother rolled his eyes.
"You know that I won't tell, Fiona," Remus sighed.
Fiona smiled.
"Excellent. Now I need to change into dry clothes." Sirius snickered. "James, I suggest that you do the same."
James made a face at her as the boys left the room. Fiona changed into new, dry clothes and headed down the stairs, where the boys were already scarfing down their breakfast. Fiona's mother went and kissed her cheek as she entered the kitchen.
"Good morning, Fiona," Mrs. Lupin said, with a sweet smile on her face.
"Morning, Mum," Fiona replied, matching the smile.
Her father poked his head into the kitchen at the sound of Fiona's voice.
"Is that my favorite girl?" said Mr. Lupin, now walking into the kitchen.
"Hi, Daddy," Fiona said. She gave her father a hug and heard James mutter in a mockingly dreamy tone, "Daddy's little girl." As she passed him on her way to sit down next to Remus, she flicked his head. James laughed and rubbed the back of his still damp hair.
"Honestly, Fiona," said Mrs. Lupin, finally taking notice of her daughter's hair, which, like James's, was still very damp from that morning's prank, "First James and now you. I do wish that you were all like normal kids your age and not want to get out of bed in the mornings, rather than getting straight to pranking each other."
"Where's the fun in that?" Fiona asked, smirking. Remus, Sirius, Peter, and James laughed.
"Why don't you invite Lily to stay with us the last day of holidays?" Mrs. Lupin asked, trying to change the topic.
"Lily doesn't get back from Paris until tomorrow and wants to spend the day with her family. Plus, she wouldn't come up anyway with James here -- not after what he and Sirius did to Snivellus."
James narrowed his eyes at her and said, "Evans loves me and she knows it."
"Whatever you say, Prongs." He smirked at the use of his nickname.
The five of them had always been referred to as the Marauders in school. Each of them had a nickname; Remus was Moony, Peter was Wormtail, James was Prongs, Sirius was Padfoot, and Fiona was Duckbill. They gave each other their nicknames last year at Hogwarts, when Fiona, James, Sirius, and Peter had worked out a way to stay with Remus when his "furry little problem," as James calls it, took place. Last year, Fiona, James, Sirius, and Peter became unregistered Animagi.
Peter could turn into a rat; James into a stag; Sirius into a large dog; and Fiona into a swan. She usually had to stay the farthest away from her brother after he transformed because her Animagus form was the slowest, but it was also her form that was the most soothing to Remus when he transformed. That's why she chose it.
"Kids! O.W.L. results are back! They brought James', Sirius', and Peter's, as well," Mr. Lupin shouted from the sitting room. The five of them practically dashed out of the kitchen and grabbed their results. Fiona looked through her's anxiously.
Ordinary Wizarding Level Results:
Pass Grades:
Outstanding (O)
Exceeds Expectations (E)
Acceptable (A)
Fail Grades:
Poor (P)
Dreadful (D)
Troll (T)
Fiona Diana Lupin has achieved:
Astronomy A
Care of Magical Creatures O
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Herbology P
History of Magic A
Muggle Art O
Muggle Studies E
Music O
Potions O
Transfiguration E
Fiona looked up from her results and proudly handed them to her father. He gasped with joy and pulled Fiona into the tightest hug she had ever recieved.
"Ten O.W.L.s! I can't believe it!" he said.
"Daddy, can't breathe," Fiona managed to choke out. He laughed and released her.
"You got ten?" Sirius asked, "Maybe you are Moony's sister after all." Fiona grinned and flopped onto the couch next to her brother.
"How'd you three do?" Fiona asked James, Sirius, and Peter.
"I got four," Peter said in a small voice.
"Sirius and I got five a piece," James declared proudly, clapping Sirius on the back.
Fiona laughed and turned to her brother.
"How'd you do?"
He didn't respond, but continued to look thunderstruck at his paper. Fiona plucked the paper out of his hands and examined it.
"Blah blah blah...Remus John Lupin has achieved...O,O,E,O,E,E,O,O,O,E,O," said Fiona, "Remus, you got eleven O.W.L.s!"
He was still looking dumbstruck. Fiona looked at the other three for help.
James stepped forward and said, "Hey, look! A full moon!"
Remus immediately snapped out of his trance and his eyes darted toward the window. The other four howled with laughter while Mr. Lupin said sternly, "Not funny, James."
"Sorry, sir," James said, stifling his laughter at once, while the others laughed on at him.
The day went by faster than usual and soon enough, it was dark out. Fiona retired to her room early that night and changed into pajamas. She had just sat on her bed when there was a knock on her door.
"It's open," Fiona called. Her brother walked in the room slowly. He looked ill.
"Hey, Fi," he said quietly, sitting on her bed next to her.
"Hey, Remus. You don't look too good," she said, concerned. She consulted the calender hanging on her wall. It was only a week until the next full moon. "That explains it." Remus nodded.
"I have to ask you something," Remus said suddenly.
Fiona straightened up, wondering what her brother could possibly be thinking about.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Are you and James interested in each other?"
Fiona looked at her brother as if he was crazy for a moment and then burst out into laughter, nearly falling off of her bed. She tried to compose herself enough to at least reply to him.
"James...and I...interested in each other? Are you mad? He likes Lily." A new fit of giggles seemed to take over and she began laughing harder.
"Well, you and him are always picking on each other and teasing each other," he replied, now cracking a smile at how crazy it would ever be for James and Fiona to ever date.
"Remus, he's like the brother I never wanted, but got anyway because my real one had to make friends." Remus laughed.
"And the same goes for Sirius and Peter, right?"
"As if I'd ever fancy Sirius or Peter."
This made Remus grin.
"Good, it's weird enough having James always drooling over one of my good friends. I don't need you dating one of the other two -- or I should say, I don't need you dating Sirius. I don't think that you'd ever go for Peter." Fiona hugged her brother.
"Quit your worrying and get some sleep. I'll see you and the losers in the morning," Fiona teased. Remus stood up from the bed.
"Fine, fine. Goodnight, Fi," he said, crossing to the door.
"Night, Rem."
As Remus exited and the door closed, Fiona closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful and deep sleep.
She woke up at six-thirty the next morning. No one was awake, so she ran down into the kitchen, grabbed a metal pot and spoon and ran up the Remus's room, where the boys all slept. Remus slept on his bed and the three guests on the floor.
"WAKE UP!" she shouted, banging the spoon against the pot. The four of them sprang to life and shot up from where they slept. James shoved his glasses onto his face and glared at Fiona. She smirked at him and said, "Good morning sunshine!"
He turned to Remus and said sarcastically, "I hate your sister, Moony." Fiona went and ruffled his already messy hair. She stopped once she saw the suspicious look that Remus was giving her and she remembered their talk last night.
"You four should go downstairs and make breakfast," Fiona said, sounding very chipper.
Sirius scoffed.
"Do you want the house burnt down?" he asked with a laugh.
"Remus knows how to cook, and I'm sure that you three can learn fast."
They all muttered things that she couldn't comprehend as she left. She went back into her room and laid down on her bed, waiting for someone to come and get her whenever breakfast was ready. After about twenty minutes of waiting for them, she decided to change.
She walked over to her wardrobe and picked out a black tank top and jean shorts. She had just taken off her pajamas when the door opened. She ducked behind her bed quickly and looked at the door, where a stunned looking James and Sirius were standing in the doorway.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading the chapter! Please leave comments, rate, and if you've got any questions, don't be afraid to contact me! I love you guys! - Kristynlynn

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