A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is the story of Fiona Lupin's life, love, friendships, and death. All credits go to J.K. Rowling.

Fiona Lupin information:
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Brown
Brother: Remus Lupin
Blood: Half-blood
Gift: Animagus

Fiona is nearly the complete opposite of Remus. He is sensible, she's hard-headed and reckless. He's modest, she's cocky. He is good at controlling his anger, she is not. See where I'm going with this?
She loves her friends and family more than anything.


Chapter 3

Butterflies and Brown Eyes

The table roared with laughter as Sirius explained what had happened. Even Lupin, although shaking his head, was laughing along with everyone else.
"So you and Dad actually walked in on her? As she was changing?" Harry asked, trying to stifle his laughter.
Sirius grinned and nodded.
"It wasn't one of her finest moments," said Lupin.
Sirius let out another bark of laughter and replied, "Speak for yourself!"
"So what happened next?" asked Hermione anxiously.
Lupin motioned for Sirius to continue.
Both grew red with embarrassment.
"S-sorry!" James sputtered. Sirius just gaped at her, his mouth hanging open.
"Get out!" she yelled, throwing a pillow from her bed at them.
They closed the door quickly and Fiona threw on her clothing, praying that there would be no one else that would barge in on her. She grabbed a hairtie off of her bedside table and dashed out of her bedroom door, throwing her hair up into a messy bun on her way down to the kitchen. She found Peter, Sirius, and James sitting at the kitchen table and Remus at the stove.
James and Sirius snickered as she entered the kitchen. She shot a dirty look at them and stood next to her brother.
"Do you need any help?" she asked him. Remus shook his head.
"No, I'm done anyway," he replied, scooping the last bit of egg from the frying pan onto a plate and turning off the stove.
He handed it to her and took his own plate. They sat down at the table with their friends.
"So, Fi, that's a nice outfit that you have on," said Sirius with a smirk. James poorly held back a laugh. Remus gave them a confused look. Fiona assumed that they hadn't told him about what had happened upstairs.
Ignoring Sirius's comment, Fiona looked toward Remus and said, "I could get used to being served breakfast everyday."
"I wouldn't if I were you," he responded, smiling.
They all began to eat -- or in the boys' cases, wolf down -- their food. Sirius grinned as he swallowed his first bite.
"I'd say that we're pretty good chefs, right guys?" he said, shoving a bit more in his mouth.
"Only when I'm doing all the work," replied Remus.
"Oh, shut it, Moony. This breakfast was a real team effort," James said sarcastically.
Fioan rolled her eyes and said, "In what way do you define the word 'team,' Prongs?" He chucked a piece of egg at her and Fiona giggled.
"Why do you only call him by his nickname?" Sirius asked, wiping his mouth off with his sleeve.
"I don't. I call you guys by your nicknames whenver you get on my nerves. It's just a habit that I picked up," Fiona explained.
"Then why do I get mine used most often?" James asked, mimicking offense.
Fiona smirked and replied, "Now, do I really have to explain that?"
Remus, Sirius, and Peter all chortled while James narrowed his eyes at her.
"Better watch those smart comments, Fi," James warned her jokingly, "Once we get onto the Hogwarts Express tomorrow, I can use magic again. Then you'll be sorry."
Fiona laughed. "Maybe I'll just move into a different compartment with Lily. She'll protect me from you, considering she can't stand you."
"Oh please, everyone knows that --"
"Evans loves you," Sirius said as James did.
Sirius grinned and James pushed him. They all finished their food and stood from the table.
"Quidditch anyone?" Fiona offered.
"Afraid you won't make the team this year, Fi?" Sirius asked sarcastically.
Fiona scoffed. "I'd like to see James find another Seeker like me." They all laughed and walked out to the backyard.
Remus's and Fiona's house was built miles and miles away from any other, so whenever they practiced Quidditch, no Muggle ever spotted them.
The five of them walked quickly to the small shed standing in the open field of backyard. Fiona grabbed her Silver Arrow broomstick out of the shed and passed Remus his own. Sirius and James grabbed two at random, both being too lazy to actually go back upstairs and get their own. Fiona turned to Peter just as he settled himself on the ground.
"Aren't you playing Peter?"
"No thanks. I'm not good at Quidditch, but it's fun to watch," he replied.
Fiona shrugged and looked at James. "Still got that Snitch?"
"You know I do," said James, digging in his pocket. A moment later, his hand emerged clutching a tiny golden ball. Fiona smiled at the sight of it.
"So how are we playing this?" Sirius asked, leaning against the broomstick.
"Racing," Fiona said simply, "Whoever gets to the Snitch first is the winner."
"Bring it," said James, mounting his broom. The others followed his lead.
They all kicked off of the ground hard and soared up into the sky. James released the Snitch and gave it a head start before shouting, "GO!"
The four of them darted after the streak of gold flying through the yard.
Fiona and James were neck and neck, with Remus and Sirius yards behind them. Fiona leaned closer to the neck of the broomstick, her body almost completely flat against it, and stretched out her hand once the Snitch was in front of her. Before James even had a chance to do the same, the Snitch was already struggling in her closed fist. She held it up to show the others.
"I win," she declared triumphantly. Peter clapped from the ground. Remus flew over unsteadily and high-fived her. Sirius joined them and clapped her on the back.
"Stick to being a Chaser, Prongs," Fiona teased. She handed him the Snitch.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Rematch, Duckbill," said James, smirking.
They played Quidditch until night fell over their land and the Snitch was barely visible, only stopping once to get lunch. Fiona only lost once, and that was just so that they could officially end the game. Remus looked weary and tired by the time that they ended. Fiona landed next to him and got off of her broom.
"Are you okay?" she asked in an undertone, placing a hand on her brother's shoulder.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine," he replied shakily.
Although Fiona didn't believe him, she knew that there wasn't anything she could do about it. It was the calm before the storm, as she had always described it since they were children.
Remus had been bitten by werewolf, Fenrir Greyback, when he and Fiona were barely five. Fiona was over a friend's house when it had happened. When she returned, their father had to explain everything to her -- how he had offended Greyback and the werewolf took revenge by biting his son. Her father says that Fiona would have been bitten also if she had been home. She had been more fortunate than her brother, though.
After he was bitten, Fiona stood by him no matter what, even when he became awful to be around and angry toward everyone. That was what had drawn her toward James, Peter, and Sirius during their second year. The three had befriended her brother during their first year and, with a bit of research, discovered what he was. They, like Fiona, refused to abandon him, and together, they came up with the idea of becoming Animagi to join him during his transformations.
Now, nearly four years later, Fiona still saw these four boys as her best friends, just as they saw her as their's.
"Kids, supper's ready!" Mrs. Lupin called from the kitchen window. They put their broomsticks away and ran off to the kitchen.
That night, they feasted on steak and kidney pie, mashed potatoes, carrots, squash, and everything else that Mrs. Lupin had been kind enough to make them. For dessert, her father came in with a large pineapple upside-down cake floating in front of him. He lowered it onto the table and the boys went mad, eating about three-fourths of the cake in total. Fiona laughed and sliced a rather large piece for herself.
Once their small feast was over, Fiona and the boys went upstairs to Remus's room. Fiona sat on the floor inbetween Sirius and James. Peter and Remus sat in front of them.
After many laughs and discussions on what fun they would have during the next full moon, which conveniently occurred in six days, Peter, Remus, and James drifted to sleep. Sirius and Fiona sat up talking a bit longer.
"Can you believe that we've all made it to our sixth year?" Fiona said, sounding astounded, "I didn't think that you'd make it past your first week."
Sirius chuckled quietly, as to not wake the others. "Remember how you used to loathe me first year?"
"I thought that you were stealing Remus from me," she replied with a giggle, "And then James liked me during our second year."
"Liked you? He practically drooled over you during all of our classes." Fiona grinned and put a hand over her mouth to smother her laughter.
"All I can say is thank goodness that he took an interest in Lily."
Sirius smiled as Fiona yawned. "Tired?"
Fiona shrugged and said, "Maybe a little."
"Why don't you go back into your room and sleep?"
Fiona made a face and shook her head.
"I'm too lazy for that. Scoot over," she demanded playfully.
"You'd make me give up some of the very little room I have to sleep for you?" he teased.
Fiona contorted her face into a sad puppy dog face and Sirius groaned as he willingly scooted over.
"It's sad when I have a cuter puppy dog face than the actual puppy dog," Fiona said, both of them laying down.
"You're just lucky that you've got those damn brown eyes of yours. They're impossible to resist."
Fiona could feel her face becoming redder in shade, though she wasn't quite sure why.
"Goodnight, Sirius," Fiona said, closing her eyes and trying to make her face go back to its normal shade.
"G'night, Brown Eyes," he replied.
The unmistakable feeling of butterflies swam through her stomach and she smiled, despite the fact that she didn't know why this was exactly happening. Ignoring it, she tried her best to clear her mind and fall asleep quickly.
She woke up the next morning, a bit closer to Sirius than she had been when she had fallen asleep. She scooted away from him before Remus could wake up and notice. Her mother poked her head into the room.
"Wake up boys!" She looked down and noticed Fiona on the floor. "What are you doing in here, Fiona?"
"Fell asleep talking to them," Fiona answered half-honestly, careful to leave out which one she fell asleep talking to.
Mrs. Lupin would never approve of she and Sirius being the only conscious people in the room. As much as she liked Sirius, she didn't trust him enough to be alone with her daughter.
Mrs. Lupin nodded and repeated, "Wake up boys! Train leaves in three hours."
They all stirred a little. Fiona's mother gave her a look that looked as if it said, "Please get them up." Fiona smiled and nodded in understandment.
"Breakfast!" Fiona shouted. Their heads shot up and they looked around the room at the mention of food. Fiona laughed and said, "Pathetic."
James and Sirius both threw a pillow at her and she left, still laughing at them, so that they could all get changed and she could get ready.
After her shower, she changed into light jeans and a floral off-shoulder shirt. She pointed her wand at her still wet hair and muttered, " Ortho thixus."
Her blonde hair went instantly dry and straight, reaching almost her waist. Quickly, she slipped on her white flats and grabbed her trunk with one hand and her gray speckled owl, Apollo, with the other.
She managed to lug the heavy trunk into the hallway before stopping to catch her breath. As she tried dragging it again, the boys clambered out of Remus's bedroom with their own trunks and owls in hand.
"Help?" she begged, sticking out her bottom lip. James chuckled and grabbed her trunk. He heaved both of them down the stairs.
"You look nice, Fiona," Remus said politely. He then noticed her hair and frowned disapprovingly. "Magic on your hair, I'm guessing?"
"Well, I'm not going to use an iron like the Muggles do," she said defensively. Remus shrugged and they all walked down the stairs to meet James. Mr. and Mrs. Lupin were ready to greet them.
"Everyone ready to go?" Mr. Lupin asked. They nodded. "Excellent. Let's get into the car."
They walked to their old family Station Wagon and piled in while Mr. Lupin took care of the luggage. An Undetectable Exansion Charm was placed upon the car so that everyone could fit in comfortably. They arrived at King's Cross Station just ten minutes before eleven.
They piled their luggage on top of a cart and Sirius pushed it. Peter was struggling to keep up with them as they went through the barrier to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The scarlet engine was billowing steam at full force in front of them. Quickly, they all said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Lupin with many hugs and handshakes and boarded the Hogwarts Express.

Hey everyone! Sorry this chapter took longer than the last one to get out. I've been crazy busy getting ready for school over the past few days. Also, sorry for the lack of excitement in this chapter, but it is important for reasons that will be known much later. I'll try to get the next chapter out quicker, I promise! Thank you so much for reading! Please comment, rate, etc. Love you guys! -Kristynlynn.

P.S. Remus's owl's name is Artemis, and it looks just like Fiona's. Cute right? :3 (For those of you who don't know this, Apollo and Artemis are twin greek lords. Apollo is the boy and Artemis is the girl.) Thought that'd be a good fun fact to include (: Anyway, goodbye and thank you for reading this pointless P.S. (:

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