A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

A Marauder's Tale (A Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is the story of Fiona Lupin's life, love, friendships, and death. All credits go to J.K. Rowling.

Fiona Lupin information:
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Brown
Brother: Remus Lupin
Blood: Half-blood
Gift: Animagus

Fiona is nearly the complete opposite of Remus. He is sensible, she's hard-headed and reckless. He's modest, she's cocky. He is good at controlling his anger, she is not. See where I'm going with this?
She loves her friends and family more than anything.


Chapter 34

Confusion and Suspicion

Fiona's POV:
Fiona woke up the next morning with a thrashing headache and no clue where she was. She got out of the strange bed slowly and stood, wobbly, on her feet. She grabbed at the bedpost for help with balance and only moved when she was sure she wouldn't fall over. Once she was at the door, a wave of sick washed upon her and she had to practically dive back to the bed to make it to the bucket beside it in time.
Great, Fiona thought. Just great.
She groaned and vomited into the bucket again, last night's Firewhiskey and ale making a reappearance. She hardly even heard the door open behind her.
“Good morning sunshine,” said James, sitting on the floor beside her and leaning against the wall. “How are you feeling on this beautiful day?”
Fiona looked up from the bucket and examined her friend, who was smiling pompously. “James, where the hell am I?”
“Padfoot's. You showed up here last night drunk as a skunk and then passed out.”
Fiona groaned again. “Well, this is fantastic. Where is that charming love of mine?”
“Look up,” came a voice from the doorway. Fiona smiled slightly when she saw Sirius standing above her. “How are you feeling?”
“I'm alright. I can't remember much from last night, but I'm alright.”
He sat down on the other side of her. “Well, you were pretty bad last night. I sent Remus an owl an hour ago letting him know that you were here and okay if he wanted to visit. I assume that that's okay.”
Fiona nodded and the tension in Sirius' face softened. “He's not the reason I was upset.”
“What was then?”
And so Fiona dove into the entire story of her father's and her fight (though she tried hard to leave the part about the slap out, both Sirius and James guessed it immediately). The only pauses that she allowed herself were to hold back the urge to be sick or to let a groan escape her mouth from the monstrous headache that was a hangover. Finally, she arrived at the end of her memory of last night.
“I remember while I was at The Hog's Head, drinking up everything that the bartender would give me, I just kept thinking, 'Where am I going to go?' and then it hit me that I wanted to be home and the only home I really had, other than Hogwarts of course, was with you.” Fiona turned to Sirius at this point and he took her hand. She didn't mean to be so sappy and sentimental – that wasn't the type of person she was – but she didn't know how else to explain why she came to him over everyone else. Okay, yes, the fact that she was in love with the man played a very significant role in this, but overall, wherever he was was where she considered her home to be.
“Well, I can see when I've been third-wheeled,” James said, lifting himself from the floor and striding out of the room. “I think I'll write to Lily. Mind if I use your owl, Padfoot?”
After Sirius shook his head, James closed the door gently, as to not disrupt the balance that had finally begun to settle in Fiona's head, leaving the couple alone. A smirk erupted on Sirius' face.
“You know, I would kiss you now that we're alone, but I keep remembering that I did see you vomit a good ten minutes ago.”
Fiona laughed, slightly mortified that she had let him see her like this. But they had known each other since they were eleven years old. Nothing was private between them anymore and that's the way that they both enjoyed it.
“So how bad did he hit you?” asked Sirius timidly, brushing the hair covering the growing bruise out of her face.
“I won't lie, it was a forceful hit. Mum didn't even do anything. She just stood there, watching.”
“Did your dad even try to apologize?”
Fiona shrugged. “He kept stammering, but I didn't want to hear anything from him, so I just left. Remus tried to stop me of course, but it was far too late for that. Dad already drove me out.”
There was a long pause after that. Fiona knew that Sirius was trying to think of something to say that would get her to go back, but she was stubborn and he knew it. Finally, he settled on saying, “Well, you can stay here as long as you need to. I'll owl my cousin Andromeda later and ask her for clothes for you.”
Fiona nodded and thanked him as he kissed her cheek and left the room. Fiona took to sleeping restlessly for the next few hours until her brother came to visit her. Though her headache had subsided slightly, she still had to force herself to sit up and listen to him.
“Hey,” Remus said, sitting beside her on the bed. Fiona gave him a small smile in return which he countered with a sigh. “I'm sorry things got so out of control yesterday. I should have stepped in and said something to Dad, but I just --”
Fiona cut him off. “It's Dad's fault. Not yours, Rem. I don't want you to take responsibility for this.” He sighed and nodded. “How's Mum taking me being gone?”
Remus gave Fiona a look that seemed to say, Really, Fiona? Really? You don't already know this? But he answered her, none-the-less. “Awful. She's been crying constantly. And Dad's either really angry half the time or just quiet the other half.”
“You're trying to guilt me into coming back home?” Fiona asked, a small smirk slipping onto her face.
Remus shrugged. “Slightly. It isn't working, though, is it?”
Fiona shook her head. “You're mental if you expected it to.” Remus let a ghost of a smile flicker onto his face, but it was quickly replaced by a frown. Fiona sighed. “Dad crossed the line when he hit me, Rem. We both know that. I'm not going home to be treated like that.”
“So you're going to stay here forever?”
“At least until the end of the summer. Then I can go to Hogwarts and I'll buy my own flat when I graduate.”
Remus sighed, the disappointment clear on his face, but he eventually succumbed to his sister's wishes. There was nothing more he could say to convince her of doing otherwise.
“Alright. Just don't shut them out forever, Fi,” he said. “Mum and Dad are going through a lot with you leaving.”
Fiona sighed. “A year away from them at Hogwarts will do me well.” Remus looked disapprovingly at her. “I'll try writing to them during the school year. How about that?”
“Fine,” he agreed, knowing it wouldn't get much better than that.
They sat, just talking over the next hour or so. Eventually, Sirius and James returned to the room, too. Fiona greeted all of them casually, her headache finally almost completely subsided. Things were almost completely normal (or as normal as it could get with them) with them, like the previous night hadn't happened at all. But, as everything always has to do when things are going alright, things took a turn around when Sirius brought up the subject that had been on Fiona's mind for weeks.
“Has anyone heard from Wormtail lately?”
There were mixed murmurs that Sirius took to mean no.
“I'm getting worried about him,” Fiona admitted. “It's not like him just to cut ties with us without an explanation.”
James suddenly had a very concerned expression on his face. The others eyed him curiously.
“What is it, Prongs?” asked Sirius.
James leaned in toward them and said quietly, “Don't tell anybody this, but Voldemort's been recruiting lately.”
“Recruiting Death Eaters?” Remus inquired. James nodded. “How do you know this?”
“Well...A few of his Death Eaters contacted Lily and I. They, uh, wanted us to join them.” The others gaped at him. “We said no of course. We'd never join Voldemort, you know that.”
“But what does this have to do with Peter?” said Fiona. “Do you really think that Voldemort would go and talk to him, too?”
James shrugged. “I don't know. They might have.”
“But he's Wormtail. They have no reason to contact him. I mean, he's a good friend and all, but he's not exactly the strongest wizard,” Sirius insisted.
“So? Voldemort recruits those that he knows he can use,” Fiona reminded him. “What if he knows a way that he can use Peter?”
“But Wormtail would have said no to them immediately, right?” James said.
“He doesn't exactly have guts, though, does he?” Sirius interjected.
Fiona sighed and turned to her brother. “What do you think, Rem?”
Remus thought a moment and said, “I think that until it's been proven then we shouldn't worry. But for what it's worth, I don't think Wormtail would betray us like that.”
“I sure hope not...” Fiona sighed.
Though some suspicions were correct, none had any way of knowing that at that moment, a severely frightened Peter Pettigrew was shaking the hand Voldemort's Death Eaters, agreeing to join them.


Harry was in shock. They'd had suspicions about Pettigrew being a traitor, yet didn't act on them? Because of what Lupin had said? He felt sick just thinking about it.
“Obviously we regret ever trying believing the best in him. We just couldn't afford to be right about him then. It would have crushed us,” Lupin said.
Harry nodded. He understood, surprisingly. It was like him and Professor Dumbledore's situation now. Harry never wanted to think the worst of him, even though he hadn't talked to him since he'd come to Grimmauld Place, though he'd been there a good few times and had the opportunity every time.
“Did she ever find out that he was working for You-Know-Who?” Fred asked, surprisingly curious. George seemed to be experiencing the same curiosity.
“She did unfortunately,” Lupin answered sadly. “From what we've been told, Voldemort used that last bit to finally break her. Apparently...apparently by the time she died, she could hardly even speak or look at anyone anymore because she was so distraught by the whole thing. They tortured her to the brink of insanity and then killed her...”
Lupin's voice, Harry noticed, had become somewhat choked, as though it pained him to speak. That was when he came to a realization that made him feel one hundred times sorrier for him.
“You were the one that found her, weren't you?” Harry said quietly. Lupin nodded solemnly.
“Everyone else went to go search for Sirius, but I went to search for her. Moody kept telling me that it was a lost cause...that I wouldn't like it if I found her and I'd be better off to join everyone else. I didn't listen, though...”
Mrs. Weasley let out what was unmistakably a sob and when the rest all looked over at her, she had her face buried in her arms on the table. Mr. Weasley rubbed her shoulders calmly.
Sirius frowned and patted her hands. “Come now, Molly, you mustn't be so upset. We all miss her.” His and Lupin's faces did look especially glum at this point. Harry was beginning to regret asking about this story. He did wish he'd realized sooner how upset it would have made everybody.
“Listen,” Harry began. “You don't have to continue this if it makes everyone that upset.”
Ron looked on the verge of objecting when Hermione elbowed him painfully in the ribs. “Harry's right,” he groaned. “You shouldn't have to finish it if you don't want to.”
Lupin waved his hand dismissively. “The memories are hard, I'll give you that, but you kids deserve to know her name, who she is, and what she died fighting for. Because it's what most of us are willing to die for now.”
“All of us,” said Fred, George, and, surprisingly enough, Ginny. Harry took special notice at this and could hardly suppress his grin toward her. She smiled sheepishly back at him and shrugged. The rest nodded in agreement with the prior statement.
“Then by all means,” said Harry, snapping his attention away from Ginny. “Please, go on.”

A nice long chapter for y'all (: I'm going to try to spend the next couple days writing this story especially because I've got too many big ideas for the sequel. Happy fourth of July, loves! Xxx ~ Kristynlynn

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