soul eater a new story

this is just a story about me in soul eater how im going to describe myself is real especially with my weaknesses (except that im a weapon and such like that) well please enjoy

Chapter 1

the new girl runins symetary?

"ah anthore year anthore round of evil souls to fight off eh Maka?"soul said in his cool calm voice as usal
"hm yep! cant wait to see everyone again"she said with a smile
"we saw them all summer Maka..."he said with a wiry grin
"i know but still this way we can see each other twenty four seven! during and after school"
"yippe..."Soul said in sarcasim twirling his finger
"YAHHHOOOOO!"Blackstar screamed jumping off a tree standing on top of Soul "dont worry everyone your day just got better your star is here! uh...hey Maka wheres Soul?"
"down here bro"Soul said tring to gasp for air
"oh uh my bad eheh"he said getting up giving him a fist pump as soon as he got up
"oh blackstar please be more careful"Tsubaki said in her sweet little tone
"yeah yeah yeah i'll try my best but theres no holding this star back!"
"Blackstar can you calm down abit we could hear you a block away"Kid said walking to the group with a giggling Patty and annoyed Liz
"great the gangs all here lets get to class guys"Soul said motioning them towards the door
"wow so many new kids"Maka said
"yeah but i bet they'll all wish they were as great a star as me and ask to be my apprentice!"Blackstar exclaimed
"hey lower your voice im sure your making them all feel bad"Soul said tring to get him to shut up
"oh your right! sorry new kids i never ment to make you all feel bad"black star said stopping causing everyone to stop and stair at him who is grinning
"oh um come on Blackstar we should get to class"Tsubaki said in a shy mousey voice
"i see that Blackstar hasnt changed abit"Liz said pretty anoyed
"still very strange"Patty said giggling
"well here we are!" Maka said opening the door to the classroom
"Ya-"blackstar was cut off by Kid this time holding his mouth
"Blackstar! please be quite now im gonna release your mouth and once i do you'll be quite right?" Blackstar nodded and Kid let go then looks at his hand to find Blackstars drool causing Patty to giggle
"this is not funny Patty"Kid says pulling out a tissue cleaning his hand
"Kid please report to lord Deaths office" a teacher said behind Kid
"ah well do i take Liz and Patty?"
"no this is a private conversation"
"ah well ok then" he said walking out
"you wanted to see me father?"
"ah Kiddo its great to see you again and yes i wanted to see you, you see i decided to put a new girl in your team"
"i decline"
"but son she has no miester and i think shed be a great addition to your team you see i think she'd be able to help you for instenece not just as you weapon but kinda like a parent she'll tell you what your doing wrong and what you need to improve on"
"but father having her here will make this team completely off balance"
"please son atleast learn her weaknesses first and what weapon she is"
"ok well first her name is Maple sounds like a sweet name doe-"
"ahem father i dont care much for how sweet her name is"
"right well her weapon is pocket knife and her weaknesses involve family friends ocassionally and well when she was younger before she knew she was a weapon she was in a hit and run inccedent her family survived but were injured badly so after she recovered shes had some problems with her arm her right arm falls asleep easyliey at times not all the time but it does and after that it starts hurting her but she still pushes herself to do alot of things shes a great fighter well son what do you think?"
"no sorry fath-"but Kid was cut off by a sigh and sees a girl around his age walk up she has medium dark brown straight hair brown eyes that have a sad look in them shes tan but not really dark its a light tan and she looks pretty tall
"s-sorry i didnt mean to intrupt but its alright lord death i'll be alright living by myself"
"wait you said her family lived father"
"yes but her family doesnt have her power and their not miesters she got her powers from an ancestor of hers"
"hm how about this father i'll take her in but as a little trial to see how good she is"
"that sounds perfect! now please walk her to class bye Maple"
"so um Maple? have any hobbies sports?"
"i like to draw and listen to music, music is my life"she said with a shy smile
"ah well thats nice to know"
"you dont really care do you?"
"what no i do its important for a me to know you"
she sighs and says "yeah but you dont even want me in your group either because of how asymetrical i'll make it i knew i'd just ruin this like i ruin everything else"
Kid sighed and was about to say something alittle harsh because she was starting to annoy him but instead she said something
"but if you think about it you were already asymetrical you were a team of three and if your a team of four it'll be symetrical right?"she asked with a wiry smile
"hm i guess your right? but my reason for having two weapons is because im balanced with them"
"ah right"she said looking down with a sad look in her eyes again
Kid sighed and just said "here we are"

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