Unforgivable Love

Unforgivable Love

Tsuki Yamashita was a simple young girl with a bestie and loving parents. One day, though, it all changed. Tsuki & Taiyo, her best friend, decided that they wanted their parents to hang out. They were only in 2nd grade at the time. When their parents were on their way back to Taiyo's house, they lost control of the car & crashed, causing them all to die. Tsuki & Taiyo stayed at Tsuki's aunt & uncle's house until they were 15. They then planned to move Karakura Town. This is where we begin.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

He walked towards me with an odd stride. His eyes looked like Death had overtaken him before I had the chance to save him. I didn't know what to do. What do I do?! He leans forward as he comes to a pause right in front of my body. He starts to whisper the same phrase that he has every time I have this dream.
Will I finally be able to hear it this time?
He leans closer to my ear and speaks to me.
" I want to tell you something Tsuki," he mutters.
"Y-yes! Anything! Tell me w-whatever you wish to tell me!" I manage to stutter.


I bolt up in my bed. I turn my head towards my best friend, Taiyo, who had woken me up yet again right before the most important part of my dream.
"Ugh... Taiyoooo! Why did you-"
"You were tossing and turning and you had started to scream," she interrupted me. Taiyo stared at me with a concerned look on her face. I smiled at her, trying to reassure her.
"I'm fine. I just had that same dream again. Maybe 'll stop having it once we move to that new town," I told her.
"Oh, okay. Yeah, I hope so. Well! Anyways, let's get packing. We leave tomorrow!"
"Yeah!" I jumped out of my bed and walked to my closet. This was my last day in this house. The last day in my home for the last eight years. Since mine and Taiyo's parents died when we were seven. We'd been living with my aunt and uncle for the past few years.
I shook my head. Why was I thinking about things like that at a time like this? I should be getting dressed! I opened my closet door and picked out a random outfit. I quickly slipped it on, brushed my hair, and ran downstairs.
I skipped up to my aunt and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then gave my uncle a hug. Taiyo did the same, then stood next to me before we went out the door.
"Now, Huns," my aunt began. "You two have a good last day at school. You'll have an all new group of people at an all new school tomorrow, so have fun today. Don't cause too much ruckus, though."
"Yeah, we don't want to clean up a mess when you get out of this town," my uncle teased.
"Don't worry, Aunt Seresute, Uncle Tōmasu. We'll be perectly fine," I assured them.
"Yeah! We won't cause any trouble Auntie and Uncle!" Taiyo announced excitedly.
I glanced at her with a questioning look. She was acting slightly different than usual. Maybe she was just nervous like I was. She winked and smiled at me. That was the cue.
"Okay! Um, I think we should get going so we don't show up at school late. what do you think, Taiyo?"
"Yeah, I guess so."
My aunt looked confused. "Okay, well, before you go, I think you should have something Tsuki.Since I wont get to see you before you leave tonight, I think I should give it to you now." I looked at her, confused.
She held out a beautiful silver and blue bracelet with an odd looking star on it.
"This is for you. It belonged to your mother, and I believe she would want you to have it."
"Um, oh, well... thank you, Auntie." I took the bracelet from her outstretched hand, and turned to face Taiyo.
"I guess we should go now, don't you?"
And we both turned toward the door, and left to begin our last day of school at a normal, human school.


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