bruises apples

bruises apples

if you have read the book, "Looking for Alaska" then you will notice this is similar to it. This is the story of two people who will soon meet and fall in love. :)

Chapter 1


She kissed my lips before I could even say another word. Four, beautiful, perfect, wonderful minutes of her lips moving against mine. She wasn't like those other girls with their blonde hair and Gucci sunglasses. This precious, girl with the most perfect name was the girl of my dreams.
She swayed her hips as I placed my hands on her back, then smiled, breaking away. "You sir, are amazing." She said to me, then winked before walking away. That was the last time I saw Lilith Cera before heading off to summer break, for 2 months of not ever getting an answer of going on a date.

Tobey called me just before my dad and I were about to watch the news. It's been a long time since I last heard from him. He just asked how I was doing and if I got any muscular. All I did was laugh, until he just sighed and just broke the news.
"She killed herself last week." He said.
"Who?" I asked.
"Your almost girlfriend.... Lilith. She hung herself on Thursday. Mr. Wills sent my sister a funeral letter yesterday for Saturday." He explained as I stood there in silence. I couldn't speak, move or breathe. My mother must have noticed something was wrong, because she took the phone out of my hands and talked to Tobey.
She seemed sympathetic towards me, and patted my hand. "Yes of course, we can send him to your house for the rest of the summer. I know he'll want to go."
She answered everything without even asking me... I didn't even know to cry or to even run until the world stopped spinning.


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