Information about a party I might have (plz read)

I think I'd have a party well read below if you'd like

Chapter 1


Okay, you all might be able to be invited to my'll be in 2015 maybe if thats when I get my own appartment.

Basically, (if you're invited) you'll come to my appartment then we can  play games...

I'll have a few games we could play (plus you could bring one you'd love to play) 

The party might last from 6pm - 1 am. 

Obviously, you could come and go at anytime you'd like and we could also watch a movie...(but It'd have to be a movie I've seen because If I hadn't seen it I'd be focused right on it!!!) Or I could play music...

Also, I'd have another party after that but I'd only invited certain people for both of them and the 2nd one could be longer like 6pm - 6am.

Anyways... I will have chips/pretzels -- basically snacks -- provided to you while you're at the party. 

I think I'd invite no more than 2 dozen...

Oh, by the way, there may even be a third...

Anyways, feel free to message even though I can't gurantee anything.

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