Ghostly Love

This is something that I had thought of in the late hours of the night. I hope you will enjoy this.
I know every MJ fan wishes Mj to be back and alive. I should know. Lol.
Anyway, enjoy this story, and please comment.

Chapter 1

Am I going crazy?

I walked into my room and flopped on my bed. I can't believe he was gone. Just like that. Gone. The worlds biggest pop star was gone. My favorite person in the whole world was dead. 
So many emotions ran through me like a waterfall. I laid there silently. My eyes gazing at nothing. I tried not to think about it. But the more I tried not to, the more I couldn't stop thinking about it. 
My throat tightened and my eyes started watering. I couldn't help it. Couldn't hold it any longer. I rolled over and sobbed uncontrollably into my pillow.

My best friend Londen made a funny face at me.  I started to laugh but a sharp pain struck my heart like someone stabbing me with a knife. 
Ever since Michael Jackson's death, I couldn't laugh or a stabbing pain would pierce my heart. 
I placed my hand over my heart. My expression becoming serious.
"Please don't make me laugh." I told Londen.  

3 months later...
School. Not one of my favorite places to attend. The halls were always crowded and there was just too many people. I carried my books to my third period class of the day. Earth science. 
It was a really easy class. All you had to do was work in a workbook for classwork. Lucky for me, I had done a few extra worksheets in the workbook because I was bored. So I could read or pass notes or whatever I felt like doing today. 
I sat in my desk in the back of the room and pulled out my book and read for the whole class period. I really couldn't wait until I graduated. I mean the feeling of no more school and homework seemed so far away.
Before I knew it, the day flew by and school was over. People everywhere were rushing through the hallways anxious to get home. My friend Londen walked with me to my locker. 
"I am so glad today is over. I mean, one more hour with Ms. Calvert and I would have died." she joked. 
"Lucky I missed her this year." I said mockingly. 
Londen stuck her tongue out at me. 
I laughed and slammed my locker shut. No homework tonight. So no need to take anything home. 
I shifted my purse on my shoulder as we started to walk down the hallway laughing and joking. 
"So you wanna come over today? We can go fourwheeling and play with my new puppy." Londen asked. 
"Yea." then I saw someone standing in the rushing crowd of students. Someone that brought back that stabbing pain in my heart. 
Michael stood in the middle of the hallway, he was wearing that long coat from the Stranger in Moscow video. The students went around him. 
Then his gaze locked on mine. I was almost entranced by his thoughtful gaze. 
Then I saw Londens hand waving infront of my face. I realized that I had stopped walking.  
"Hello?" she said. 
I slowly broke my gaze from Michaels. Londen was smiling and asking if I could come over. 
"Um. " I looked back at Michael who was still looking at me thoughtfully. "I don't think I can today." I looked back at her. "Tomorrow?" 
She shrugged. 
"Fine with me." she smiled. "See you tomorrow."
She walked down the hallway past Michael. 
"I must be losing it." I said putting my hand to my head. 
I looked back at Michael who smiled at me. My heart melted. For a split second, I felt like I wasn't crazy. 
Then I remembered June 25th and the saddness of that day returned to me. 
I rushed out of the school building holding back my tears. What was going on with me?    

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