Ghostly Love

This is something that I had thought of in the late hours of the night. I hope you will enjoy this.
I know every MJ fan wishes Mj to be back and alive. I should know. Lol.
Anyway, enjoy this story, and please comment.

Chapter 10

Would You?

I felt a hand stroke my cheek softly and I smiled lightly. I opened my eyes to see Michael lying next to me brushing the hair from my face and smiling at me.
"Hey." Michael said softly.
The morning light shone in my room making Michael look like the angel I had always imagined him to be. The light shone off his face with such beauty that I was almost entranced by it. His chocolate brown eyes that held so many emotions gazed back into mine.
"How did you enjoy yourself last night?" he asked me.
I smiled remembering every detail.
"I had the best time of my life." I smiled.
Michael grinned and pulled me into a hug. I closed my eyes and hugged back. These moments right here were the moments that I loved so much. The times he could touch me like he was alive. Like nothing had ever happened to him. Theses moments were the moments I lived for. His hugs were so full of love and they were so gentle at times I thought he really was an angel. He was my angel now.
Suddenly I couldnt feel him anymore and I opened my eyes and gazed at him. I knew that he didnt have a lot of strength to keep himself in a full form. It took a lot of energy. That I already knew.
Michael just smiled at me.
"I will be back my love." He said and disappeared.
"I will be waiting." I said to the emptiness of my room.
I got off my bed and walked to my window and gazed outside. I placed my hand on the window and gazed at the green world that showed itself to me. I turned on my stereo and began listening to music. I closed my eyes and let the music surround me. I smiled slightly. There was nothing that could bother me.
Tomorrow was Monday. It would be back to school for me. Ah yes. The lovely crowded school that I go to. Oh what fun this week will be. And this week was a dance. I was debating on whether or not to go or not. But I knew Londen was gonna drag me to it anyway. I opened my eyes and walked to my closet and looked at my many choices of dresses. I figured I might as well pick one out now.
There was a long slender black dress that looked back at me. I smiled and pulled it out. It was strapless with gold linings. Beautiful. This was the one.
I set it in front of the closet for Fridays event. No one at my school had ever seen me in a dress before. I wasnt the kind of girl that wore dresses to school.
"Planning an event?" I heard Michaels soft voice call from behind me.
I jumped and giggled.
"No. Its just for the dance on Friday." I smiled.
Michael smiled.
"Well does the beautiful lady that is standing infront of me have a date to this dance?" he asked with his eyebrows raised.
I smiled and blushed.
"No." I said.
Michael gasped.
"What?" he asked. "You dont have a date?"
I shook my head.
"A beautiful girl like you doesnt have a date." Michael said thoughtfully.
"No one at my school likes me." I said.
Michael just looked at me.
"Well boys are just sooo stupid." He said flicking his wrist and rolling his eyes as he talked through his nose making himself sound like a preppy girl.
I laughed and he grinned at me.
"But youre a boy." I laughed.
"Correction. I..." he motioned to himself. "Am a gentleman. There is a big difference."
I smiled at him.
"So then would you mind if I took you to the dance as my date?" he asked me.
I smiled up at him.
"I was hoping you would ask." I said.
Michael smiled happily.

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