Ghostly Love

This is something that I had thought of in the late hours of the night. I hope you will enjoy this.
I know every MJ fan wishes Mj to be back and alive. I should know. Lol.
Anyway, enjoy this story, and please comment.

Chapter 2

You and Me

"But you said you would come over today." Londen's voice sounded over the phone. 
"I know. And I really want to. But if I told you the reason why I can't come over, you would think I am crazy." I said in a matter of fact tone. 
"No I wouldn't." she said. 
"Yes. You would." I said. 
I knew Londen wasn't a fan of Michael Jackson and if I told her, she would just tell me it was my imagination. And maybe it was. But I didn't want her to tell me that. 
"Just trust me. Ok? I think I'm losing my mind, I just need the weekend to myself." I said. 
I heard her sigh. 
"Allright." she said. "I'll see you Monday.  But text me and tell me how you are doing, ok? I don't want to find out that you were sent to a mental hospital without me." she joked. 
We said our goodbyes and hung up. I walked to my room and flopped on my bed staring at the ceiling. I was tired. My head was working overtime. Yesterday. I was just hallucinating that was all. 
My right shoulder started to feel cold. I turned my head to see Michael standing beside me with his hand over my shoulder as if to get my attention. 
I immediately jumped back and fell off my bed. I landed hard on my butt and my head knocked against the wall. 
"Ow." I said softly. 
"I am sorry." his voice sounded angelic. "I didn't mean to scare you." 
"You're not really here." I eyed him. "I'm going crazy."
"You're not crazy. I really am here." his voice sounded  softly next to me. 
"Ok. Then. If you are right, then why, out of millions of fans, did you come to me?" I asked messing up my hair. 
I looked at him waiting for a response. 
"I don't know." he said not breaking my gaze. "All I know, is that I was alone. No one to talk to. Everyone would walk past me. Not see me. Not talk to me. Not even my own children." his eyes were full of sorrow. "Then I saw you. You looking at me. You seeing me. After months after..." his voice trailed off. 
"After your death." I finished for him. 
He looked down. 
"How did you know how to find me?" I asked my heart almost breaking. 
He looked at me. 
"This." he pointed to my heart. 
I felt the coldness emanating from his finger. 
"This led me to you." he said his gaze softening. 
"But how? Is that even possible?" I asked confused. 
He scooted closer to me. 
"When I tried to talk to someone, my heart would always hurt. It got less painful the closer I got to you." his chocolate brown eyes looked deeply into mine. "Don't you see? We're connected."
There was no hint of a joke in his eyes. I was connected to him? How? 
"We were the whole time." he finished.  

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