Ghostly Love

This is something that I had thought of in the late hours of the night. I hope you will enjoy this.
I know every MJ fan wishes Mj to be back and alive. I should know. Lol.
Anyway, enjoy this story, and please comment.

Chapter 3

A cry for help

I wasn't anyone special. I was just a normal teenage girl that attended high school like everyone else. I strived to prove my individuality. So maybe it was just my mind showing me things I wanted to see. Also known as crazy. 
I was glad it was the weekend so I could sort this out. Maybe Michael was right and he really is here and I'm just in denial. Or maybe not. 
Saturday. The best day anyone who attended high school could ever ask for. There was no school the next morning and you could sleep as late as you wanted and do whatever your heart desired. 
At least I thought it was morning. I looked at my clock. 4:30 am. It read. 
Ugh. Go back to sleep, Ana. 
I rolled over and snuggled into my pillow but finding that I could not fall back into the dreamland I was in minutes ago. 
I looked at my window to see Michael was standing in front of it, staring at the moon. 
The pale white light reflected his beautiful features fully. His face seemed to blend in with it making him look ghostly. His coat blended with the darkness making it hard to see his full body. 
His eyes seemed to reflect the moon itself, as if his eyes captured it and held it there. 
He then lowered his eyes, releasing the moon, making the light fall from his eyes. 
I sat up. 
"I probably don't know about how this works, but if I were in your shoes I would be watching over my children making sure they were safe." I said not taking my gaze off of him. 
There was a saddening silence that emanated from him. 
"I--it just hurts so much right now. Seeing my children, but not being able to hug them, or go places with them, or talk to them." he said looking at me with sorrowful eyes. 
I tried to reassure him with a smile but it came out small. I thought about not being able to touch the ones you love. Forever silenced by the thing they call death. Of course, if I had the same fate he did, I would be trying to find the guy that killed me. But I didn't want to bring that up. I couldn't tell him he would have to accept what happened to him. I mean, I wouldn't. What do you tell someone in this situation?
I figured staying silent was my best chance. 
"I'm sorry. I am ruining your night." he apologized. 
"No." I said. "You aren't. I am a good listener, Michael. That's something you will learn about me." I smiled. "But listen to me. I may not know much, but peace will come to you eventually. And your children will always honor you, and remember you. You don't need them to be able to see you for them to know that you are watching over them. They know. Kids always know."
That seemed to satisfy him. 
"You think so?" he asked me. 
"I know so." I assured him. "Every child who has been in this situation knows."
That beautiful smile appeared on his face. The same one he gets when he is really happy about a song that rings with perfection in his ears.
"How come you are still awake?" he asked me. 
"Well unfortunately with the routine of waking up in early hours of morning because of school, my mind apparently thought today was another day of school and woke me up early." I laughed rubbing my eyes. "I will eventually go back to sleep."
Sure enough, a few minutes later I laid down and fell asleep. I was just happy I could help.    

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