Running with the Wolves

Pheoniks is part of a large army, the only female in record to ever join a battle. When the mutilated beasts that are the were invade the city of Thamie, Pheoniks has two choices;reveal her secret and save the city, or let the were kill everything in their path. But what if Pheoniks is not fighting unnatural beasts, but her kin? Will the town accept her secret, or kill her? Only one way to find out.

(another one of my story's. Comment? Thanks(;)

Chapter 1


The sound of sharpening swords reached my ears, and I followed the sound, curious. Instead of the peaceful grass of the western meadow, there was row after row of men, all dressed in armor and bedecked with swords and daggers. My brows drew together in a frown. Why was the army out here? What was going on?

I spotted a friend of mine, and I trotted over to him. Felix looked up at my approach, smiling faintly. "Good day, Pheoniks. What brings you here?" Felix said pleasantly. I sighed. "Just a ride through the woods. What brings you here?" I replied.

That was the thing about Felix. He'd tell youwhat you wanted to know on his own time, and no amount of pushing would make him tell you faster. Indeed, he'd withhold the information longer.

"Scouts have reported huge packs of were, heading straight for us. Prince Lucerian has ordered every able bodied man to the western meadow to fight," Felix sighed.

My breath caught in my throat. Were? Heading for us? Why? I shook my head, clearing my mind. "This is not enough people. The were will win," I said, looking at the pitifully small army. "I know. I have told Prince Lucerian, but he believes we might win. But he has promised to start to evacuate the woman and children, as soon as possible," Felix answered.

"The were will track them. Their nose is much more able than ours," I replied. Prince Lucerian should have evacuated the woman the moment he knew of the were. "I know. We have to stand for a couple days, if the woman are to have a chance," Felix groaned.

There was no way this army would stand for three days while the scent wore off. At most, this army would last a day. Not three. I looked around at all the men. All had a grim face, as if they knew them, and all their loved ones. They probably did.

"You need to go home, Pheoniks," Felix told me. "No. You need all the help you can get," I said firmly. "No, Phee. Go home. War is not a place for a female," he said sternly. "Ah, but you forget Felix. I'm not entirely human, and my kind was bred for war," I said, then rode away before he could respond.

I searched for Prince Lucerian. I had to tell him to evacuate the women and children. Now. Hopefully, that would help them get away.

Spotting a hint of gold in a sea of silver, I trotted over to the gold spot. Prince Lucerian was bending over a map, finger tracing a path. Men swarmed around him, all talking, but the prince seemingly ignored them. Stupid man.

I swung down from Shadowfax, and made my way over to the prince. Conversation stopped in my wake. "Prince, you are being arrogant. You need to evacuate the women and children now, or they'll all die," I got straight to the point.

The princes fingers tapped on a spot on the map, and he looked up, eyebrows raised. "Just who are you? You, a commoner and a female, should not muddle in the business of others," he said, turning back to the map.

"My name is Pheoniks Katan. I am an expert on the were. Scent takes three days for the were to be unable to track it. This pitiful army will not last three days," I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

Prince Lucerian looked up at the mention of my expertise on the were. "You're an expert on were?" he sounded shocked. Gathering information on he were was dangerous, as you had to get close totbe beasts themselves. "Yes, and let me say that you are going about this all wrong," I said.


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