Extraordinary Hunters- Key of Darkness

Chris 'Kit' Campbell's life is changed when he is rescued by strange allies: Hunter, Vampire Hunter, & Yami, Vampire.
With Half-Vampire powers to control, Kit must learn the value of family & friends to save his new friends & keep safe the Key of Darkness- a fabled Key able to control all things, but is hidden.
How far is he willing to go to rescue his friends? Hell & back!

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
I didn’t see the signs that clearly screamed at me, telling me not to go down that alleyway. But I ignored them & went into the dark. It was unnaturally cold & had the smell of death floating around. I rubbed my shoulders & continued down the alleyway. Something rustled in the shadows & I turned to see 2 red eyes & razor tipped hands wrapping around my body. I was pinned against some guy & he was freezing.
Something sharp & cold was caressing along my neck. With a cold rush, I felt something slice my neck & my veins popped. I let out a gasp of agony as the blood was sucked out through my neck. My limbs began to freeze as the vampire sucked my life up like a milkshake. As I felt the last of my life vanishing, I heard the thunk of an arrow & the vampire released me with a howl of pain.
As I lay on the cold ground, a strong, angry male voice barked commands & shouted in triumph. A softer male voice echoed some soothing words of apologies as the world went black. Then, another sharp pain: the end all strike of death…

I grimaced as I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry & different, not like a hospital though. I slowly sat up & looked around, trying to see clearer. Someone with blue hair was standing in the corner of the room, watching with a kind smile.

“Who are you?” I said, half-asleep.
“My name is Yami” he grinned, strolling over. “Sorry for the darkness of the room!”
“Huh?” now I thought about it, it was rather dark. “Why’s that? Hang on, what happened?!”
“Uh…You were bitten by a vampire we’ve been tracking” Yami sat on the bed, looking at the window curtains. “He was hungry & attacked you. I pleaded with Hunter to shoot him earlier, but he said he couldn’t!”
“So, I was bitten by a vamp?” I pinched my skin, which was rather pale. “But, I’m alive! So, that makes me a…”
“Yep, a vampire” Yami smiled. “But, just a half vampire so you can go out in the sun!”
“But, how am I a half?” I looked at him suspiciously. “I nearly died!”
“Well, yes” Yami walked to the window. “But I undid some of the damage to make you a half!”
Looking at Yami, I noticed how white he was, even in the dark. He couldn’t be. “A vampire?”
He nodded. “Hunter said you’d never make it, but I kept faith!”

I swung my legs over the side & stood. Yami smiled & led me to a small kitchen & dining room. The table was strong polished pine with 5 matching chairs. He sat me down & began cooking some bacon & eggs. A tough man with a white stub beard watched me with burning hazel eyes.

“Don’t be frightened of Hunter” Yami laughed. “He only hunts vampires!”
“But…” I began eyes wide.
“I don’t hunt ones like you” Hunter said, gruffly. “If I did, you & Yami wouldn’t be here!”
“I must be tired” Yami suddenly said, looking at me. “I forgot to ask your name?”
“Oh, it’s Kit Campbell” I smiled, hiding my real name.
“Christopher Campbell” Yami smiled, putting a plate of eggs & bacon in front of me. “Nice name!”

I looked at him, stunned, for a moment, before eating. How did he know my real name? Hunter sat down on the opposite side of the table & ate his meal silently. I carefully watched him, thinking about what Yami had said about me being a half-vampire. I didn’t feel any different, just a bit cold. Yami sat down, but didn’t touch his meal, just looked at it.

“Uh, are you okay?” I asked, tapping his shoulder.
“Hmm” he looked at me & smiled. “Oh, yes! I like to look at it sometimes.”
“Why? We don’t know!” Hunter replied, patting his stomach. “Once again, Yami, you’ve proven that you can cook!”

He laughed & took our plates to the sink. Then, he took me outside. I quickly glanced at Yami sitting, staring, at the table. It was weird. Outside, the crisp morning stuck to everything & the light made me blink. It was rather weird, because it hurt a bit.

“It’s just a side-affect” Hunter said, flipping an apple. “Half-vampires can live in the day!”
“How can you 2 be sure I’m a vampire at all?” I asked, eyeing him suspiciously.
“I’ve hunted vampires for a long time!” he replied, biting the red apple. “I’ve seen all different types!”
“How’d you come across Yami?” I said, looking at a bird. “I mean, why didn’t you kill him?”
“I followed some stories & notices” he smiled, looking at me. “But, when I’d gotten there, he was already placed in the dungeons & turned to a white drop!”
“White drop?”
“A state a vampire can enter if they wish to be resurrected” he shrugged. “I bet you noticed his fangs!”
“Why would I look?” I said, sarcastically.
“Just look next time” he shrugged, walking away. “And don’t be shy asking him about it!”

Man he was weird. I went back inside & saw Yami standing at the fridge, eating something. I coughed & he looked around, a guilty smile on his face. He had an open ice cream tub in his hands. Of all things weird, Yami took the cake for it.

“Ice cream?” I asked, giving him a weird look. “Why that?”
“I like ice cream” he said, eating some. He grinned. “It’s cold!”
I spotted the gap were his other fang once was. “How’d you lose that?”
“What? My fang?” He put the ice cream back, smiling. “I tried to woo a lady & got it punched out! She was a lovely, but very fierce, lady!”
“A girl punched your tooth out?” I nearly laughed, but I stopped, not wanting to hurt his feelings. “But, I guess peasant girls were tough back then!”
“Oh, she wasn’t a peasant, but a fine princess” Yami said with a dreamy smile. “She had me locked up for attacking her, but I didn’t really, just kissed her hand!” I laughed & Yami grinned. “I’m not a very good vampire either: I forgot to turn into mist & escape!”

That made us laugh, wildly. Hunter came in & shook his head, smiling. As the day slowly passed, I thought about supernatural things like vamps & ghosts. I used to not believe in them, but I’m a half-vampire, so that one’s out. I asked Hunter if ghosts were real & he told me they’re real & very restless. I sat on my boulder, staring at a little blue bird hopping in the long grass. I suddenly felt hungry.

”If you’re hungry, I’d advise you to not eat that bird!” came a voice behind me.
I turned to face Yami. “I’m not hungry, just looking!” I looked at his long black hooded cape. “Why not?”
“She’s a girl one year” he said, admiring the hopping bird. “A bluebird for the next. I’ve seen her once as a human, as beautiful as a blooming rose.”
“Hmm” I sighed, looking at the bird. “I knew a girl that came to school for a year, then didn’t, then she did the year after!”
“Yep, that was her” he said, turning away. “She likes guys that are weird!”
“Why would you say that?”
“Thought you’d want to know, Kit!”

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