Blood On The Dance Floor (A Michael Jackson Random-Love Story)

Blood On The Dance Floor (A Michael Jackson Random-Love Story)

Hey, this is a random MJ story with a splash of love but that is later in the story. It is about me and MJ but there is a twist! Read on to find out what happens in this crazy story! Bre

Chapter 1

The Characters (Many)

Ok here are the characters:
Breanna: Me duh lol. Long light brown hair, sky blue eyes, hourglass body but has muscle tone. Sweet personality, funny, pretty, kind-hearted, not very fond of kids, not an aggressive or violent person but can be when put in the situation needed. Loves MJ with all of her heart and has been upset ever since he passed away.

Billie Jean MJ-Calm and layed back

Ghosts MJ-Childish cutie pie

Thriller MJ-Likes yo mama jokes

The Way You Make Me Feel MJ-Has random outbursts

J5 MJ-Looks cute and innocent, but looks can be..... Decieving

Bad MJ-Rude and likes to get into fights

Off The Wall MJ-Hungry :)

Remember The Time MJ-Cool and calm

This Is It MJ-He can fly!!!

Leave Me Alone MJ-A lil crazy

Note: I will not bring the characters in as they are listed, it will be randomized. And also let me know through message or comment on which one you think I should make the love part of it with. :) Thanks, Bre

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