ouran high school host club a different story

ok so this is just for my friend

Chapter 1

the new girl

"great im gonna be late" i thought as i ran to school "eight fifty six"i said looking at my watch sighing as I ran faster finally reaching the school door "finally maybe i can get to class before the bell rin-"my thoughts were cut off by the bell "great..." i mumbled walking to class "class 1-A" said the sign above "well here i go"I thought opening the door "ah hello you must be Rin? am i correct?" a boy with glasses and brown short hair asked
"yes"i say with a shy smile
"ah please do come in we've been waiting for you im chairman Soga Kazukiyo" he said walking me to the front of the class room "now lets see where to put you..." he says pointing his finger around as if his finger was like a metal decator then he stops it "ah how abo-" though he cuts himself off "ah nevermind..." then twin boys with ginger hair pop up before he can do his metal decator thing with his finger again "hey chair man whats wrong with us?" the twins say in usion snickering i then notice why he skipped them he must have a problem with these two then i notice a boy? i think... with an annoyed face sitting in between them "fine...Rin you can sit infront of Hikaru" he said to me
noticing that one twin already has a student in front of him i assumed that the other was Hikaru so i went and sat with him
"hey im Hikaru and thats my twin brother Kaoru and this is our friend Haruhi" he said to me i looked at him and smiled at him and said "hi nice to meet you im Rin"
"so Rin did you know we have a host club here?" Kaoru asked
"a host club?" i never thought a school would allow such a thing
"yeah you know where boys entertain young ladys...such as your self"Hikaru said holding her chin up with his finger causing her to blush insanely then she removes his fingers away
"i dont like being touched like that..."she said
"would you two leave her alone"Haruhi said
"oh come on we're just having a little fun"they said with a snicker
"dont mind them"Haruhi said smiling a warm smile
"is this really a guy he sounds and looks to much like a girl..."i think to myself staring at Haruhi causing Hikaru and Kaoru to notice
"eheh so um Rin you should stop by the host club today" Hikaru said smiling a wiry smile
"great well walk you there"Kaoru said
"you'll have fun trus-"
"can you two atleast let me finish a sentence!"i said a bit irrated causing them both to zip quite
"thank you..."i said with a sigh calming down abit "ok listen i dont think i'd be able to go i have to study"
"great just as boring as Haruhi"Hikaru said
"shut up you two" Haruhi said glaring at them
"fine if you guys are gonna be mean about it i guess i'll come..."i said with an annoyed look on my face
after class the four of us walked to the third music room
"well here we are"the twins said in unsion opening the door once the door opened i noticed a boy wih light brown hair though it looks blonde along with a boy with glasses and dark brown hair though it looks black and a tall dark boy with black spikey hair and a boy on his shoulders with blonde hair is he really a student here?
"your late"the light brown haired boy says "and whose this princess?" he says
"wow hes really cute" i think then shake the thought away and say "i-im Rin"
"yeah shes our new toy"Hikaru and Kaoru say in unisoin making Haruhi look really annoyed
"woah who said anything about me being a "toy" for you two?" i asked a little mad
"they do this to everyone they annoy"Haruhi said annoyed
"ah i see..."
"well my dear princess please do let us change into our costumes this wont take long" Tamaki said holding up her chin he looked really taken by her green eyes not the fake taken like he does with everyone else he looked at her like he does with Haruhi
"hey so you get mad at me when i do that but not at Tono?"Hikaru said
"ah...well...i....ya see...um..."I couldnt seem to stop studdering and blushing so much
"ma'm if you may please step outside and wait to come in"Kyouya said in that charming way he does
"or you can stay in here"Kaoru said tring to annoy Kyouya
"ma'm plea-"
"i'll stay"i said with a smug smile
"i said i'll stay"i said looking him dead in the eye causing him to glare at me
"hmph fine whatever"
"Kyo-chan! be nice to our guest"Honey-senpai said
"yes remeber the customers always right"Hikaru said this time tring to annoy him as well.
I sat there on their couch waiting then i got bored and decided to snoop around for abit i passed by a room that said "no one allowed" and thought maybe this is Kyouyas room and snickered opening the door to find Haruhi in her bra
"gah! R-Rin g-get out!"she said really surprised i shut the door quickly blushing yelling to her "s-sorry im sorry i-i was just looking for the bathroom"i lied but eh if Kyouya heard that i was just tring to play around with him he'd surely never let me back here i sighed and turned around to see Kyouya standing behind me
"gah uh h-hi?"i said with a wiry smile "so whats , whats up?"
"so you know our a little secret now huh?"
"um wel-"
"listen our reason for Haruhi being here is because well lets just say she owes us dont tell anyone that Haruhi is a girl ok?"
"Kyouya-senpai dont tell her that" Haruhi said walking out "listen Rin you can tell anyone im a girl i dont really care"
"but if i do then you wouldnt be able to re-pay them..."
"hmm true..."
"well then i guess you wouldnt be able to say anything"Kyouya said
"fine" i said
"ok ladys the host club is now open"Tamaki said
afterwards the twins asked me to stay and tell them what i thought
"so Rin howd you like it?"
"um good i guess lieing to girls sounds pretty fun"i said in sarcasim
"my dear thats not all we do"Tamaki said
"yeah Mori-senpai didnt say anything"Hikaru said smiling
"you know im alittle hurt by that conmment my dear"Tamaki said "gents,Haruhi! please leaving i must talk to Rin"
"yes senpai?"
"you know my dear i really like you alot all that i said was to get your attention"
"yes and so if i may ask will you please go out with me?"
"yes"i kept blushing and smiing like crazy


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