With A Little Help From My Friends

I've been thinking a lot about time travel lately, so this is about a girl (you) who's a time traveller and happens to travel back to 1964 and meets The Beatles. (No spoilers, sorry! :( ) Rate and comment please! I love feedback! (Good AND bad!)

Chapter 1

Getting Better

Present Day:

'Ok, I got the milk, bread, carrots, corn, and potatoes, just like you asked for, Mom,' you tell your Mother.
'What about the peas? You know I like eating peas with potatoes,' your Mother says.
'Oh crap, sorry Mom, forgot, I'll run back to the store and get some! BRB!'
'What's "BRB"?'
'Ugh! Never mind! Bye!' you say, rushing out the door.
You and your Mother are both vegetarians, but both of you caught the other eating meat at least one time. You're both vegetarians only because of your Father. You and your Mother were both big on meat until he died a few years ago, so this is your way of paying tribute to him, but you both sometimes slip up.
It isn't until you're on your way home that you see it. A book. A strange looking book. 'Hmm,' you think to yourself, 'I must've been texting when I passed it the first time. Oh well, may as well take it with me, no one else seems to want it.'
* * * * *
You forgot about the book as soon as you smelled your Mother's cooking when you got home, so it wasn't until the next day when you started reading it.
As soon as you open it, you feel faint.
'Oh. My. God,' you think, 'This isn't real, it must be fake or something. Someone's playing a prank on me.'
It's filled with messy handwriting and pictures of... The Beatles.
SIGNED pictures of The Beatles.
As you start reading what seems to be journal entries, you start seeing stuff that couldn't possibly be real, stuff that seems so 'out there' that you wonder if you're high.
And then.... you're gone.

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