hey! ok, this might sound like another harry potter, but it's gonna change later on. please comment! oh, and there's gonna be lots of latin in this story for spells and stuff, but it might not be too good. i used google translate :)

Chapter 1

School, sweet school

I listed the school rules down in my head as I made my way down the central corridor towards the auditorium of Cobweb's Academy of Terrific Spells, C.A.T.S. for short. I couldn't believe this. I'd only started middle school three minutes ago, and I was already breaking rule number three; don't be late. This never happened to me. I was Starla Black, everyone's favorite pupil. And that was all about to change because my mom couldn't keep her wand out of my little brother Benny's hands. And I really didn't think my teachers would believe me if I told them that my three-year-old brother set my hair on fire.
Lucky thing my mom had an old bottle of instant hair repair potion lying around in the attic, which is, however, in desperate need of a good spring cleaning. There's so much junk up there even the Dewey decimal system wouldn't do. So I think you can see where I'm going with this.
I stood in front of the big oak doors. I just looked at them for a moment,marveling at how beautiful they were. They were split into four quarters, each carved with a beautiful design showing one of the house animals: dragon, phoenix, spider and owl. The doorknobs were a couple of fist-sized sapphires, and along the top of the door-frame was the school motto in Latin: magus venit ab quae cordis, meaning "magic comes from the heart". I took a deep breath and opened the door.

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