Night Raven

Night Raven

When best friends Raven and Dustin find out about their magical heritage, they head down to a camp just for kids like them. For being 15 and 17, they have a little romance going on, but will that change when they meet other kids just like them at camp? And once someone tries to kill the two love-birds, what will they do to save eachother?

Chapter 1


Scrounging for food, sneaking clothes for my back, searching the dump for spare, warm blankets to warm my toes from the deadly, chilling, cold nights. How did this all happen? How did I become as filthy as an old, american homeless man?

The thought of those disgusting, dirty creatures sent icy shivers down my spine. I tucked myself even closer inside of my beat-up, torn leather jacket that I had retrieved at the dump. It was a prized posession of mine, not many of my things are nice, but when I had discovered the jacket, I was amazed at what outstanding condition it was in.

I stumped upon a large bridge, I knew where I was, but te bridge had made me lose my balance, since I had been so distracted with my thoughts. I grabbed the rope rails for support, even though I knew they weren't exactly stable at all. The ancient wood bridge swung side to side life-threateningly; one false move and I would plunge about 1,500 feet into rocky rapids. A fall I surely wouldn't survive.

Slowly, step by step, I began walking backwards to safe ground, and false step meaning certain death. After hearing painful, deathly creaks after each time my foo touched a board of wood, I reached the edge of the cliff.

I sat sown, engaged in my thougts once again. I think I should've died there, well, anyone should've. This bridge had only provided the small town with deaths to clueless, reckless teenagers.

I remember the first time I saw someone killed by this bridge, a young couple. Both probably the age of seven-teen. They had been making out at around midnight in the middle of the bridge, about where I had been. It had been swerving back and forth, but tey didn't seem to mind. They must've thought it was exciting for them. I remember watching the girl push er boyfriend down, failling on top of him, and they continued to kiss.

I had known the bridge wouldn't be able to hold that much weight, and I had been right. She was in the middle of taking his shirt off when suddenly, a few boards underneath them broke off. They both went falling down to their deaths.

I came out of the horrible memory and stood up. Walking over to the edge of the cliff, I closed my eyes,and jumped off. In my head I silently counted, one.... two.... th--. My discreet counting was disrupted by my feet hitting the groud, then I crouched forwards onto my hands. I continued rolling until I had somer-saulted and was back onto my feet.

"Raven, you finally decided to show up," a familiar voice behind me spooked me, causing me to jump forward. I hit a rock on the way down, and losing my balance, I began to fall, knowing that my death was slowly approaching.

Before I plunged to my doom, though, strong arms grabbed my waist and my wrist. I regained my balance and began to turn around so that I could "thank" my rescuer, although it was obvious of who it was.

"Dustin!" I snarled in his face after I slapped his shoulder.

He let go of me and clutched his shoulder, "Uh, you're WELCOME?!" I knew he was just teasing me; my slap was weak and dustin was much stronger than he looks.

I pushed passed him, "Oh shut up, you know that didn't hurt."

He chuckled, "Yeah, I know."

I twirled back around and pointed a finger at him, clase to his face, "AND you didn't have to scare me like that! Jerk!"

"But then there'd be no reason to save you, darling," he smirked. I slapped him again, my fury getting to me.

I didn't understand myself sometimes, I really did like Dustin, but something always came over me. I didn't understand it, but he didn't seem to mind it, he was used to me cruelness.

Dustin led me inside of the cave, our home. We had lived here for as long as I could remember. It had all started when I was only about five. I don't remember much about it, but I knew enough.

I was watching my mother read me a little story, her beautiful red hair flowing around and down her shoulers. Her green eyes were very animated as she read to me the tale. My father walked inside, he was home from work, and he pecked my mother on the cheek and they talked for a while.

Out of no where, a light flashed and both of my parents lied sliently, unmoving on the ground. I knew they were dead that very instant. A masked face inspected me, and sneered with delight. He snatched me up and carried me to a cliff, the exact same cliff where I live today.

I was dropped down to my death, I wasn't screaming at all, in fact, I wasn't even making a sound. I was just silent as I fell. I remember hearing an evil, cruel laugh comin from above me. He had set out to kill me, but had failed. But why me?

After I had unexpectedly hit the ground, I looked up, the masked murderer had left, expecting the job to be done. "Over here!" I had heard from inside the cave. I turned to face a little boy hidden inside of it, huddled in the dark. "Hello?" I stepped closer to him, "Are you okay?"

He nodded, but I had known differently. He was shaking uncontrollably and his eyes were wide with fear. "What is your name?" the strange boy had asked me.

"Raven" I had replied, "And yours?"

"Dustin!" the boy grined widely, "It means bravery. How old are you?"

"My name means evil young one," I giggled as I had held up my fingers proudly, "Five!"

"Oh, I'm seven years old!" and after that short meeting, we became best friends.

I sat down on the old, hard bed that I had dragged from the dumped, over the liff, to inside of the cave. I looked over at my best friend, he had taken off his shirt to wash it in the cave puddles. I blushed, I was used to seeing him shirtless all the time, but I guess I had never actually noticed him.

He noticed me blushing and smirked, "Oh, you like me shirtless, don't you, Raven."

"In your dreams, packless," I snarled at him.

He turned to me, revealing his amazing abs. I was always used to seeing them, but this time all I could do was drool over thoe abs. Dustin's smrik grew even wider. He dropped his shirt carelessly into the puddle and walked over to me, his eyes glued on mine.

Dustin's arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. My hands rested on his bare chest, I blushed madly. That only made Dustin smrik wider than he ever had before.

I looked up at his dark, almost black eyes, and I knew he was gazing into my green and gray eyes. His dark brown hair was gorgeous. Dustin's hand rested on my dirty-blonde hair, pulling me even closer.

I hated when he grew cocky, "Dustin, I swear if you--" I was cut off as his lips found mine. Suprisingly, I kissed him back. I was telling myself to pull away or to stop, but his warm, passionate iss held me there.

Finally coming to my senses, I pulled away, "Don't do that Dustin! You dummy! I never gave you any permission to do that!"

His grin turned into a slight smirk, "You're fifteen now, and im seventeen... You said that I could kiss you once I turned seventeen!"

"Uh... I don't remember that?" I lied.

"Ha-ha. VERY funny, Raven."

I punched his arm playfully and got inside the bed, with Dustin following my lead right behind. He got in and I knew he was smirking. We had always shared a bed, but I knew that kiss had made him cocky tonight.

"Okay, you can kiss me, but that doesn't mean ANY funny business tonight. Alright, Dustin?"

He traced my spine along my back, his touch causing me to shiver, "What ever you say Raven." I slowly began to drift away into my dreams to the usual dark silence of the cave.

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