When in the Dark [A Starkid Story]

Yes, my dear Ol' Pupils! I am glad to announce this idea of mine!! Haha!
I am hoping after this I will get over my writers block! I really am!
Okay so... yeah! :D

Name: Cassandra Sherwood (I like using the same person.. ME!)
Age: 20
Apperance: Anything that comes to mind as you read along (Hopefully I get that far)

Im cheery because of my Brosenthal dreams... sorry :)

© 2011 Stormy Sherwood's Computer, Quibblo, 3171 M.M Rd.

Chapter 1

You know its not a Ordinary Day when you have to pick up milk for your idiot bestfriend...

My mind was floating in an empty cloud of darkness, which was soon inturrupted by some kind of buzzing noise. Opening on eye, I sqwuinted at the sudden blinding light of the sun and grabbed my phone off the nightside table.
I shifted in a more comfortable postion then slid my phone up to unlock it.
One New Message kept on blinking off and on the screen. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes, then clicked the 'Read' button on the corner left side of the screen.

'Heyz! Are you awake yet ya sleepy head?! Ya better be! Do u mind picking up some milk for me? Im too lazy and yah. Thanks buddayy!' - JulzRulzxoxo

'Well, Im up NOW. Why do you need milk? And at this time of day?' - CassieKins♥

'Becuz im in the mood for milkikins for my kittikins! Rawr!' - JulzRulzxoxo

'I am NOT gettin you milk for your annoying cat!' - CassieKins♥

'WAT? Come on please! I wont ask ever EVER again! I swear!' - JulzRulzxoxo

I sighed and did another quick eyerub before groaning and shuffling my feet off the edge of my bed, onto the hard, wooden floor.

'Fine. ONLY THIS TIME! Did you see that? Its in CAPS. ONLY THIS TIME!' - CassieKins♥

Her reply was almost instant.

'Yay!! Thank you sooo much Cassie!! My kitty and I thank you!!' - JulzRulzxoxo

But from how my day started, I should have already knew not to go and buy her some milk. I should have guessed that nothing can go right when you wake up to your bestfriend texting you to buy her cat some milk from the store. I really... just should have excepted something.. ANYTHING... to go possibly and horribly wrong. But of course, me being my usual self; I just went along with my idiot bestfriend and went to the store anyways.

I hopped in the vehicle my parents bought me when I turned 16 four years ago and started the engine. I listened closely when I started hearing a popping sound.
"Oh you GOT to be kidding me!" I exclaimed while slamming my fist into the steering wheel. "Why now? Stupid peice of junk! Why do you have to break down on me... NOW?!"
I jumped out of the car and slammed the door shut. FIne, I guess Im walking to the damn store!
I took off walking; which thankfully isnt even that far from my house, to the store.
"Effing stupid junk a.ss car of hell! Fvck that fvcking peice of sh.it.." I mumbled while kicking a stone into the street.
I finally made it about 3 blocks from the store when I saw a big group of people around my age just talking and waving around slips of sheet paper. My curious mind got the better of me... again, as I found myself trying to walce passed them so I could see what they were holding.
Half way through the group, someone stopped me.
He was a actually decently cute guy with a familiar crooked jaw and adorable brown eyes.
"Excuse me, but do you.. uh.. know where we can find this address?" He handed the paper to me and I grabbed it with little hesitation.

Dear Guys,
Im back in town for a few days and missed you all! My phone broke so I couldnt just message or tweet you. I just decided to send you all letters instead! Great fun! Meet you guys at 2231 Basin Ave. Alright?


I did a double take at the address. "Are you new to Chicago?" I asked him confused.
"Uh. No. Quite the opposite really. We all lived here for a few years now, but we've never seen this place before."
"Well, who is this Brant guy?"
"Our friend, he moved to New York and I guess hes back for a visit."
Looking at the address one more time, I shot a glance at the road signs, then laughed.
"Whats so funny?" He asked me, looking around.
I shook my head. "Nothing. Its just that, your STANDING on the address. The building your friend gave you got teared down about 50 years ago, all thats left is the empty plot of land behind this brick wall.."
"But, Brant usually ALWAYS likes to be exact." A short but pretty chick with brown hair announced while looking at me with a confused expression.
I shrugged. "Maybe he meant exactly this spot th---" I paused when I smelt something familiar in the air. "Do you guys.... Smell that?"
The whole group started to sniff the air around them and mumbled small yeahs. I know this smell, something from my science class in highschool. I took in another deep breathe. Wait... is this... Halothane Vapour?
My question seemed to answer its self as I felt myself getting drowser every second. Soon, I dropped to the floor.
"Are you okay?!" the girl asked bending down with the others.
I tried to warn them, but the gas had the upperhand.
"Guys..." I groaned, my eyes falling. "Dont...... breathe.......it--"
Before fully loosing consciousness, I noticed the girl and a few others fell to the ground as well.
I have no idea whats going on, but whatever it is.... it can NOT by good.


I woke up with a massive headache. Wait, was I dreaming? I opened my eyes slightly and gaped at what I saw.
I was in a dark but huge cave-like room, the walls were made out of dark bricks and the ground was nothing but pavement; in other words... a really uncomfortable place to wake up in. The only lights were coming from two blinking bulbs at either ends of the room, but from what I could see, there were no windows, doors, or chances of getting out any time soon.
I got up off the floor and dusted myself off. What happened? Oh yeah, I was going to get milk for Julia's cat, my car broke down, started walking, then found a group of people who were confused--- wait a second... where is the group of people?
"Hello?" I asked, but was completely shocked to hear how raspy my voice was. "Anyone here?"
After a few seconds, I heard about six groans. "Chick who helped us out? Is that you?" Crooked Jaw guy called out from the darkness.
I nodded, but remembered he couldn't see. "Uh Yeah. Where are you guys?"
I heard movements, then saw him come back into the light. "I... What? Where are we?"
"No clue. But I don't have a good feeling about this. What time is it?"
He held up a finger and dug in his pocket. "One Second." After about a minute of his frantic searching, I sighed.
"What are you looking for exactly?"
"My... My phone. But, it's gone!" He groaned. "That was a really expensive phone!"
I rolled my eyes. "We're trapped here, in a place we have no clue how to get out of, and you are whining about your 'Expensive phoney woney'?" I made my voice get a little deeper but babyish at the same time and crossed my arms.
He gave me a small glare. "Don't Mock me.... erm... whatever your name is!"
"Cassandra... Cassandra Sherwood."
"Oh. Well, hi. Im Joey Richter."
"Nice to know."
Awkward silence.
"How is everyone else..." He shot me a confused look. "I mean your friends... the others in that group of people?"
"Oh.... OH... OOOH!" he turned back to where he came from. "Is everyone awake yet? Yeah? Well, You guys okay?"
I heard some mumbling, then about 15 people came out of the shadows. Each one was looking as though they got hit by a bus; they were holding their backs, arms, and legs with a pained expression on their faces.
"Uh. Everyone, this is Cassandra. Remember? The one who helped us out?"
"No duh Richter! It wasnt that long ago." The short girl growled grumpily. She turned to me and her expression softened up a little. "Hey, My name is Lauren Lopez."
I shook her hand slowly since I was still weak from the knock out gas.
After a few minutes of short introductions we all took a seat underneath one of the blinking bulbs.
"How are we suppose to get out of here?" a girl named Lily questioned while rubbing her temples.
There was a sudden rush of grumbles; everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing. Joey was about to say something as he opened his mouth, but a loud screeching noise drawed it out as it flooded into the room. I closed my eyes tightly and covered my ears. A voice was followed directly after.

"Hello Starkids." the voice boomed, a hint of evil in its tone. I could tell it was disguised. "I'm a BIG fan......"

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes, Im too lazy to edit.

© 2011 Stormy Sherwood's Computer, Quibblo, 3171 M.M Rd.

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