Stars? They Look More Like Fireflies...{Starkid Story}

Yes, Yes another StarKid fantasy...l just had to, l'm sorry!
This is my first StarKid story, so l will ask that if you could point out my mistakes, l would really appreciate it. l also like your comments, l love 'em like RedVines! Yay RedVines!

Chapter 1

Character Descriptions/ Who the, what the--

Main Characters
Isabelle Mina (Izzy) Mellodii:
*Hair: Shoulder length brown, wavy
*Eyes: Blue/green
*Age: 20
*Height/Weight: 5'2, 105lb
*Appearence: Fair skin tone, tiny figure
*Personality: Stubburn, loyal, cocky, shy, lazy, straight forward
*Skills: Can sing, writes songs, dances a little, draws good, piano player
*Profession: Artist, song writer for Tyler
+Other: Gets easily annoyed

Amber Lynn Mellodii:
*Hair: Short brown, pink highlights (changes monthly)
*Eyes: Light blue
*Age: 20
*Height/Weight: 5'3, 110lb
*Appearence: Fair skin tone, nose peircing, very curvy
*Personality: Goofy, childish, lazy, loud, outgoing, annoying
*Skills: Dances, acts, good at changing character (voices)
*Profession: None
+Other: Loves to get into trouble

Tyler "Ty" Lincolan:
*Hair: Dark brown,
*Eyes: Electric blue
*Age: 19
*Height/Weight: 6'5, 135lb
*Appearence: Tall, lean. Creamy skin tone, blushes easily. Has dimples when he smiles.
*Personality: Silly, moody, childish, demanding
*Skills: Sings, acts, plays guitar very well, great cook
*Profession: Street performer, music store clerk
+Other: Terrible Driver/Bad Luck sometimes


It was the night the Half- Blood Prince came out, me and my best friend Tyler were going to go see the midnight premiere. We were staying with his cousin that lived in Chicago for a few weeks, and decided to see the movie before we left the next day. It was his idea to dress up for the occasion, and l loved the idea as much as l loved Harry Potter.
All day we spent hundreds of dollars at the mall. He got black skinny jeans with a Slytherin zip-up hoodie, and a Slytherin themed beanie. l got yellow skinnys, a Gryffindor sweater, and Harry Potter glasses. (Outfits:
It was around 11 when we started walking towards the Theater, which was just down the street from his cousins house.
"Tyler, l am so glad your cousin got us tickets, she's the awesomest ever." l was saying when we got to the long line.
"Yeah, she is. Ugh, can't this line move any faster?" He shouted over the hundreds of heads. Because he was the tallest in line, it was pretty easy for him to even get anybody's attention.
"Yeah l know right?" Someone said behind us, we turned and saw a bunch of people in silly Harry Potter and friends' outfits.
"Nice outfits." l commented.
"You too, those are awesome glasses." The one with a white boy afro smiled. He drew a Harry Potter scar on his forehead and was also wearing glasses.
"Ditto." l smiled back.
" GASP l forgot my RedVines!" Tyler screamed. Before l could ask what the hell those were, a boy with a red wig and a crooked jaw stepped forward.
"l got your back bro." He handed Tyler a blue package that contained candy that looked like Twizzlers.
"Thank Wizard God, you are my savior." Tyler grabbed at them and hugged them tightly. l rolled my eyes and saw the long gap between us and the line, and ran forward quickly. The froup followed suit, and soon we all were seated next to eachother, sharing comments and arguing about which house was better.
Me, fro boy, RedVine guy, and a girl with poofy hair sided with Gryffindor, while Tyler, a small girl with a blond wig, a guy with a green hat and a Slytherin shirt veered for Slytherin. The rest of their group watched with anticipation and munched on popcorn.
Our bickering was soon shushed when the movie started to play.
Me, Tyler and the girls bawled our eyes out when Dumbledore was killed, while the guys bowed their heads quietly, hiding their faces.
When the movie was over, we said or goodbyes and went our seperate ways. Little did me and Tyler know, was that this particular group of people was one probably the most poplular theater troupe on YouTube, and that we just watched a movie, cried, and argued with them, all in four hours without having one damn clue to who they were. .
A few months later, my twin sister Amber discovered StarKid, and got addicted to it, Tyler was already in love with it, but he didn't seem to pay any attention to the group. Soon after, he and Amber strapped me to a chair and made me watch their shows as well. l hated it, they were 5 year olds in 25 year old bodies.
l swore to never lay my eyes on them again.

A/N: Heyo peopo. Sorry it's kinda short, and crappy. l'm writing this on my ipod as l'm conversing with my brother about Transformers...l hate babysitting. Well, l hope to get the next chapter out soon, tell me whatcha think. Like l said, l love comments as much as l love RedVines, so hand 'em over.
Adios muchachas and muchachos.

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