Leah Wright is a special 17-year-old. But what if being special endangered you?
What if....

(Read and find out! Muhahahah!)

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Chapter 1

For the Best

I tentatively touched the water with my feet, watching it ripple. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the heat.
"Leah!," my mother shouted. My eyes snapped open, and I looked behind me.
"I'm coming!," I called back.
I glanced one last time at the water, and then stood up and ran back to the house.
My mother looked at me, and there was something sad about her gaze. "We need to talk."
An uneasy feeling rose in my stomach. My mother turned around, and stepped into our small cozy house.
She sat down on a wobbly chair by the table. "Take a seat, Leah."
I swallowed. "Where are papa and Melanie?," I asked her.
"They'll be here in a minute," she replied.
Whatever this was, it was serious.
I sat down.
My mother sighed. "We're sending you away, mi querida."
My eyes flew to her face. "No, mama!"
She sighed. "It's neccesary. We should've sent you there long ago. And Melanie is coming with you."
"Mama! She's only twelve! Where are you sending us?!"
She caressed my face. "To somewhere special. Somewhere where you can learn."
I felt something block my throat, and my breath hitched. My mother stood up and hugged me.
"Everything is going to be okay, mi hija. This is for the best."

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