Leah Wright is a special 17-year-old. But what if being special endangered you?
What if....

(Read and find out! Muhahahah!)

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Chapter 2


I hugged my mother yet another time, knowing that it might be a long time before I could do it again. My sister Melanie pulled at my sleeve impatiently. "Leah! It's time to go! We're going to miss the plane!"
I sighed, and let go of my mother, wiping away my tears. I wasn't sure if Melanie knew she wouldn't see her parents in a long time. I turned to my father.
His gray-green eyes stared at me, one of the few features I'd inherited from him. I threw my arms around him, and he rubbed my back. "It's going to be okay, Leah," he mumbled. I nodded, and pulled away.
My mother hugged Melanie another time. "Take good care of each other, si?"
I smiled, and nodded. Melanie pulled at my shirt, and I stepped in to the line for costums.
I kept glancing back at my parents, even after we were shooed away from the line when our bags were checked.
Eventually I couldn't spot them anymore, and I sighed as I walked to the room were I would have to wait for the plane.
Melanie scrutinzed me as I sat down. "Why are we going again?," she asked impatiently.
I eyed my sister. She was more like our father than our mother, with her brown hair, and her freckles. But I saw our mother in her as well. She had mama's warm brown eyes. She wasn't quite as tan as I was.
I sighed. "Because we're special, Mel."
"What kind of special?," she demanded. I turned a little red. Melanie didn't know that other people weren't like us. Our parents had home-schooled us, so she had never been able to see other children as frequently either. And we moved often, so we wouldn't be suspicious. In short; we never stayed anywhere long enough to form real connections to people.
"Very special, Melanie. But remember what mama said; we musn't talk about it."
Melanie pouted and frowned. I winked at her. She grinned,and rolled her eyes.
I rolled my eyes back, and that started a war of eye-rolling.
-Leah Wright and Melanie Wright, I repeat, Leah and Melanie Wright."
I jumped up, grabbed Melanie's hand, and raced to the gate. The stewardess looked disapprovingly at us while she checked our tickets.
"Have a nice flight," she said, with the usual fake airplane smile. I wondered if they had a special training for that.
Mel and I quickly boarded the airplane, people mumbling grumpily as we passed. I tried not to scowl at them.
I allowed Melanie sit at the window, and I sat down next to her. She pressed her nose against the glass. I pulled her back, and showed her how to buckle her seat belt. She pushed my hands aside and did it herself.
I grinned and shook my head. She could be so much like me at times.
After endless boring explanations what to do if the plane crashed, the plane finally lifted off, and Mel wrinkled her nose as her ears popped. I gestured to her that she should squeeze her nose. I'd flown before.
"Where are we going again, Lee?," she asked me when the roar of the engines wasn't that loud anymore.
"Parker, Mel. Parker, Arizona."

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