Leah Wright is a special 17-year-old. But what if being special endangered you?
What if....

(Read and find out! Muhahahah!)

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Chapter 28

Love & War

I woke up, and groaned. Something stirred next to me, and I saw Jesse.
I grinned triumphantly, until I saw a blonde head buried in his chest.
I growled, and sat up.
"Good morning," Vincent Watson greeted me. I glared at him. He smiled back. "You're so fickle, Leah."
I snarled at him. "You know why I did what I did yesterday. And it wasn't because I felt any chemistry."
His gaze travelled to Helen and Jesse. "It's not really fair, he get's two girls, and I get none?," he complained.
I stretched my legs, and winced. "Well, you are the one that has been hired to kill us."
Watson's mouth twitched. "Good point,"
He eyed me. "How are your ribs?"
I shrugged. "Better."
"Do you know where we're supposed to go?," he asked.
I flashed a grin at him. "I'm not going to tell you."
Watson groaned. "Please don't make me ask Jesse. He hates me already. You should've seen him yesterday after you fell asleep. He started blaming it all on me, not willing to accept the fact that it was dear Helen who caused it."
I looked at him, interested. "He was angry?"
Watson caught my interest, and knew why. He grinned. "Why don't you ask him?"
I glared at him, and shook Jesse's shoulder. He stirred, and his arm curled around Helen.
I gritted my teeth. "Jesse! Wake up!," I yelled in his ear, shaking him violently.
He jumped up. "W-wha-?"
I glared at him. "We ought to move."
He looked embarrassed, and nodded. "You okay?," he asked, while turning around to wake Helen. I couldn't help noticing he was being gentle with her.
I wondered if he'd notice if I said no.
"No," I said.
"Good," he said absent-mindedly.
My jaw dropped open, He hadn't even noticed.
Vincent Watson chuckled on the background. I clenched my jaw.
It looked like I'd have to use more desperate measures.
I tapped Jesse on the shoulder, fuming on the inside. He turned around, and smiled at me. "Do you mind if I wait in the car? I don't feel to good," I said, smiling weakly. I left my hand on his shoulder, and noticed Helen walking away to wake Hurley and Lan.
Now or never.
He looked a little concerned, and I felt triumph. Jesse opened his mouth to say something, but then the look on his face hardened, and his mouth closed abruptly.
I turned around to see what he was looking at, and I saw Watson smiling at me, obviously eying my figure.
I groaned as I remembered that Jesse had seen us yesterday. I'd hoped it would've brought out the competetive side of him, but apparently it hadn't.
I turned my attention back to Jesse, but he didn't look like he was in the mood for a conversation. I frowned at him.
He raised his eyebrows. I gave him my cute-eyes and pouted.
The corner of his mouth twitched. "What is it, Leah?"
I took a step closer, praying he wouldn't take a step back.
He didn't.
My heart rejoiced, and I took another step, which allowed my body to lean against his.
He looked supiciously at me. I couldn't blame him. The last time I'd acted like this was when I'd tried to convince him to spare Watson. I frowned, and shook Watson out of my thoughts.
I leaned my head against his chest, and wrapped my arms around him. He hesitated, and then hugged me back. I felt his face press against my hair, and felt exultant.
I allowed myself to press my body a little closer to his, and tightened my arms around him.
"Are the two of you still coming?," I heard Hurley shout.
I looked up, and grinned at him. Hurley rolled his eyes at me.
In what seemed to be a sudden fit of romanticism, Jesse picked me up, and carried me to the car.
I chuckled as he placed me on the backseat. Helen looked at us, envy hiding in her eyes.
Jesse patted my hair. "Be a good girl," he growled, while wedging himself in between Helen and me.
I knew a chance when I saw it, and leaned against him immedietly, pretending to close my eyes.
Through narrowed slits, I saw Helen doing the same thing.
Hurley started the engine, and I knew three things:
One, this was going to be a long ride.
Two: It was war.
Three: I'd do anything to win it.

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