Leah Wright is a special 17-year-old. But what if being special endangered you?
What if....

(Read and find out! Muhahahah!)

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Chapter 3

The Middle Of Nowhere

I cheered inside as a voice announced that the three-hour flight from Houston to Parker was coming to an end.
I glanced to my side. Melanie was deeply engaged in the book dad had bought her.
I peeked over her shoulder. It was 'Stray', by Rachel Vincent. I couldn't help snorting. Figures.
She looked up at me, irritated. I quickly pointed at the sign above our heads. 'Seatbelt,' I mouthed.
She nodded, and put it on. She turned her face my way. "Lee, why do they have the facts all wrong?," she complained, pointing at her book.
I quickly glanced at the people around us. "I'll tell you later, okay?"
She rolled her eyes.

Parker, Arizona

I picked up our only bag from the baggage-band.
Mel looked at me. "Now what?," she asked. I took her hand, and lead her outside through the crowd.
I sat down on a bench, rummaging through my backpack. I pulled out a note. It had directions to the place we were supposed to go on it. I eyed it.
I looked up from the piece of paper, and glanced around. My eye caught a sign.
"Now we hire a truck," I said.
Mel swallowed nervously. "Last time you drove a car you crashed in to the bushes," she pointed out. I grinned. "But I did get my drivers license."
I walked in to the shop, and arranged for an old faded blue pick up truck.
"Will it last if I don't take the road?," I asked him. He grinned. "Honey, that thing has been driving for a while now. It's survived pretty much everything."
I hoped he was speaking the truth, and prayed for the best as I hopped in.
I beckoned at Melanie. "Mel! Come here!"
She trotted towards me, and hopped in on the other side. I ingited the engine, and it roared to life. I rolled the window open, since it had no airconditioning. Melanie followed my example.
I carefully backed out of the parking space, and soon we'd left the airport behind us. Mel sighed in relieve. " now can you tell me where we're going?"
I eyed the note. "To the middle of nowhere."
"The middle of nowhere??," Melanie asked disbelievingly.
She fell silent.
"I spy, something flat and grindy," I teased her out of the blue.
She grinned. "Desert," she said. I grinned back. "Si, es correcto. Your turn."
She eyed her surroundings. "I spy, something black, long and flat."
I looked around, puzzled.
After ten minutes of guessing, I gave up. "Okay, what is it?"
She grinned triumphantly. "Your hair."
I groaned. so obvious.
I touched my black hair, which was straight and just beyond shoulder length.
She rolled her eyes, and I frowned. She seemed to be making a habit of that.
I eyed the note again, and made a sharp turn to the right.
I saw something reflect in the distance. I narrowed my eyes. It looked like some building.
We neared the spot, and I could see what they were now. A few blocks of buildings, clearly white.
I stopped when we were within two-hundred yards of the blocks.
I got out of the car, and Melanie followed me. I peered in to the distance.
"Grab the bag. We're here."

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