Ten Things You Need To Know About Boys


Chapter 1

I Kissed a Boy...And I Liked It!

1. Guys don't like tons of makeup. They certainly undertsand the desire to wear some cover-up and a little blush or mascara. beyond that, makeup is fun, but girls mostly wear it because other girls are wearing it. Most guys perfer a more natural look.

2. Guys don't like confrontaion and they don't want to talk about it. If things aren't going well with a guys and you ask him what's wrong, you're most likely to get a string of "I don't knows." It's a good bet he does know, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Pay attention to how he's acting, and you'll know how he really feels.

3. Guys don't want to hear about other guys. Guy friends don't really want to hear about your problems with guys or details about your boyfriend. Your boyfriend doesn't want to hear about your exes, or the other guy who's your best friend. And neither of them wants to hear how hot other guys are---even celebs.

4. Guys like girls who can accept a compliment. If a boys tells you he likes your dress or that your hair looks nice, don't answer with, "Really? I look so fat," or "It's always so poofy. I hate my hair." The correct response is, "Thank you." Always.

5. Boys your age are mostly attracted to your looks. This can be so frustrating if you feel like your best assets are your brains and sparkling personality. The good news is that there's no single type --- you might envy your BFF's long, straight hair, but your crush might have a thing for curls like yours. Better yet, as they mature, boys figure out that looks aren't what really matters.

6. If a guys shares his problems with you, he just wants someone to listen. Which means, don't try to give him all kinds of advice. Just let him talk.

7. Boys worry about their looks as much as girls do. Whether it's pimples, being too short, bad hair, or excess weight, guys are just as worried that you won't find them attractive as you're worried they won't find you attractive. Seriously.

8. If a boy wants to call/text you, he will. there's no such thing as, "I was too busy." If he really likes you, talking to you will be the hightlight of his day and he'll finds a way to make it happen.

9. Guys don't want to be embarrassed infront of their friends. Which means, don't bring up anything that might risk it because he will remember. If it's your boyfriend, that includes letting everyone know about that ulta-cute romanitc thing he did for you. If you ever want him to do it again, don't bring it up.

10. Guys who push for too much too soon aren't concerned about your feelings. nd you should be careful. That's the time to walk away.


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