Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know

Chapter 1

Everything Is TRUE

1. In old buildings, you can "hack" the elevator by pushing your floor simutaniously with the "close" button. You'll go straight to your floor.

2. Cold weather doesn't make you more likely to get a cold. Drinking fluids, or taking extra vitamin C, doesn't help either.

3. Cats will get disoriented if you put packing tape on their backs.

4. Dollar bills are actually worthless. They're like notes to Santa. They're only good if your parents (and the rest of the world) plays along with the joke.

5. The water in airplane bathrooms is dangerous to drink

6. The origin of the Barbie doll was a German man's gag gift.

7. Human brains begin to deteriorate after the age of 18

8. If you pull a small piece of paper, that's been laminated with plastic, on a string around your neck, and carry a clipboard, you'll be "authorized personnel." Handy for going backstage and places like that.

9. 40% of fresh human poop is alive.

10. Most crosswalk turn-the light buttons are wothless. They don't work. They weren't even meant to.


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