19 Years Later (HP story)

Chapter 1

The Beginning

I hung out the window of the Hogwarts express waving goodbye to my parents. I heard the compartment door open and turned around, forgetting my head was in the window, giving myself a bump. I drew back her head and looked at the boy standing at the door. He was the boy that dad had said not to talk to, Scorpius Malfoy
"Mind if I join you?" he asked. "All the other compartments were full."
"Sure" I replied. He doesn't seem mean, I wondered why dad was warning me.
"My name is Scorpius Malfoy, but just call me Scorp" Scorp stuck out his hand.
" Rose Weasly" I said, shaking his hand. A few minutes later Albus came to the door.
"Can I sit with you Rose?"
"Why not?" I replied and introduced him to Scorp. Later that evening all the first years were lined up to get sorted.
"Potter, Albus "the sorting hat called. Albus sat on the stool, wiggling nervously.
"Please not Slytherin". He repeated over and over in his head.
"Griffindor." the hat said and the Griffindor table erupted in cheers.
"Weasly, Rose" I sat on the chair staring out at the great hall. It was huge and magical, just like mum had explained to me. "Griffindor." Again the table cheered. "Malfoy, Scourpius" He sat on the chair staring strait ahead. "Slytherin" the hat said. He headed off to the table, but he looked over at Albus and me first, rolling his eyes. After the feast we were taken to the common room by none other than Victorie Weasly, my cousin. It seemed to me that I was related to all of Hogwarts. I looked around and saw many, and I mean MANY, pictures of my Uncle Harry. In some were my parents and Aunt Ginny. "Cool" Albus said, looking at all the pictures of his dad. "Look at this, it's him in his first year." I went up to the girls room and settled in.
"This will be a long year" I thought before I fell asleep
The next morning I met Scorp at Herboligy. People gave us looks as we walked in together.
"It's like they've never seen two people from different houses be friends." I said. "No, just our houses I think" Scorp muttered as we took our seats.
"I am Professor Longbottom" the teacher said. Some of the class had to try hard to keep from snickering. I knew Neville, he was almost like an uncle. After class Scorp and I walked back to the castle together. People still gave us weird looks but I tried hard to ignore them.
"Hey mate." Albus came and began talking to Scorp about quidditch. Since both of their dads had been seekers, they really wanted to try out for the team, but you had to be older
"I was thinking of trying out next year." I said. Albus laughed
"And play what position?"
The same as my dad." After I said this, I knew I would. I was like my mom in this way, never quitting once the idea came to my head
I gotta go" Scorp said. "See you two later?" Albus and I both nodded. I went to the common room where I was stopped by Victorie.
"I heard a rumor you are friends with the Malfoy boy." I said nothing. "Just be careful, you know about his dad." Of course I knew about Draco, and Scorp was nothing like him.
"I will" I told her.
"Just dont say you weren't warned" and with that she took of down the hall, probably to send an owl to Teddy Lupin.

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