I'm Falling For My Best Guy Friend(a love story by me)

look i were bored. i made this. PLZ ReAd. And this might be... somehow enjoyable.

Chapter 1

Character Info.

Chelsea Evans-
Traits: sweet(at times), quiet, shy, bookworm, daredevil, loves color black, always wears skinny jeans ;)
Likes: her best guy friend(Drake), long hair, peanut butter, grapes, flowers, motorcycles
Dislikes: her 5-yr.-old sister(Bailee), mean people, vans, tea, dresses, strawberries
Picture: has tan skin with dirty blonde hair, wide light blue eyes, and a small nose that looks like she got a nose job
Drake Roberts-
Traits: daring, sweet, sneaky, popular, strong
Likes: his best girl friend(Chelsea), peanut butter, blueberries, black motorcycles
Dislikes: peanuts, strawberries, his annoying 10-yr.-old sister(Bella), the color yellow, girly girls
Picture: dark black hair, pale skin, and wide lime green eyes

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