What a Flammable Heart I've Been Given (A StarKid Story)

Hey, look, another StarKid story!
The main character, Massie, is Meredith's cousin and looks kind of similar to her. Why Meredith? Because if I were a man, I'd marry that girl in a heartbeat. But since I am a girl...she will be my cousin! :D And Massie is 2 years younger.
(Meredith, if you are reading....sorry....it sounds creepy looking back on it...)

Hope you guys enjoy this nonsense! Love you all, Geena:)
BTDubs, when you put the intials together it sounds like "Waffabig".

Chapter 2

Tingles and Broken Phones

~~~~ BTDubs, read this story! :D http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/fsnPuYY/Becoming-A-Starkid-Joe-Walker-Love-Story ~~~~

"Oh, shiit!" I exclaimed as I dropped my crappy phone and it broke in half. I adjusted my bags to pick up the pieces.
"Here, let me help..." a male voice said. I saw a hand pick up the bottom half of the flip phone.
"Thanks," I smiled at the short, curly-haired boy around my age wearing jeans, dress shoes, super fun socks, a blue adbonimal snowman shirt, a jacket, scarf, and pink sunglasses.
"No problem. I'm Darren."
"Nice to meet you, Massie. Now, I don't mean to pry...but is your last name Stepien, per chance?" he asked me.
How did this guy know my last name? Should I walk away?
"Uh, yes, it is..." I answered.
"Ah! You're Meredith's cousin! She told me about you coming to live with her. I'm one of her college friends."
"I've seen pictures, but I don't think I remember you..."
Darren smiled and said, "I, er, used to have a 'fro..."
I tilted my head, imagining him with an afro and then thought back to Mer's Facebook albums titled, "Go Blue!" and "Friends Friends Friends! Fun Fun Fun!". I started laughing.
"Oh, yeah, I recognize you now!"
"Yeah, most people do..." he shook his head. "Oh, hey, do you need to use a phone? I mean, you just broke yours..."
"Yes, I need to call Meredith." I took his iPhone from his outreached hand. "Thank you!"
Looking at his phone, I realized I didn't know how to work it at all.
He chuckled and said, "Dial twenty-five, then star."
I smiled and did so, listening to the rings.
"DARR! YOU CALLED ME!" Meredith answered.
"Actually, it's Massie. My phone broke and I ran into Darren." I smiled at Darren as I said this, and he smiled back. I got some tingles, but I couldn't be falling for him. Boys suck. They're mean. Goodbye, Tingles!
"Mass!" she yelled. I cleared my throat. Only Chris called me Mass. "Sorry... Massie... I'm looking for you now! Tell Darr to start singing Mulan! Go! I'll find you! My phone's dying! Bye!"
"S-singing? Disney songs?"
Then the line went dead. I relayed the message to Darren and he laughed.
"Be a MAN! You must be swift as a coursing river! With all the force of a great typhoon! With all the strenghth of a raging fire! Mysterious as the dark side of the moooo---"
We were met with squealing and hugs.
"Massie! Darren!" Meredith yelled. "Massie! I love you so much!"
"Mer, I can't breathe!" I told her as she hugged me tightly.
"Sorry! I just loooove you!"
"What about ME, Mer?! I thought you loved ME the most!!!" Darren exclaimed in a high-pitched voice.
"I do love you, Darr, just not as much as my hot cousin!" she turned to me. "Seriously, Massie, you look gorgeous!"
"Oh, shut up, Meredith! You're beautiful!"
"Nuh-uh! Darren! Isn't she pretty?!"
He looked up from the phone I had handed him back, and smiled. "Sure! She looks like you, Mer. Both gorgeously adorably heartbreakingly beautiful."
Did he just call me and my cousin beautiful? Oh, stop it, Massie! You know Meredith is beautiful and he just said I looked like her, so of course I must be!
Excuses for everything.
"Anyways, you are going to love the guys! It's going to be great! Darren, they miss you so much. Holden always makes fun of you on Glee. Walker says he always knew you'd be gay. And Julia, Denise, Devin, Lauren, Bonnie, Jaime and I love it!" Meredith rattled on as we walked to find our baggage.
"I'm gonna kick Walker's a.ss. Just so you're prepared. And Brian needs to stop tweeting it! Chord and Cory started giving me a hard time! And I'm gl--"
"Wait!" I stopped them. "I thought I misheard Mer, but did she say you were on Glee? Like...the TV show?"
"Yes," Darren answered simply.
"Wow. I met a celebrity today!"
He shook his head, saying, "Nah, I'm just a bum. It's all smoke and mirrors."
"Stop lying, you toaster!" Meredith slapped his shoulder.
"You'll understand at rehearsals."
"Yep! It's funny, I swear!" Darren told me.
Should I trust a toaster?

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