What a Flammable Heart I've Been Given (A StarKid Story)

Hey, look, another StarKid story!
The main character, Massie, is Meredith's cousin and looks kind of similar to her. Why Meredith? Because if I were a man, I'd marry that girl in a heartbeat. But since I am a girl...she will be my cousin! :D And Massie is 2 years younger.
(Meredith, if you are reading....sorry....it sounds creepy looking back on it...)

Hope you guys enjoy this nonsense! Love you all, Geena:)
BTDubs, when you put the intials together it sounds like "Waffabig".

Chapter 22

Time flies, time dies.

Time flew.
Next thing I knew, it was five years later and I was still with Darren.
Meredith was right.
We had gotten married two years ago and we were still kid-less, not that we're complaining.
Everything felt...right in the world. It felt perfect, honestly.
Which must mean something's wrong.
I got a phone call from my mom.
My dad's in the hospital.
Darren and I hurried to Ohio, praying the whole way. I never was religious, but now I was relying on a God I wasn't sure how to rely on. Did I just think to myself, like I was having a conversation with him? Or did I say it out loud? Or do I write it down? Do I have to put my hands together like you see on TV or in movies?
I found myself just holding Darren's hand, hoping that he would be better.
My dad had had a heart attack. And the doctors weren't sure if he could be the same. They weren't sure if he would come back, actually awake now.
Let's give this a shot.
God? It's me. What do I do? I know I've never done this before, I'm sorry. I just... I need guidance. I need my dad to be better. Not just for me, but for my mom and my cousins and uncle and grandparents, and for my future kids. They need a grandfather, too, please? Who's going to spoil them and teach them to fish and farm and drive a tractor? Darren and I can't do that. Please, God, don't take him yet. Let him live more of his life, I know he can.

Three days later, he was in the same condition.
My mom and I spent every minute we could with him, by his bed. Darren brought us food that we would never fully eat and coffee to keep us awake. He would hold my hand and hug me and try to keep me from completely breaking down, whispering those things people say when they can't help otherwise.
Three whole days and I had nothing. Nothing had changed besides my hope and faith levels. They were dwindling. I needed my dad. Badly.
He was the only one I wanted to talk to now, but I couldn't.

Two days after that, my dad passed.
I guess God was busy that day, answering other prayers.
I felt lifeless.
My mother was worse off than I was.
Meredith came to the funeral, bringing along Denise and Holden and Lauren to see Darren and I and to mourn with us.
My life had just took yet another bad turn. And this turn didn't have any options to change the outcome.
Strangely, as my mother sobbed, my eyes were dry. I couldn't conjure any tears, they had all been cried at the hospital when I was worrying. Now it really happened, and I couldn't cry.
My husband was on my right, my cousin on my left.
I would never feel more comfortable.
After the funeral, I asked Darren how he felt about moving to Chicago.
"Well," he said. "I am done with Glee. And I'm sure that the StarKid fans would be happy to see me in the plays again. Why?"
"I want to be closer to Meredith. And my mom. Illinois is closer to Ohio than California is."
"And it's closer to New York where Chuck is."
"So, what do you say?" I was holding on to this little hope I had left, this little ball of light.

I wish I could say we lived "happily ever after", but life is hard.
I mean, don't get me wrong, we were happy. Happy, in love, with a family of four. Our daughters, Clary and Aria, were beautiful and smart. They were fantastic with musical instruments and singing, obviously getting that from Darren. They were clumsy, secretive, and hard-headed, obviously getting that from me.
So, it wasn't exactly a fairy-tale ending, but it was as close to one as you can get.
And I was happy with it.
"Mommy?" Aria asked me one day.
"Yes, sweetie?"
"What's this?"
I took the small sheet of paper from her. No, not sheet... It was an airline napkin.
"Oh, nothing, honey. Go play with Clary."
6. Will I find that real love exists?
There was a space under it, never been answered. I chuckled as I took out a pen and happily wrote,
Of course. Having kids teaches you that. And a husband helps, too. Love exists. Love is great. And I have the best love.

The End

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