What a Flammable Heart I've Been Given (A StarKid Story)

Hey, look, another StarKid story!
The main character, Massie, is Meredith's cousin and looks kind of similar to her. Why Meredith? Because if I were a man, I'd marry that girl in a heartbeat. But since I am a girl...she will be my cousin! :D And Massie is 2 years younger.
(Meredith, if you are reading....sorry....it sounds creepy looking back on it...)

Hope you guys enjoy this nonsense! Love you all, Geena:)
BTDubs, when you put the intials together it sounds like "Waffabig".

Chapter 3

Ah, that's it...

What the hell is Meredith on?! Hanging out with these folks?!
"LET'S WATCH TANGLED!" a short boy named Nick yelled.
"Okay!" his younger brother, Matt, agreed. "Massie? Will you put it on? It's already in the player."
I stared at the complicated Blu-Ray buttons and located the power button. What happened to simple VHS players?! There was a power button, a giant slot for your movie, a rewind, a fast forward, stop, play, and eject button. This thing had touch screen buttons saying, 'menu', 'skip scene', 'fast forward x5', and other random things.
Finally letting the movie play, I sat next to Meredith and her friend, Lauren, on the couch.
Once we finished the cutest movie on Earth, we changed it to Princess and the Frog. Darren and Meredith stood up, dancing and singing to every song.
I would too, but the first time I saw this movie was in a theatre with Chris.
"Hey, dude," Brian, whom everyone called Holden, told Darren. "You're freaking Little Stepien out."
"My name is Massie. And I'm only two years younger than Meredith!"
"But... I like calling you Little Stepien..."
"Holden, that's rude!" Meredith told him. I stuck my tongue out and narrowed my eyes at him.
We were at the StarKid Manor where he lived with the Lang brothers, Jim, and Walker. Darren lived here while visiting, too. It was big and inviting. Very Sherlock Holmes-esque. Most everything 'StarKid-related' happened here.
We were still talking when Mer let it slip that I had never heard of StarKid. They gasped, insisted on sitting me down and not letting me leave until I watched a show called Me and My Diick.

Once again, what the hell is Meredith on?! Walking, talking, singing, dancing, genitalia?! I mean, yes, there was a lesson deep down, but...it was weird.
Now they were forcing me to watch A Very Potter Musical and it's Sequel.
So, I figured it out.
I now knew what a StarKid was.
I excused myself and walked over to the bags I had thrown by the door. I located my backpack and found the napkin I wrote everything on.

1. What the hell is a StarKid?

I took a breath and wrote:

StarKid: noun. A StarKid is a person who has taken part in a ridiculous musical or two with their friends, all of which happened to be from University of Michigan, and refuse to act their age. They watch Disney movies, play with action figures, color My Little Pony pages, break into random bouts of singing and dancing, give each other rough times, and--most importantly-- have already accepted me and proved that there is still friendly love out there, already becoming my friends.

Yep, that's a StarKid.
I'm forgetting something...
I stared at the napkin some more. I had only a tiny little space left. I reread the entry four times before realizing.

Oh, and they are...totally awesome.

~~~~ Sorry these are so short! Don't worry! They will be so much better later! :D
Love you,
Geena:) ~~~~

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