How to annoy Anime characters to the point of homicide

Chapter 1

Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki Suoh:
Call him a halfer (he's not all Japanese, he's half French, so call him that)
Tell him "Mommy" cheated
Make the "Dopplegangers" glomp him
Do so repeatedly
Kiss Haruhi in front of him. Bonus points if you're a girl. Bonus Bonus points if you're Renge
Call him "King of the Homo club"
Dye his hair blue
Dye his hair Pink
Dye it rainbow colors
Make him do the "Double Rainbow Dance" with the clown hair
Handcuff him to the twins (one on either side)
Make the twins do a twincest scene while handcuffed to Tamaki
Handcuff her to Tamaki
Tell her Fancy Tuna has been outlawed
The Twins:
Strip them and then throw them into a room full of yaoi fangirls
This will problably kill them
Call him "Mommy"
Do so repeatedly
Talk non-stop for three days streight (will annoy everyone else too)
Kidnap Usa-chan and hold it for ransom (you will problably die from this)
'Kay, I think that's all for the Host club! What anime next? (I'm already working on FMA, so after that one)

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