Days Of Summer (A Starkid Love Story)

Chapter 1

Into The Woods As Three, Out of The Woods As Six

by: BelaFusco
My two best friends and I rolled around on the floor in fits of laughter as we watched the video for the umpteenth time.

Greetings, (teehee, funny word) my name is Ella Gomez. I live in an apartment with my two best friends, Kelly Springer and Jenna Wilson.

It was the day after our high school graduation. We've lived in this apartment, which is provided by the acting company we work for, since the summer before sophmore year, since they were 15 & I was almost 15. Now they are 18 years old & I am 17 ¾. Unfortunately, since we just graduated, we are too old for the agency and tonight is our last show. They would provide living for us for a month so we could find new jobs, but we were basically dead in the water. And then I got the call.

As Kelly stumbled to go turn off the computer, my cell phone began ringing. I took it out of my pocket and answered it. “If you're a creeper hang up now!” I demanded into the phone.

“Hey Ellz!” I heard my cousin, Carter on the other end.

“Hey Carts!” I shouted at him.

“Ellz, I have great news for you!” he exclaimed.

“What is it?” I asked, just as excitedly.

“You know StarKid?” he questioned.

Did I know StarKid?! Yes, I most definitely knew StarKid, the greatest theater troupe that ever lived!

“Yes I do...” I replied hesitantly. “Well a friend of mine sent some of y'all's performances to them and they were super impressed. They're sending three scouts to your show tonight and that'll be your audition!” he shouted happily.

“OMDWG (oh my dead wizarding god) thank you so much Carts! I love you! Bye!” I screamed, blowing kisses into the phone and then ending the call.

“What was that about?” Jenna asked.

“Guys, you will never guess who's coming to our show tonight,” I said, trying to keep my cool.

“Who?” Kelly queried.

“STARKID!!!” I screamed.

“AHHHHHH!” they screamed along with me.

“Well, we should probably head out, its almost 7,” Kelly said, grabbing her keys.

“Yeah,” Jenna agreed. “We should leave.”

We climbed into Kelly's Ford F150 truck and turned on the radio. We pulled out of the lot and headed to the theater.

As the show began and the curtain rose, I couldn't help but scan the audience for the three StarKids that would be watching out rendition of “Into the Woods.”

As the curtains closed and we took our final bow, Kelly, Jenna, and I began to hurry backstage. We all got dressed, me in this: ,

Kelly in: ,

and Jenna in: .

As we finished slipping on our shoes, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around, as did my 2 friends, to see none other than the three StarKids that we loved most. Kelly's favorite: Joey Richter, Jenna's favorite: Brian Rosenthal, and my all time favorite: Joe freakin' Walker!

We were obsessed with StarKid, and followed everything about them religiously. I was a pretty "out there" person, just like my two best friends, but I got a little shy when it came to confrontations.

"Oh my dead wizarding god!" Joey shouted. "Y'all were amazing! I'm sure Nick and Matt will let you join StarKid at this rate!"

I grinned. This was gonna be amazing.

"Soooo... Who wants a Red Vine?" Joey asked.

Kelly smiled, "I do!" "Oh my gosh we are gonna be best friends!" Joey shouted, pulling Kelly off to the side.

Then Jenna and Brosenthal spotted a squirrel running in the grass outside and ran out to follow it. That left me, alone, with Joe Walker.

“You don't talk much, do you?” he questioned.

“I'm not good with confrontations...” I said meekly.

“Well, I didn't used to be either, surprisingly enough. But, you have to learn that when you're a StarKid, you have to be yourself. And so I got over it. And the best way, is to introduce yourself first. So hey, I'm Joe Walker. But, you can just call me Walker. See now it doesn't even count as a confrontation because you know me!” he said excitedly.

I smiled, “Hey. I'm Ella Gomez.”

“Well, I know that! I'm a fan, ya know!” he exclaimed, smiling at me.

Aww, his smile was so cute!

“Why thank you, he said.

“Oh my gosh, I said that out loud, didn't I?” I groaned.

“Yeah, but don't worry. I think your smile is cute too,” he replied, winking. Oh boy...

“I guess we should go fetch the others, eh?” I asked, trying to change the topic.

“Oh yeah, it's getting a bit late,” he responded.

We searched for Brosenthal+Jenna with Kelly & Joey, who hadn't been far away. We finally found them and crammed into Kelly's truck.

She pulled out of the parking-lot and asked Joey where they were staying. “Oh right... About that... We thought we would just stay with you guys. We didn't get a hotel..” he replied shyly.

Jenna turned around in her seat and scowled at them. The three boys cowered back, looking scared.

“That's fine!” she said brightly, confusing them.

“Two of you can sleep on the pull-out couch, and the other can sleep on the spare bed in Ella's room. Who's gonna take the bed?”

“Me!” Walker said quickly. “Okey dokey. When we get back, straight to bed!
Got it?”

“Yes ma'am,” we agreed simaltaneously.

As soon as we got back to the apartment, everyone raced off to their “required” areas. Walker followed me to my bedroom and we changed into our pj's: .

I slipped off my glasses and turned off the lamp. “Good night, Walker,” I whispered.

“Night Ella.”

I felt someone shaking my shoulder and gently pulled my eyelids open. Walker was standing over me.

“Whaddayawant?!” I moaned groggily.

“The others are still sleeping,” he answered. “I wanted to get to know you.”

“Alright. Ask away.”

“Favorite color?”

“Orange! Specifically burnt. I'm a Texas girl ar heart.”

“Alright... Movie, band, StarKid?”

“Movie... High School Musical 1-3, no joke. Band, Matt & Kim! StarKid... Well, uh... You....”

“Really? I'm quite honored. I think you'll begin to be my favorite,” he said in his Voldy voice.

I smiled, “Ok, next question!”

“OK... Animal?”

“Horseshoe crabs and harbor seals! They're both SO cute!”

“Yeah ok....”

I grinned, “Now its my turn to ask you the same questions!”

“I bet you I can remember all the questions! I'll answer them!” Walker whisper-yelled.

“Okey dokey,” I said, a bit smugly.

“Ok uhh... Red, Avatar, Jim and the Povolos; I'm loyal, I'm thinking it'll be you, and puppykitties!”

“Wow,” I said, sounding impressed. “Good job.”

“Now we know all about each other! We can be best friends! Yay!” he skipped around my room, which was both awkward and just a tad bit sexy.

“Alright, let's get dressed! It's moving day!” I heard Kellz shout down the hall so everyone would hear.

“OK Kellz!” I yelled back.

Walker and I took turns changing in the bathroom and then we walked out into the living room. Everyone was ready for a day of packing by the looks of it.

“Ok!” Jenna hollered. “We need 3 teams. Me & Brosenthal, Ella & Walker, and Kelly & Joey. Got it guys? Get to work!”

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