Jokes About Twilight

Jokes About Twilight


Chapter 1


1. Dear Jacob,
I win.
Sinerely, Edward.

2. They say blondes have all the fun...but Edward perfers brunetts

3. Forget princess. I want to be a vampire when I grow up

4. My boyfriend has my heart, but Edward can have my neck

5. Somebody told me today, "Twilight is taking over your life."
My reply, "And your point is...?"

6. When life gives Edward lemons...he throws them at Jacob

7. "Hi Jasper, kill anyone today?"
"Day ain't over yet."

8. Hogworts schmogworts. Send me to Forks!

9. Dam you, Jacob Black!...You gave me fleas!

10. Halfway through New Moon, I started screaming, "Where's Edward?!"

11. I went to the doctor the other day...and called him Carlisle

12. Bella doesn't want no mutt...She's a fang banger!

13. Renesmee...Jacob made out with your mom...Twice.

14. O.C.D (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)

15. Team Edward: Because I'd rather freeze than have a personal space heater

16. Cullen boys are just like photato can't just have one

17. Thanks to Stephanie Meyer, everytime I hear thunder, I think of vampires playing baseball

18. True friends go see Twilight with you

Twilight may cause
1. Loss of sleep
2. Delay in assignments
3. Obsession with vampires

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