Broken Fairytale - Sequel to Weasley and Lestrange

So here you are guys! This is a little angsty, but its about Fred's death, so of course it would be! If you haven't read Weasley and Lestrange, go read it!!! Its on my profile. This will NOT make sense AT ALL without it. This is a SEQUEL. Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1

Shattered Souls

by: mario2171
Annie walked into the Burrow, avoiding Mrs Weasley's eyes. As she sat down, she felt a sharp kick from her stomach. She knew that the baby inside her was Fred's. How could she ever tell the child, your father died in a war, and has an identical twin so depressed that he hasn't come out of his room for weeks? The first time he had ventured out, she had tried to kill herself so she and Fred could live forever. He had saved her, then retreated to his room. It was so strange, saying his room instead of their room. Annie knew all of the family thought she was just over eating, or a side effect of depression. But this, this little tiny, fragile human inside her was a living, breathing child. She felt sickened with herself. How could she have killed herself knowing there was a little girl or boy that she was murdering? "Mrs Weasley?" She turned away from the dishes she had been pretending to wash. "Yes Annie, dear?"
"I've got a few things to tell you." She looked a little confused.
"George told me, when we were outside, that... Fred was going to propose to me. But..." Mrs Weasley looked like she was going to cry. "There's something else. I'm... I'm six months pregnant, and I know its Fred's." Her hand flew to her mouth, and tears rolled down her face. She gave Mrs Weasley a hug, consoling her. "What will we do?" Molly looked at her. "You don't have long left. Just try to relax. I know that's hard. Smile. You have a beautiful baby on the way." Annie straightened up, and gave a forced smile. Then Mrs Weasley said something she never expected. "You will always be a member of the family, even if Fred is not here. Always welcome."

Annie walked up the stairs, and took the hairpin from her pocket. She knew the two had a lock which she could only open with a hairpin. Annie had caught Ginny with the pin in the door several times, but was unsuccessful. As she unlocked the door, a foul stench of Firewhisky hit her, and almost threw her off balance. Then she saw a most gruesome sight.
George was sitting infront of a mirror, talking to it. But the mirror didn't show him. It showed a twisted, warped, evil version of him in the mirror, which was laughing. It was Fred's laugh, the laugh when he had done something seriously bad and George wasn't as happy with it as Fred. Then she saw what George was doing. George was holding his wand to his wrist, and making cuts appear, before he healed them, blood staining the carpet. He was crying, and staring at this creation in the mirror, trying to pretend it was his dead twin. Annie grabbed a Firewhisky bottle and screamed "Expillearmous!" George's wand shot out his hand, and she caught it deftly. Running to the mirror, she pushed George out the way before smashing the bottle as hard as she could against the mirror. The mirror shattered, and the laugh stopped. Everything was still, as she slowly opened her eyes. George stood up and hugged her tightly, and both wept softly. She heard Harry and Ron banging on the door, trying to get it to open. Annie walked over and opened it. The two walked in, and looked ill. Harry took in the blood, and the mirror, and the broken bottle in Annie's hand, and the two wands. He put the situation together faster than Ron and took Annie's hand. "Come on, let's go downstairs." Ron took George's arm and said "Come on, buddy, we need you to come down to see Mum." He followed, and the four walked downstairs.

Arthur took George into the empty kitchen, while Mrs Weasley took Annie into the hall, and shooed out the rest. "We need to hear from you what happened, because George might not tell what happened, or he might not be in his right mind."
"He's in his right mind, just really depressed. There was a horrible thing in the mirror. It was like, George had put his boggart into a mirror and then... He was cutting and healing, and... Oh God, I'm sorry." Mrs Weasley was in floods of tears, and Annie took out a hankerchief and gave it to her.
"Its alright, really. Go on."
"I smashed the mirror, and the Fred-thing disappeared and I took George's wand from him. Then Harry and Ron arrived and you know the rest." She looked at her, and nodded. Suddenly, Annie let out a scream. Everyone rushed out of their rooms, and Annie clutched her stomach, crying. "Its too early, it can't be..."
"She's not right, it could make her come early."
"Phone St Mungo's. We can't get her there in time, we need an ambulance."
Annie was trying to hold herself together, not daring to move for fear of another pain. She wasn't aware of anything, and simply remebered being in a white place, filled with people staring at her. She closed her eyes, and blanked out.
"Will you be alright?" Fred looked at Annie, worried. The battle of Hogwarts was starting, and they were about to go seperate ways. Annie gave him a kiss, taking him in, and remembering his soft touch. They broke apart, and she looked at him, not knowing it was the last time. "I'll be fine. I love you."
"I love you you too, beautiful."

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