The Hunted: A Carlisle Cullen Love Story

This book takes place a long time after Breaking Dawn, in the year 2555.
Name: Sarah Solis
Age: 22
Appearence: long brown hair, green eyes (human)

Chapter 1

Prologue, the year 2535

"NOO!!" Carlisle Cullen screamed as he watched the vampire in front of him rip apart his beloved wife, Esme.

The vampire smiled and viciously said, "I won't burn her, if you give me what I want. You know what I want Carlisle." He sneered as he said Carlisle's name.

"Never!" Carlisle exclaimed. "You will never take my family away from me, Vergois!"

"You know I don't want you whole family, you can keep blondie and Mr. Buff. I just want the shield, mind reader, projector, psychic, and mood controller," Vergois said.

"Never!" Carlisle said again.

"Well, then I guess you can say goodbye to your precious mate," Vergois said, getting ready to toss Esme's arm into the fire just beyond him.

Carlisle got ready to lurch forward, but the bronze haired vampire just behind him, Edward, held him back. "You know this is what he wants, he's trying to provoke you," Edward said gently.

"You try to sit here and watch someone kill Bella!" Carlisle roared.

"Trust me, thats happened more often then not," Edward said, chuckling. "Of, course, we all know that Bella is much harder to defeat now that I changed her."

Carlisle watched in despair as Vergois finished ripping up Esme, as he threw her into piece by piece in the fire. Carlisle tried to struggle, tried to get to Vergois, but his other adopted son, Emmett, had joined Edward in stopping him from going anywhere. Carlisle stopped struggling, because he knew that as long as Emmett had joined Edward in stopping him there was no chance in him getting freed. Emmett was the strongest vampire Carlisle had ever met. Carlisle sighed in defeat when Vergois threw Esme's last part, her head, into the fire. Still Emmett and Edward refused to let him go.

"That is your warning. I shall destroy every last person you care about, unless you hand over what I want," Vergois said, as he ran into the forest. Edward was consentrating on Alice, probably reading her mind. Edward nodded to Emmett, and finally they let their adopted father go.

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