Corpses Before Caroline

in my opinion the 3 best shows of Tim Burton combined together. (Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas and Caroline) + the land of Alice Of Wonderland. I do not own any of these characters or pictures. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and afterward PLEASE COMMENT tell me what you think about it could it have some inprovments.

Chapter 1

The Anouncement

by: moto123
Halloween Town:(Salley)
Hi my name is Sally and this is the story about characters meeting each other. The day started out like anyother day we got up and did are rehersal of next Halloween (which was next week) afterwards it was the mayors daily speech which all of us wished was every week no not ever week every year thats how bad it had gottan but no one could come out and tell him that so we listened to the same speech over and over and over again so we stopped listening. But at the end of the speech before we could walk away and start are day he sayed I have a special announcment. He cleared his throat and sayed into the microphone (which he carries around all day) me and Jack have planed something special for everyone tonight for all the hard work they have given on the Halloween song he cleared his throat again and said a ball will be hosted in the middle of Halloween town at 7:30 he than finished with clearing his throat again and said that is all and walked off stage. At first everyone just sat there mumbing about the ball but after a 1hr people started leaving. I was about to leave but heard a very reconizable voice call Salley! I turned around to see Jack running towards me. When he got to me he was out of breath about to collapse. I was shocked to see him so tired that I didn't notice that he was looking straight at me until he blurted out do you want to go to the ball with me? At first I didn't know what to say but than regained myself and almost shouted yes! He looked like he could explode with happiness as he smiled at me nothing could ruin this moment but as I thought this the doctor came up behind me and screamed Salley! it's time to go. At first I didn't respond I was to dazed that I didn't even notice the doctor grabbed my arm and was pulling me away. Once I was a few feet away I snapped out of it and turned so I was facing the way we were walking and continued. The day went on like it always did but something felt different I felt a tingling sensation coming over me whenever I thought of Jack I couldn't wait to see him tonight at the ball I started to daze off when I thought about me and Jack dancing together at the ball. I would be so dazed that I would run into things and not notice people talking to me. AT 6:30 the doctor called me into his labatory and told me to sit down at first I was so excited that I didn't notice that he looked angry until he started talking in his voice that sounded like he was screaming, I jerked out of my dazed self and was now looking at him. He said with his screaming voice Sally you've been out of touch lately ever since that darn skeleton asked you to the dance I want it to make it clear that you will not be going if you keep acting like this ( once he said that I felt like millions of iciles had come down on me all at once) he countinued and said I want you to straighten up and get your head out of the clouds he than told me I could go I walked out just about to cry. of course being myself I got over it very quickly and started to get ready. About 7:24 Jack came around to get me I was so excited that I went running out the door into his warm bony arms we than locked arms and started toward the ball the whole entire way we talked and laughed about random things. I was so caught up in the conversation that I didn't even notice that we were here. There was a building/tent in the middle and I could see there was a lady in front that was opening the door for people. We walked up to her and she opened it and as we step through the door there was a burst of cold air that hit me that told that this was going to be the best night ever. (or so I thought).
Chapter 2: The Ball
The Room was as big as a football field, there where tables lining the left side of the wall filled with drinks and food and the walls were cover with decorations of all kind but mostly Halloween decorations (of course) but the thing that excite me the most was the disco ball (which wasen't on) in the middle of the room hanging down from the wall by a wire string which was dangerous but I didn't want to tell them that. I looked at Jack and he was looking up at the the roof which I had no clue why so I looked. And to my surprise there where millions of ballons covering the roof so you couldn't see it. I felt a sudden sensation come over me when I looked back at Jack. (Well you can kinda call it a sensation but it was mostly a urge to dance with him). Um I said trying to get him to look at me, oh he said as he quickly jerked his head away from the balloons and than tried to say sorry but I just put my finger to his lips, grabbed his arm and pulled him out to the dance floor. After an 1hr they finally said were going to turn the disco on I then suddenly stopped and looked up (since we were right under it). I could see out of the bottem of my eyes that Jack had looked up. They turned it on and at that exact moment it felt as though we were lifted out of the building and than a bright flashing light and black.
Chapter 3: The Plan (in Corpse Bride)
Hello my name is Victor you my know me from my past experiance with marring a corpse bride but heres what happens after that. (In her parents room) But why! screamed Victoria your not the one to tell me who I can marry. It was a Tuesday morning right after the corpse bride left her parents where already trying to tell her she couldn't marry me but she refused to listen which was getting her into trouble. Thats enough! her father scream maid take her to her room and make sure she dosen't get out. The maid came running up and grabbed her arm and dragged her out while she screamed I hate you! After she was out of sight the fater turned to me and screamed GET OUT!!!! I was so terrified that I backed up into the door and felt for the handle. When I got hold of the handle I opened it and went runnintg out. When I was outside I stopped running and thought about how to get back in and it all came to one thing I'll come see her at night by climbing up to her room like I did when I was trying to hide from the Emily. The day went on as usual I was all alone at home while my parents where out doing there job. (Afte that insident with getting tooken away by Emily my parents would never talk to me or feed me so I had to fend for myself). About 8:30 I was outside her window trying to climb up which was a struggle compared to when I did it before but finally about 8:40 I was up knocking on her window. After about a few minutes I heard moving around in there and than the door opened to see Victoria standing in there with streaks of red lines down her face from crying. She looked so excited when she saw me that I thought she was going to start dancing. Victor was all she said before she took my arm and took me in and set me down on the couch and sat down right next to me. After a long pause she sighed and said we can't stay here, what I said surprised, we must runaway she replied, but Victoria where would we go, to I don't know she said all I know is that we have to leave. Okay I said (admitting that she was right her parents won't let us be together so we must leave) but when? I said. Tommorrow night she said okay was all I could say. Than we heard her father say Victoria who are you talking to? You must she said, okay as I got up and quickly went outside and started climbing down which I haven't before so that took even longer but luckily I was able to get out of sight before her father came bursting through the door and looked around but saw no one but Victoria sitting on the couch sewing a blanket. He than made a stupid excuse and left. When he left I was all the way down on the ground walking away. The next day just whizzed by I didn't get to see her though so I didn't know if we were still doing it but I thought so, so at 8:00 the runaway was about to start.
Chapter 4: The Runaway
Walking down the stairs I was trying to make up a excuse to leave the house at 8:00 and at the bottem of the stairs it popped into my head I was going to go and get some grocerys (I know it's not that good but that was the first thing that popped into my head). I was walking towards the door when I heard Victor where are you going, I quickly spun around and said I'm going to go and get some grocerys. At first it looked like she didn't belive me so I added and some fresh air because I was clastiphobic and she new it. Okay she said looking like she belived it, but be back before 9 she quickly said and left. I let out the breath that I had been holding ever since she came in and I walked out of the door into the cold fresh Autumn air (it was also raining) and walked as quickly as I could posibbly go to Victoria's house and when I reached it I started walking faster. I reached the porch that her back bedroom had and started climbing it (since I had a adrenaline I climbed as fast as I could go to the top). At the top I knocked on her door and waited but after a few seconds she came out with her bag of clothes and asked Victor where is your clothes. At first I thought about it and it came to me that I forgot to pack. Ashamed I looked up and said I forgot she just smilied and said well we can buy clothes there anway. she then walked over to the edge of the porch and threw her stuff over and turned back and said are you coming. All I could do was nod my head, she then turned back around and started climbing down. I then went over and waited till she was half way down and started climbing down. When I reached the ground we took off running into the forest. I started to get very tired when we finally entered the forest and we both slowed down to a jog. She turned back to me and started laughing, once she did I couldn't stop my self from doing the same. We were laughing so hard that we didn't notice that it sounded like we were on something but when I notice it, it was to late it broke and we fell into the black hole.
Chapter5: Bored Again (Coraline)
Hi my name is Coraline and you may know me for the girl that went through the door and found her dream land unhappy and escaped but this is a different story this ones about the after effect when my happiness whore off and I got bored again, very bored. It was Thursday afternoon and I was beggining my mom if I could go out. Please mom I said while I was on my knees doing a puppy face. No she said go and play with Whybe, but I said, no but she said fine I finally said. So I went out the door over to where Whybe's house was and knocked. It opened and his grandma appeared and said your here for Whybe (she already knew I was here for Whybe becuase I was here everyday so she stopped asking but back to the story) yes I said not surpised she already knew. Well he's upstairs she said okay I said and went in and ran upstairs to his room. I went in and saw him taking off his rain jacket. Jealously I said did you go somewhere Not knowing I was there he quickly turned around and sayed I went exploring. Forgeting I was jealous I said excitedly did you find something. He then went over to the door and shut it, after shuting it he turned and said yeah but there was a problem you couldn't get in since it was flooded so I'm going tommorrow at 1:00 wanna come? Yes I almost screamed. So thats that oh and I can't talk I'm busy sorry, okay I said remembering that I was jelous I than turned around and walked out but before I could he said see you later and I responded bye and walked back to my house. I couldn't wait for the exploring so I couldn't sleep so I stayed up all night.
Chapter5: Exploring
The next morning I didn't get ready till 12:00 o clock so I barly had enough time so I had to run to Whybe's house. Once there I notice he was outside with his cat waiting so I ran faster and by the time I got there I was out of breath and was about to collapse. Come on he said and walked towards the forest once we reached the forest I felt recovered from running and excited about the exploration. We then entered the forest and walked about for 2hrs then we came upon this pit that was as deep as a swimming pool so it took alot to get down but we did. at the bottem Whybe was examining the walls and put his hand on one of the rocks and at that moment a big rock came down on Whybe and me and than everything went black. When we woke up we got out but we couldn't tell what direction we were suppose to go in so we just started walking one way and after 4hrs we came to a clearing which had a huge plant the size of a house so that we decided to spend the night in.
Chapter7: The Meeting (Nightmare Before Christmas)
I woke up right next to Jack in a forest but something didn't look right all the plants were bigger than us. I heard a loud boom so I looked over at Jack and he had his eyes wide open and had sat up. We both looked at each other than looked at the sky and we could see that it looked like it was about to rain so we set out trying to find a plant that was big enough for both of us and ended up underneath this plant the size of a house. I looked over and was about to say something to Jack but we heard talking on the other side so we peeked are heads around and say a small girl that had short blue hair and was wearing a yellow rain coat with black pants and blue tennie shoes than the boy had a big curly afro and was wearing a black jacket, black pants and black tennie shoes I looked at Jack and than went out and said hi. The girl quickly jumped and screamed when she looked at me and tried to run away but the boy grabbed her and whispered something to her and then she became calm. Uh hi the boy said than the girl said hi um hi I said again my names Sally and this is Jack. The boy looked at me like I was crazy so I looked and notice they couldn't see Jack so I grabbed Jacks arm and pulled him out. I could see both of there mouths drop open so I said were from Halloween Town. Oh the boy said my name is Whybe and this is Coraline he pointed at the girl standing right next to her. I was wondering if you knew where we were? I asked. Um I thought you guys would know said Whybe. Oh I said kinda dissapointed so are you guys going to stay here all night. Um yeah said Whybe are you. Yeah I said well we better get use to each other since both of us are staying under here tonight.
Corpse Bride
Victoria! I screamed through the dark. Ouch you screamed in my ear was all I heard, um sorry I said enbarressed for freaking out its okay she said but where are we? All I remember is falling and slipping and than blackness. I looked around than caught a glimpse of some light and said Victoria we should go over there to the light. By that time she saw it and was crawling over to it. I quickly crawled over there to and when I got over there I started pulling rocks out from the crack until there was a hole enough to crawl through so I crawled through it. On the other side there were plants the size of houses all around. I just stood there and stared at it until I heard Victoria say well we better get going since I'm finally out and before something else goes bad okay I finally was able to say okay but it sounded like I was out of breath but she didn't notice. Um what way should we walk I asked looking around um she said confused. Oh I know we should just walk straight, okay I said and started walking. After a few minutes we came to a plant that had some strange people laying under it. At first I didn't see what they looked like till we got up close and I noticed that one of them was just a skeleton but it was breathing. I then stopped in my tracks right when I saw that and then Victoria came up but didn't stop so I decided to follow her. Once we were right up next to them the girl that was wearing a yellow rain jacket, black pants and blue shoes. Um hello I said and she jerked her head towards me and said hello back um do you know where we are I said no she said back plainly I wish these people over here knew but they don't know where we are either (pointing to the skeleton and rag doll). Um but you welcomed to join us she said. Um I looked at Victoria and she nodded so I turned around and said yes. Good she said and siged than continued um my name is Coraline this is Whybe ( the guy with black shirt, black pants and black shoes) oh and this is Sally ( rag doll that was wearing a dress with multiply colors), Jack (Skeleton wearing black and white stiped looking tuxedo). And thats all are group oh she said all the sudden we better get up. She than went over to every person and shook them till they were awake and had gottan up. So said Coraline we need a plan, no said Whybe we need to look around first and figure out where we are and clues to why were here. Find said Coraline sourly. Me, Sally and Victoria will go and look this way (pointing towards the west) said Coraline. Fine then my group will go the opposite way (pointing the opposite way) and will meet at 12:00. Everyones good with that plan right, yes (everyone responed) than lets go. So everyone got up and got into there groups and walked into the unknown.
Coraline's Group ( Victoria's)
So said Coraline after they where out of sight but before she could finish Sally said wow!!! look at that big castle, what? said Caroline oh I see it I said looking up on the hill. Coraline turned and said that will be the first place we look okay we all said. The journey up to the castle was very hard it took about a 1hr so by the time we got up there we were about to collapse and die but we pushed are selfs on. We went into the castle and split up again. I was forced to go down some stairs into the basment where there was a hallway with all these small doors that where locked so I went all the way to the back where there was a big door going down. So I went through it and found that it was a cave. I went back and found a flashlight and went back in. I looked around but didn't find anything so I was about to leave but I glanced over and notice there was something covered. So I went over to it and pulled the cover off and literly jumped 12ft back but regained myself and looked in. At first I saw some dude that looked like a old fashion mayor and he had 2 faces the face in the front was a frowny face than the back face was a happy face. I could hear them saying something but I couldn't make it out so I put my ear right up next to it and listened and I heard this. "What are we going to do without Jack he's the main star of the Halloween thing and theres only 6 days till Halloween has anyone seen them". I could have made out the rest but it disappeared. I took my ear away from it and another picture came up. This time it was of some parents they looked worried they started speaking so I did what I did last time and listened. "Oh where could she be they said she went exploring and never came back said the mom through sheded tears. They probably got lost said the father the'll find them okay he said okay she responded than it disappeared. Before it could show something else I covered it and picked it up. Surprisingly it was very light so I got up the stairs very easily. Hey guys! I shouted down both of the other halls, I found something! They quickly appeared and I showed them it and at first it showed the old fashion mayor and Sally screamed Mr. Mayor! I looked at her as if she was crazy and asked do you know him she just replied my home town. After a silence for about 1min it showed the other picture and Coraline said my Parents!!!. We should take it back and wait for the boys to get back said Coraline. Okay we said as we lifted the mirror and took it all the way back.
Whybe's Group ( Jack)
Ugg we've been walking for hrs we should turn back complained Victor. Just a little longer said Whybe impatiantly (but I couldn't blame him I mean Victor was complaining ever since we left so he was getting very annoying). We were in this maze of boulders. That we had been hitting loads of dead ends and this was the last one. Ugg!!! screamed Victor another dead and. And sure enough up ahead was a dead end. Great!! screamed Victor again lets go home know. Fine!!! screamed Whybe he had finally had it and we walked all the way home.
Caroline's Group ( Sally)
Ugg were are they I mean it can't take them that long to get back complained Victoria. Be patient I said back (we had been patient for a hour and they still hadn't come back which was starting to make me irritated). Finally out of the forest they came and walked over to us. Finally said Victoria did you get lost. No said Whybe we found a maze and we finished it but found nothing. Did you guys find anything? Yeah I said it over here (I lead them over to where the mirror was). I went over and took the cover off and showed them. So what is it said Victor. Its a mirror that shows are different times. Wow you guys actually found something! Yeah watch and it will turn I said. Ugg! do we have to wait I'm sick of waiting said Victor. Is your husband this impatiant all the time? I asked. He than got in front of me and when I tried to walk in front of him he tripped me and made me go and hit the mirror.
Chapter8: The Solution
I hit the mirror but at the time the mirror changed and I went flying through it to my time. I opened my eyes and I saw that I was back in my time in the center of the town. Figuring that they could still hear me I screamed I'm back in my time. (On the other side with Jack) She made it that means we can all go home like this Victoria said. Well guys its been nice to know you I said but I'm going home and than I left. (with Victoria) Okay that means were next I said looking at Victor okay I said. Waiting, my image appeared and I jumped in and than heard another thud and opened my eyes to see Victor right next to me and we were in my room. Were back Victor screamed I'm so sorry for being so mean I was just fusterated he said. No I said it's fine if you didn't trip her we wouldn't of found her. I love you he said and I love you to. (Back on the other side with Whybe) so this is the end of are adventure I guess I'm kinda sad said Caroline well were going to be happy to get home okay are you ready? I asked. Yeah and than waited and jumped.
Chapter9: The Ending
So everything ended up happy Sally and Jack made sure to destroy the disco ball when they got back. And decided that they will never go to a ball again because of that experiance. Corpse Bride ended up running away like they planned but they paid attention to where they stepped from know on. Coraline and Whybe went home and told them all about the world they went to but they didn't belive them. They also promised themselves that they would never go to far into the forest anymore. The End Hope You Enjoyed!!!!! (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:
Moto123 Parents Nightmare Before Christmas
Friends Corpse Bride
Cousins Coraline
Sister Alice And Wonderland World


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