Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

This is a story I created ''long'' ago but decided I should post it on here and change a few things up. Hope you like!

Chapter 1

How Much Can One Person Bear?

Izzy laid weakly on the floor as her step-father hovered over her. He stared at her in disgust as her battered body shook slightly. Bruises of all shapes and sizes slowly appeared on her arms, legs, back, hisp, and torso. Her lip was busted from the single punch he threw at her.
She was a given this punishment because she refused to give up her body to him and his perverted friends. She was harrased constantly which is why she stayed so far from home but the outside world was no better with the most popular, heartless guy who lurked the streets night and day. ''Michael Jackson'' was his name.
He was extremenly good looking but looks can always be decieving. His personality and actions is what got him that repuation and he could care less. Not that he would care anyway.
Izzy's step-father kicked her before finally leaving the room. She shakingly grabbed her aching stomach and pulled herself up from the floor.
Her half-sister, Allison, just stood there. Smirking at the painful abuse Izzy received. Izzy stared at Allison, wondering why her mother married the cruel man and gave birth to a monster like Allison. But Izzy's mother changed, too. She would even hit Izzy or make fun of her.
About her weight, her looks, her knowledge, and the lack of flirtiness she had within her. Izzy was in perfect health, she was incredibly smart, and focused on her education instead of screwing random men like Allison. Izzy wanted to prove her so-called family wrong and show that she was much more better than they made Allison out to be.
"You look so much liked the fvcked up tramp you're already are." Allison laughed to herself as she left the doorway.
Izzy sighed heavily as she slightly limped over toward the window and slid it open. She quietly climbed out and landed gently on the ground below. She didn't care that she was walking the streets in a pair of pyjama shorts and a torn tank top. Her hair was somewhat disheaveled.
She slowly limped her way down the street and down an alley with little light. It wasn't a smart choice but she didn't care at the moment.
"Well, well, well," a voice called from behind. "Look who we got here. ''Fresh meat''..."
Izzy slowly turned to be faced with the well-known Michael Jackson and three boys. Her skipped a beat but she could care less about the danger she was in.
"Anyone ever told you it's dangerous for girls like you to be out here alone at night?" Michael asked as he stepped closer.
His curly hair was tied into a ponytail and his smooth caramel skin gleamed as he stepped out into the light.
Izzy took a small step back. "Not really," she answered softly.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Michael clicked with his tongue as he slowly circled Izzy. "They should've. 'Cause guys like ''me'' are very dangerous to be around. Especially if you're a girl." He instantly pinned Izzy against the wall and she gulped as she stared into his eyes that was filled with lust and evil combined.
He chuckled darkly as he leaned in close to her neck for a lick. But he was stopped when one of his boys pointed out, "Ey Mike, that ain't any girl. That's Izzy,"
Michael leaned back and stared into the eyes of his victim. He chuckled once more. "Izzy Rhinestone. Should've known it was you." He backed away. "I'll be ruining my repuation if people knew I slept with you."
Izzy was hurt. Even though she wanted no part of what Michael had planned for her, she didn't want to be treated like a plague either.
"You're sisters with Allison, right?" another guy asked.
Izzy slowly nodded, desperately wanting to deny she was related any way to that monster.
"You took are nothing alike," laughed the third guy.
Izzy sighed in relief. Finally, someone could tell the difference between her and her so-called sister.
"You're right," Michael suddenly laughed, "Allison's pretty, sexy, skinny, and you're just the opposite." The three boys joined Michael in on the laughter.
Izzy felt her eyes tear up. Not exactly what she expected. She felt humilated and the emotional abuse was far worse than the physical.
"What are you doing out here, anyway?" he asked after calming down.
She gave a small shrug. "No reason, I guess. Just walking." Her voice cracked a little.
Michael reached inside his pocket. "Well, ''Izzy'', you picked the wrong night to be out here." He pulled out a blade and held it against her throat. "Got any money on you?"
Izzy shook her head. "But if you're going to kill me then go ahead."
''Then all my misery would be over.'' She sadly thought.
Michael stared her, and then slowly pulled his blade away. "Nah, I'm just going let you live. But this won't be the last you see of me. My dear, Izzy," he smirked as he slowly walked away from her. "I'm going to make your life ''such'' a living hell." Then he was gone. And so was his buddies.
Izzy sniffled a bit and limped back home. A place where she now called Hell. But her outside life will be much worse than the Hell hole she stays at. People just didn't know when to stop.

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