Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

This is a story I created ''long'' ago but decided I should post it on here and change a few things up. Hope you like!

Chapter 2

A Quick Glimpse

Izzy soon returned to her window, which was still open, but she felt too weary and depressed to reach up and climb through. She exhaled loudly, shuffling her feet toward the front of the house and up the peeling front steps.
She took a deep breath as she reached for the door knob. Fortunately, the door opened. She crept inside and closed the door quietly. She glanced over at the living room that was separated from the main hall by a door frame. A small lamp lit the corner where John, her step-dad, was asleep.
She sighed a breath of relief as she quickly and quietly climbed the steps to her room and closed her door. She went over to her open window and closed it shut; pulling the dark curtains over the pane to protect her privacy.
She buried her face in her hands as she sat on the edge of her bed; trying her best to hold back the tears that threatened to escape.
What did she do to deserve this treatment? Why did everyone automatically make her feel like an outcast?
She sighed heavily and wiped away the tears that rolled down her cheeks before yanking the drawer open of her worn-out nightstand that was peeling and falling apart and grabbed a razor.
Just as she was about to close the drawer back, she caught a glimpse of her biological father in a golden frame. The only picture she had of him.
She gently picked up the frame and stared at it. Her father was dressed in old jeans and a white t-shirt. In his arms was Izzy herself. Her frizzy hair was in a tight ponytail and she wore a pair of light-blue shorts and a plaid pink shirt with white sandals.
This picture was taken before her life took a turn for the worse. Before her mother disowned her. Before her daddy was killed weeks later by a drunk driver in an accident.
Her eyes welled up with tears again; this time, she couldn't stop them from escaping. She was angry that he left her in this cruel world alone while he was off in a better place. But she knew he didn't expect to leave her so suddenly that rainy night.
She squeezed her eyes closed as she placed the frame back in the drawer and closed it forcefully. She angrily began slicing her flesh open with the sharp edge of the razor. Her arms instantly became bloody with pain stinging from the cuts. Events that happened so recently and just a few years back flashed through her mind rapidly. She dropped the razor and stared into thin air for a moment.
Slowly, reality crept back in and she curled up in bed, slowly forcing herself to fall asleep.

Izzy awoke the next morning to her buzzing alarm clock. She quickly shut off the alarm and sat up, glancing down to see dry blood smeared across her torn white tank top. Her arms and palms reeked of the strong scent of blood.
She slowly stood and walked to the bathroom. She took a quick shower, scrubbing her arms and hands 'til she was sure the smell and the sight of any blood was gone.
Once she was done with everything she needed to do in the bathroom, she returned to her room and got dressed in a pink halter top that had ''Sexy Cougar'' written across her breasts and ripped angel jeans.
If she wanted to to stop at least some of the teasing, she had to start somewhere.
She looked into the mirror that hung on her bedroom closet door. Her brown curly hair cascaded down her back and a little past her shoulders. But she also saw something that made her cringe. As she stared at her reflection, she saw rolls of fat puffing out from her sides and her jeans looked as if they were about to burst from the stress all the fat put on them. But as she looked down at her body, she didn't see what she saw in her reflection. Her jeans didn't look as if they were about to rip apart and she didn't see any roll of fat around her torso.
She shook her head, quickly grabbed her purple book bag and jogged downstairs. She slipped on her K-Swiss sneakers that she worked hard to keep it decent-looking before running out the door and toward school.

It was the final class of the day: Biology.
Today was no different from the other days Izzy suffered. She was bullied, pushed around, laughed at; pretty much nothing ever good happened. Not at home, not on the street, and not even at school.
With Michael and his small gang hanging out in the hallways sometimes, it didn't make her day any easier. Especially since Michael didn't let up on his little promise he made the day before: "I'm going to make your life ''such'' a living hell."
As she waited for the bell to ring in approximately three minutes, she drew meaningless, sloppy lines on the edge of her notebook paper that contained the notes she took earlier.
She looked back up at the clock.
''Just one more minute...'', she thought just as she saw something white fly from the corner of her eye onto her desk.
She glanced down at it; not making any sudden movement. She heard low snickering from behind her and didn't bother opening it. As soon as the bell rung, she quickly gathered her things and tossed the wad of paper into the recycle bin near the door.
"Don't forget to study for tomorrow's quiz!" Mr. Harvard spoke as his class filed out the room.
As she neared her locker, she saw several pieces of torn notebook papers taped to her locker with various names written across each of them. ''Nerd. Geek. Loser.'' Someone even took the time to decorate and circle the word ''slut'' in rainbow colors.
Izzy tore the papers from her blue locker and angrily began twisting her combination lock and jerked her locker open. She removed her bag from her back and slipped in her English book. She quickly untied the sleeves of her stretched black jacket from around her waist and slipped it on. She slung her bag onto her shoulder as she slammed her locker shut and walked out the double doors nearby.

Michael was propped against the brick wall of an abandoned building joking with his friends. His curly hair rested on his shoulders that were covered by a red hoodie and he wore tight, black leather pants that would make the girls drool after him more.
Tommy, one of Michael's friends, smirked when he spotted Izzy walking down the sidewalk toward their direction but she wasn't paying attention.
Tommy was a high school drop-out; never made it past tenth grade. He did things on the streets that would land him in prison but he's never been caught. And that happened to spark Michael's interest in him as a friend.
Since he was near the age twenty-one and wasn't allowed in the high school, he often waited near the abandoned building for Michael and the rest of his crew.
Tommy nudged Michael as Izzy approached closer. He gave a signal to Lionel and Xavier.
Lionel and Xavier were street smart, but when it came to books, they were dumber than a box of rocks. Since they had a well-known street rep no bigger than Michael's and were actually friends with him, several girls offered to do their assignments and they obliged to the idea.
Lionel stepped out onto the sidewalk, blocking off Izzy's path. She stopped short and took a step back.
"What's up, Izzy?" he smirked as he slowly walked behind her.
She was too frozen to move anymore; debating whether she should run or just stand there. When Lionel touched her shoulder and Xavier stepped into view, her immediate reflex kicked in, forcing her body to run.
The gentle breeze suddenly became a raging wind pushing against her. The soles of her shoes slammed against the cement along with the sound of other feet following her.
Her breathing was irregular. She looked over her shoulder to see all four boys running after her; Michael in the lead.
"You can't run forever, Izzy!" Michael yelled after her.
She glanced around her surroundings desperately as she kept running. She spotted a shortcut through the woods to her house. She knew it was a bad idea but it was better than running the long distance.
She cut across the street with some cars parked along the edge of the sidewalk. She darted down the dirt path, leaping over branches and crushing leaves under her foot.
She could see the street where her home was located just meters away. Suddenly, she was tackled to the ground and roughly flipped over. The items in her bag pressed against her back and dirt was smeared across the edges of her shirt and the back of her pants.
"You can't outrun me." Michael smirked as he straddled her. "Pin her." he ordered.
Lionel and Tommy pinned her arms and legs to the ground, making her unable to move.
Michael slowly removed a small pocketknife from his pants and flicked it open. He leaned down toward her ear and whispered, "You must really want me if you decided to run in the woods."
He continued to lean down as he placed the knife against the fabric of her shirt and slowly ripped it in half. "Where nobody can hear you scream."
He licked and bit at her ear, and in response she tried to jerk away from him.
"What's the matter, baby?" Michael chuckled, "You can't handle this?"
In less than a second his belt was unbuckled and his pants unzipped. He licked at his lips and bit down on them. He placed the knife under the the center of her bra and sliced it.
Izzy realized the more she struggled, the more her useless bra exposed. She finally lied still, wondering what Michael had planned in his head.
He gently trailed down the knife down Izzy's flat stomach, careful not to leave a mark just yet.
"Cut her, Mike!" Tommy yelled.
Michael smirked at the thought and gripped the handle of the knife tightly. He then noticed the healed but permanent cuts she had on her arm that her slightly rolled up black sleeve exposed.
He stared at the cuts for a moment and then back at Izzy. She caught a glimpse of concern and guilt in his eyes before they were erased and replaced back with evil. He quickly began carving letters onto her stomach, blood oozing from the cuts and pain tormenting Izzy. Xavier stooped down and covered her mouth to keep her screams muffled.
Izzy's eyes were welled with tears, some streaming down her cheeks. Her throat was dry from the screams and the pain unbearable after Michael had finished his work.
He stood up and stepped away. "Let her go."
The boys did so and stepped back to examine his work. They exchanged high fives while laughing before leaving. Michael was the last to go. He watched as Izzy curled into a ball clutching her bleeding stomach and crying softly.
He felt a sharp pang at his heart, but brushed it away. He slowly turned and silently walked away.

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