A week or more with Starkids

Chapter 1

Toxic (Glee Cast Version)

Read comments for start cuz quibblo is being a butt trumpet

Name: Arabella Knight. (Nicknames: Ara, Bella)
Hair: Long, dark brown with purple highlights (dyes regularely)
Eyes: Crystal Blue but with a purplish tinge
height: 6ft
appearance: long legs, good enough curves, lean.
Personality: funny, nice, caring, gets annoyed easy sometimes, random, protective, will kick anybodys as.s if they mess with her or her friends, HATES discrimination and will stick up for anybody if they are being hated on even if she doesnt know them, likes to sing, dance, act, and plays guitar. <----Julia's character. I'm to lazy to make mine xD

 'When the taste of your lips" My ring tone sings. I yawn, sit up, and slide phone to answer. 

"Hello?" I say groggily.


"Yes, this is her."

"I'm Brian Holden from StarKid productions."

"Starkid...oh yeah the Musicals, sorry I just woke up." 

"Its fine, would you like to spend a week at Starkid Manor?" He asked. 

I almost dropped my iPhone "Sure, but wait isn't it all men?"

"I'll make sure Joe and Jim don't prank you." I heard "Awhs" in the background.

"Okay, when do you want me there Holden-n, yay! I'm waking up!"

"Well,Snape, I can pick you up in fifteen minutes, I need your address, not there in 15 minutes or less you DON'T have to pay me" We laughed.

"Mkay, I'll pack up in that time, shower, get my hair done,and clothes." 

"damn it." Joe mumbles.

"Brian I'm on speaker huh?"


I sighed. "Fine here ish my address gives Holden address See you in fifteen minutes."

"Ok bye." I hang up and get in the shower, I wash my dirty blonde hair, dry it,get my clothes on, and run the straightening iron through my hair. I looked at the clock. 

"10 minutes left." I quickly pack my stuff, bring my luggage to the door and wait. 

Knock Knock Knock, ding dong!! I open the door.

"Brian your 5 minutes late." I say dragging my luggage out and locked my door. 

"So close..." I put my luggage in the trunk and hop into the front passenger seat. "So, Marissa, need any breakfast?" 

"Yeah, stop at McDonalds?" 

"Sure its coming out of your pay for me to take you there." We get to McDonalds and I get two Egg McMuffins, with a black coffee. Brian gets a breakfast burrito. We pull into the driveway of Starkid Manor and the thing was fvcking HUGE! Its all Sherlock Holmes-y. I pull my stuff in the door and look around. 

"Marissa meet Joe, JoMo, and Jim."

"Hi Joe,JoMo, and Jim" 

"Hi Marissa" They replied

"Strong boy,Panda hat, and tall man? Easy nicknames to remember."

"I'm a boy?! I'm not a virgin so I'm defiantly not a boy." He defended him self

"I like my nickname" JoMo runs up grabs his hat and comes back down with it on.

"My nick name fits me perfectly" Jim said in his deep,deep (but sexy ;D) voice. 

"Is this her?" A woman walks down in a black lacy dress (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=36129677) 

She's not afraid to show your self "So Joe you became a man last night?" 

"Nah Nah, in college, and Yes Ara this is her, Marissa this is Arabella, my girlfriend, Ara, this is Marissa." 

"Hi Ara, can I call you that?"

"Yeah its fine, can I call you Rissa?" 

"Hmm.....yeah that could work.

"Cool! I will get some.....clothes on..." She ran up to Joe's room. 

"Marissa let me show you my room, and you can meet The Langs." 

"Okay" He brings me up to a room already decorated and stuff.

"You are sharing a room with me. Is that fine??" 

"Yeah." He smiled. 

"Lets meet Matt and Nick Lang!" He grabs my arm and pulls me to a room with two beds. 

"Hi Matt, Nick, this is Marissa" 

"Hi Marissa!" They go back to writing.

"Hi Matt,Nick, what cha writing?"

"A Very Potter Threequal." 

"cool!" I walked out and back into our room. 


"Brolden? Where am I sleeping?" 

"we can make a cot out of blankets. Or you can sleep in my bed." 

I walked up to him. "Cot would work." I wisper into his ear "Until something happens I could sleep in the bed." I walked out as 3 men walked in. 

"Hi Marissa!" 

"Darren Joey and Brian?" 


"Then HI!" I smiled. 

"You left me outside Joey." a girl with glasses walks in. 

"Sorry Stevie..."

"it's fine. Hi Marissa!" 

"How many people know I was gonna be here?"

"Brian was supposed to call you yesterday." Brosenthal explained. 

"Ahh." How did they find me...

"Hey Rissa? Can you come up here?" I nodded and ran up to our room. "Like the cot?" (http://www.nicamaka.com/ProductImages/Nic-CampNetT01.jpg) 

"Yeah. Let's try it out." We slip in and as Brolden slides in it tips since he is heavier than me and we fell. I landed on him softly. "Haha let's not try it out next time. Or get on at the same time. Haha." I slowly wrapped my leg around his smiling. 

"Yeah. Awkward. Maybe I could change that." He kissed me. As Ara walked in. 

"BROLDEN IS MAKING OUT WITH THE NEW GIRL!!!" She yells through the manor.

(Nice start??)

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