You can't spell trust without 'us' (Remus Lupin Love Story)

This will be during the Marauder's Era.
All credits go to J.K Rowling.
Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

First Years

"Good bye my dear," momma said, "get good marks and write home every now and then. I love you,"
"I love you too momma," I said before I kissed her on the cheek and got onto the Hogwarts Express. Every compartment was full and I was unsure where to sit when I came to a compartment with kids my age.
"Excuse me but, may I sit with you guys?" I asked.
Looking up at me were two boys, one had untidy hair, another had long shagggy hair. In the cabin was another boy, he had scars upon his face that I could barely see since he was reading a book.
"Yeah sure," said the one with untidy hair, "name's James,"
"I'm Sirius," said the one with shaggy hair.
"Excuse me?" I asked confused.
"I'm Sirius,"
"About what?"
"No, my name is Sirius,"
"So what if it's Sirius, we can't all have stange and outrageous names," I said bluntly. He laughed heartily at me.
"No. Sirius Black is my name," he said.
"Oh... well don't I feel thick headed," I laughed as I sat next to the boy with the scars, "I'm Diane Lunar," I introduced myself.
"Nice to meet you," James said.
"Well it's a pleasure meeting you," Sirius said. I turned to the boy sitting next to me and smiled kindly at him.
"And how are you?" I asked point blank.
"Remus," he replied curtly and returned to reading his book.
"Hallelujah he does talk!" Sirius exclaimed. James snickered and I ignored them.
"Well it's nice to meet you Remus," I said, he nodded in response, he was too engaged in his book to really pay me much attention. I frowned.
"Don't worry, he's been like that this entire time," Sirius said.
"It's only been ten minutes," James defended.
"That's three minutes too long," Sirius replied stubbornly. There was a brief awkward pause as we all looked about, nervously.
"So what house do you want to be in?" I said, changing the subject.
"Gryffindor," James said happily.
"Anything but, Slytherin," Sirius said.
"I want to be in Gryffindor... yet, I wouldn't mind Ravenclaw," I said wistfully, "what about you Remus? You really mustn't keep to yourself like this, you'll never make friends that way," I scolded gently, "and that's the fun part about school is the socializing,"
"You would make an excellent Ravenclaw," Sirius said monotonously. I smiled at him.
"Well?" I asked Remus. He sat down his book and sighed.
"I don't know. I'm just lucky to be here," he said, "and as for socializing, I could care less about it for my life is perfectly fine the way it is. No one get's hurt this way. Besides, I am here to study and learn magic," he said with a huff and returned to his book. I growled. I think he was challenging me with all this talk he was talking, who didn't want a friend? Who was solely focused on their studies? And what did he mean about 'none get's hurt' talk?
"Oo, he would be perfect for Ravenclaw too," Sirius said.
"Quiet Sirius," I said then turned to Remus and took his book away, he growled.
"Give me my book," he demanded.
"No," I said curtly.
"Nerd fight!" Sirius exclaimed.
"Quiet Sirius!" both me and Remus exclaimed in unison.
"Why won't you give me my book?" he asked.
"Because you appear to be challenging me with all this solitude you eminate and talk of not wanting friends!"
"Maybe it's because your all to immature for me," he snapped.
"We're all only eleven! We needn't worry about maturity!" I shot back.
"Whatever," he snarled as he snatched his book back.
"Hmph. I hope whatever house you are sorted in, I hope it isn't the same as mine," I said. He glared at me before returning to his book. I crossed my arms and frowned.
"So Diane, not that it matters but, what's your blood status?" Sirius said to break the intensely awkward pause.
"Full," I said curtly.
"Me too," he said.
"Me three," James said. I looked out the window.
"I think we should all change," I said, "I'll be back," and left to change into my uniform. I changed in five minutes and returned to find the boys waiting for me.
"Well, you ready Lunar?" James asked me.
"Yeah, are you ready Black?" I asked Sirius.
"I'm ready. You ready Potter?" Sirius asked.
"I'm ready. You ready Mr. Grumpy-Pants?" James asked Lupin who just gave a "hmph," in reply.
As we exited the train, all the first years had to go and get in a boat. I sat with James and Sirius while Remus had disappeared.
When we reached the Great Hall, we were called one by one up to the stool and sorted.
Finally they called, "Lunar, Diane,"
I sat down when the hat was sat upon my head and blocked my vision.
"Smart and witty as a Ravenclaw but, she is beyond brave and loyal. It is only right, she be in GRRRYFINDOR!" the hat exclaimed, I hoped of the stool and went to the Gryffindor table, many students cheered and congradulated me as I sat next to Sirius.
"Lupin, Remus," was called and Remus stepped forward.
"Oh what terrors you have already seen, it is only just that you be a GRYFFINDOR!" the hat called. Cheers erupted and Remus got up and sat across from me.
Finally James' name was called and as he sat on the stool with the hat upon his head, you could see he was confidant he would be a-
"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat exclaimed.

As we walked to the Gryffindor Tower, I stepped into pace with Remus.
"Look, Remus, I want to apologize for being rather rude on the train, I admit I can be quite bossy, demanding, and rather curt about things," I apologized, "beisdes, I just want to make sure you have a good time here at Hogwarts,"
"It's fine," he said, "I'm just not used to being... cared about," he said, choosing his words carefully.
"Well, that's what friends do, they care for one another... that's if you want me to be your friend," I said.
"No," James said as he came up beside me, "he wants you to be his best friend,"
"No," Sirius said coming up beside the other side of Remus, "he wants you to be his girl friend,"
"You two can be such great big gits at times," I said fondly. I noticed Remus was smiling and blushing at the same time.
"I'm fine with just friends," he said, "I've never had one before, to be honest,"
"Well today is your lucky day because, not every one get's to be friends with me," James said.
"Little cocky, no?" I asked with a laugh, "but, now you have three friends, Remus," he smiled.
"That's even better," he said as we walked inside the common room. We explored around the common room and found a watery eyes boy whom we felt we should take under our wing... okay, I admit I took him under my wing and insisted the others do the same. The boy's name was Peter Pettigrew, he was just a tail so it's not like he was a great burdance.
"Well, it's late," I said with a yawn, "good night boys,"
"Good night," they said in unison.
Just before I reched the stairs that lead to the girls' dorms, I felt a hand clasp my wrist. I turned to see it was Remus.
"Diane, I just wanted to say... thank you," he said with a shy smile.
"For what?"
"Caring," he said before he let my wrist go and walked away. I smiled fondly and continued on my way to my bed.
Remus Lupin, a strange kid yet, who am I to judge? He isn't the one who transforms into another species.
Oh how I longed to transform into a falcon and fly in the clear star-filled night!
But, no, I must keep my animagus a secret mainly because I am unregistered.

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