Forgetful - a JB love story

Got this idea and pistes it. Sorry for lack of pics/spelling mistakes. Most of this was done on my iPod. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


"Oh my god! Holl! Guess what?!" I looked up from my magazine as my friend Jordan came bounding through the door, an expression of utter excitement on her face.

"Oh, I don't know, Danny. Jake get a girl?" I said, bored, turning the page to my magazine. "No, that would be a miracle. Justin Bieber's coming Frisco!" Jordan said, bouncing on a spare bean bag. "Woop-tee-fvcking-doo," I muttered, throwing the magazine and relaxing back into my purple bean bag.

Before Jordan could say anything to defend her true love, my mom walked in. "Honey, you remember Justin, right? He's going to be in town for two months, and I told Pattie that he could stay here," she said, then left.

Jordan stared at me, eyes wide and mouth agape. "You know Justin Bieber?!" she practically screamed. "Not really. It's more of a he forgets me and I hate him relationship," I told her. "Why? What happened?" Jordan pressed.

My lifesaver of a cell phone decided to interrupt then. I looked at the id then answered. "Hey, JaiJai," "Skatepark. Now. 30 mins," JaiJai said, then hung up. I stared at the phone for a bit, then jumped up, heading for my room.

I put on white skinnys and a yellow strapless that fell midthigh. I covered it with a black hoodie, halfway zipped. I slipped on my skater shoes, and turned around. I nearly died when Jordan was in the doorway. "Jeez. Give me a heartattack much? Oh, and we need to at the skatepark in 17 minutes," I said, checking my watch.

"I'll be outside. Hurry up," I told her, as she scrambled over to the closet. Jordan was practically a sister, so I didnt mind if she stood my clothes sometimes. I went outside, waiting on the front sidewalk.

The moment Jordan was out of the house, my board was down and I was off. "Hurry up!" I called back, grinning. I ollied over a stick in the way, grinding down a higher piece of pavement. I heard Jordan olly, so I ended to grind on pushed myself faster.

A dark car passed by, and I could barely see the outline of a boy the same age as me. My lips pressed together. Let the torture begin.


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