Diary Of A Black Dog

Diary Of A Black Dog

This is my first story so COMMENT (even if it's just one word). I really want to know your opinion about it. Also if you have any questions about the story don't be afraid to ask!
P.s. I'm writing the story from a boy's POV so please tell me if it's not believable.

Chapter 1


I know why we had to leave. Things were getting more dangerous. I was getting stronger and my...problem was spinning out of control. As the legend goes people "like me" go through these confusing phases where one month our powers are seriously overbearing and the next month they are barely there; but as we approach our 18th birthday, it's as if we are a full fledged...being, causing havoc and destruction everywhere we go. That pretty much sucks because my 18th birthday is 3 months away.

I've always been like this but I refuse to say it out loud. I just don't understand how it's something to be proud of. My dad walks around the house all full of himself, bragging about how he murders innocent people with his terrifyingly electric blue eyes. The same eyes that I unfortunately inherited, the ones that make everyone stop and stare at me more then they normally would. They are so stupid, I wish I could just tell them all that the more they stare, the sooner they die.

You might think that i'm being dramatic but I mean that literally...my name is Nico De Roux and I'm what they call a black dog, it's a species in the death omen family. I know it sounds dumb but i'm not joking. People of my kind have been around forever. Most people just think of us as a silly European myth to tell small children but I know better. Even when I was younger I knew that the story of "the horrible dog-like creature who personally brings death to your door by just looking into your eyes" sounded strangely close to the stories that my father would tell me of his childhood.

I think I fully realized what I was when I was seven, we had just moved from Scotland to London after my father decided to go to his high school reunion and personally stare down every single person who had called him out of his name. My father is one of the strongest black dogs (officially known as barghests), that means that people parish a lot sooner by looking at him then they would if they looked at someone like...me. It also means that he basically has to stay in the house all the time if we doesn't want the population of our town to decrease by about 100 people a week.

It was the first day of my new school and all day, all of the other kids just took turns staring at my eyes an squealing with delight like I was their bizarre new play thing. A week later they all caught a serious case of the flu. They lived. But I knew I had caused it.My father had been so proud of me but ever since then I had been struggling with holding myself back. He knows how I feel about it, how I hate what I am, and every time I show resistance to his influences of senseless brutality I can see a bit of him give up hope.

I had stopped caring a long time ago. When you unintentionally cause the death of your best friend at age 12, you become a bit numb. There have been many times since then where I've stared at my eyes in the mirror for hours, knowing that it wouldn't work on myself but still wishing that it would. I had been getting better though, at "controlling my eyes" or whatever you want to call it. My beloved bangs helped a lot, I got them cut so that they cover both eyes. My family hated the new look but took pleasure in constantly teasing me about it. Being the only one in my family with jet black hair also became the reason for my nickname, Grim (I despised it because it was just another name for black dogs). Soon I just became a new person, a new Nico. I was less serious, more carefree; people rarely noticed my eyes and I rarely noticed other people. It was the perfect compromise. Of course the easy times had to come to an end. I guess that's a repeating pattern that comes with this damn affliction of mine.

I had been 17 for about eight months an life was looking up which was a shocker to me. My cousin, who was really the only person I considered a friend, had really become convinced that I was gay (which I'm not). Soon, every conversation was the same.

"Sup Luca"

"Hello Nico...strange look...why won't you like girls?"

"Because then I couldn't have the biggest crush on you baby!" (I was just kidding but I guess he didn't get the joke).

Then he would shudder and walk away, I don't know how serious he was but he didn't suggest anything to my parents so it didn't bother me much. I could have had girlfriends if I wanted to, most girls I knew were in that "I heart vampires" phase so they would have swooned over my naturally pale complexion. There was only one problem, you know, the whole black dog thing. There was only one way that I wouldn't kill a girlfriend or anyone else who looked into my eyes. I had to...umm...yea, that. And unlike so many other guys in the world I didn't want to do it with some chick just to have a random girlfriend who didn't die on me. As cliche as it sounds, I wanted it to be with someone i actually cared about. You may think I'm a softy but you would be too if you where the only boy with four sisters.

One day I finally let Luca's whole gay thing get to me and decided to go out with this girl Maddie. She had been staring at me for the past few weeks and had randomly given me the compliment "Your aura is astonishingly indifferent, you're a diamond in the rough". It reminded me of the Disney movie Aladdin...I liked that movie so I decided to give her a shot. She wasn't bad to look at with curly orange hair an almond shaped green eyes. It was the worst decision of my miserable existence. I had no feelings toward her so I knew we wouldn't go "that" far but i still wanted to at least kiss her. My bangs were covering my eyes (as usual) but she slowly brushed them away leaning forward with her eyes closed, suddenly she stopped and her eyes slowly opened. We just looked at each other for about five minutes and I knew for sure that she was a goner. When it comes to black dogs, our eyes don't instantly kill you, they just speed up the sand in your hour glass, depending on how strong you are is how you know how soon the person will die. And it's actually not our eyes that kill you, they just change your fate so that you "accidentally" get run over when you're walking home or you have a heart attack five minutes after you meet one of us. It's mysterious and frighting but no one ever sees it coming.

Maddie was no different, after the make out session we went to get some dinner, I don't even remember the name of the restaurant. All I know it that you should never take a girl to a seafood restaurant on a first date because she could be fatally allergic to the food. Yea, worst. date. ever. I guess all the other guys in the world can't complain about their sucky dates. At least they didn't kill the girl.

After that I completely gave up one the idea of a relationship and prepared myself for an eternity of loneliness.

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