The Secret Thrill

She stared at him now, wanting answers. "You... You saved me." she said. "Why?"
He looked at her. "I don't know."
For Skylar Collins, Regulus Black was just Sirius' little brother. Sirius hated him, she could tell, but she didn't. She just didn't care. That is, she didn't care until the day he saved her life.
Rated PG-13 for violence.
I don't own anything you reconize. That is all the wonderful J.K's work, I'm just playing with her toys.

Chapter 1

That Fateful Day

A/N: This is the most violent chapters I've ever written, so please try to be patient. Kay thanks, and enjoy the story!

"Are you sure you don't want to go to Zonko's with us?" asked James Potter, one of Skylar's friends.
"Nah, I'm good. You know i dont like to know when you're buying items not allowed in the school, then I'd feel guilty for letting you get away with it, but I could never rat you out so.... Yea it's just best if I didn't go."
James rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Remus can go with you if you'd like. He doesn't like to watch us buy illegal stuff either."
She sniffed. "I assure I don't need a babysitter, James. Remus can go. I'll be just fine by myself, thank you very much."
He raised his hands in defeat. "I'm just trying to be gentlemanly. Jeez."
She smiled at him, then at the others--Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were her best guys friends, handsome, goofy guys who always knew how to make her laugh. They all had different characteristics that made them unique, like Remus was really smart and studious and a prefect, but we also had a mischievous streak. James was really creative and goofy, and always had something to say. He could be pretty brass, but he tried, he really did, and was incredibly nice to his friends, if not incredibly sarcastic. Peter was pretty awkward and clumsy, but he was her first friend at Hogwarts, when he accidentally tripped and landed on her on the Hogwarts Express, so she had a special place for him. He had a very dry sense of humor and sometimes made her crack up when he wasn't even trying to be funny. Sirius was... a piece of work really. On one hand, he was insanely sarcastic, a total lady's man, arrogant, and lazy, but he was also incredibly loyal to all his friends and Gryffindor in general. So even though he probably pissed Skylar off more than the others, she could never hate him.
"Bye guys!" she called, walking past them. They waved and headed towards Zonko, and she sighed a sigh of relief. She loved her friends to death, she honestly did, but sometimes she got overwelmed. She loved the times when she just had the time to go out by herself and just relax, think through her problems and fantasies without anyone inturrupting her.
She smiled to herself and started walking, her head down against the wind whipping around her, making her cheeks pink and her eyes water. She stumbled, and accidently ran into someone.
"Oh, sorry!" she said, then did a double take when she saw who it was. For a second she thought it was Sirius, but once she blinked back the tears that the wind brought forth, she knew it wasn't him. This boy was thinner than Sirius, with black eyes as opposed to Sirius' silver ones. His hair was slightly shorter, and neater, but the similarities were stunning, nonetheless.
Regulus Black, she thought to herself. Sirius' brother.
Sirius hated his brother, that much was blatantly obvious. He always cursed whenever he passed in the hallways, and constantly ragged on him in the common room.
Regulus nodded his head at her in acknowledgement. She hurried along, not liking the way his eyes seemed to search her very soul, knowing exactly what she was thinking.
She found herself by the Shrieking Shack. She never liked to hang out near it, knowing what Remus had to go through every month, but something drew her to it. She stared at it, from a distance, of course, she didn't really feel like being smacked with one of the Womping Willows branches. She watched for a couple of minutes. She would never tell anyone this- it would just sound foolish- but the branches mesmerized her. The way they moved, like they were all dancing to a song only they could hear. All of a sudden, the branches stopped moving, like they had froze. She stared, confused. Maybe someone stunned them or something... was that even possible? She turned around, looking for someone who might have done it, but as soon as she turned her head, someone grabbed her around her waist and pulled her toward the Shack. She started to scream, but the person who had grabbed her cast a silencing charm, rendering her incapable to scream for help.
Terror gripped at her heart, and she felt, for the first time, real, true fear. She struggled, kicking and biting, but her captor held her tighter, and she found he was cutting off her circulation. She gasped for air, her breathing became ragged and hoarse. She prayed right then and there that someone, anyone, would save her. But no one came.
The captor carried through the tree, and dropped her within, on the floor, with was rent with scratch marks and she remembered Remus. She chalked this up to what Remus must to through every month, and she made it as a type of sacrifice.
For Remus, she thought. I'll get through this, because Remus goes through this sort of pain every month.
The captor stared at her. This man had a mask on his face, so she could not identify who it was, but something about him creeped her out. Maybe it was the fact that he kidnapped her, or the look he was giving her, the kind of look a cat might save when about to pounce a rat.
"Tell me," said the man to her. His voice was raspy and deep, and it sent shivers down her spine. "Where is Dumbledore now?"
She stared at him in disbelief. He seriously dragged her here to talk about Dumbledore? What the hell?
"Probably in t--" she stopped herself quickly. She couldn't give away any information about Dumbledore! Not that she knew much, but she couldn't let this creepy man cause any harm to him. Not on her life. At the time she didn't realize how realistic that phrase was.
"Where?" the man pressed, stepping toward her and grabbing her by the hair. She screamed, but she knew no one could hear her from there.
"Tell me!" he yelled.
She stared him right in his ice blue eyes and defiantly stuck out her chin. "No."
He screamed in frustration, then trough her back on the ground and spat on her face. She wiped it off, disgusted. He turned back to her.
"Where did Dumbledore go last time he left the school girl?"
She stared at him. He seriously thought she knew? How on earth would she have obtained that information?
"I know nothing." she said to him. It almost scared her how calm her voice was, dispute the circumstances.
He screamed, furious at the uselessness of his captured girl.
He whipped out his hand, and before she could do anything, shouted, "Expelliarmous!" her wand flew out of her pocket, then he screamed out another curse. A curse she thought she would never hear. "CRUCIO!" he bellowed.
The curse hit her and she screamed. The sound shocked her, it was raw, animal almost. Her body burned, it was like she was being shot with a billion ice-hot bullets at once. The pain was unbearable, she couldn't stand it.
He lifted the curse and she lay there, panting. She couldn't even open her eyes.
"I don't think you've had enough." he growled, and once again placed the curse on her.
The pain returned, somehow even more painful than before. SHe writhed on her ground and prayed for it to stop. Anything to make the pain to away.
"I have no use for you anymore, but i can't have you blabbing your mouth back to the castle. I guess I'll have to kill you."
Anything but that.
He raised his hand, but before the words could escape his mouth, another voice rang out.
"STUPIFY!" cried out a voice, knocking the man backwards. He swore loudly and disapparated quickly, dropping Skylar's wand as he went.
Skylar lay there, not able to move. Just breathing was laboring enough.
Her savior knealt my her, checking her plus.
"It's weak." he muttered. "You need to get to the infirmary."
She opened her eyes at the unfamiliar voice.
It was Regulus.
Regulus Articulus Black, Sirius' hated brother, just saved her from death.
She summoned all the strength she had and sat up.
"Hey, hey, hey, you probably shouldn't do that." he said, trying to lay her back down. She struggled, but she was too weak to fight against even the gentlest of touches.
"I'll carry you back," he said quietly.
She wanted to protest, but her lips didn't cooperate with her voice, so she garbled an answer to him.
He chuckled dryly and scooped her up. He was much stronger than it would look, he didn't give any indication she was any heavier than an apple.
He carried her across the fields, and she just lay there, feeling utterly weak and helpless. She hated being a damsel in distress, and now she owed her life to him and she couldn't even muster up the energy to say thank you.
He carried her through the school, with was nearly empty due to everyone being at Hogsmeade. No one crossed their path, and Skylar was thankful for that. She didn't want anyone to see her in that state.
He stopped outside of the closed door of the infirmary. He set her down and said to her in a whisper, "I'm leaving now. Madame Pomfrey will tend to you, don't worry. But no matter what, don't tell them I brought you back, okay?"
She tried to ask him why, but even that was to difficult. She managed a weak nod and he nodded at her before her knocked loudly on the door. He then ran down the hallways, leaving her there alone.
She closed her eyes and was thankful for the cold surface of the floor she lay on.
Mamdame Pomfrey opened the door, looking slightly impatient. "What is i-- Oh my goodness!! Dumbledore, Dumbledore come quickly!"
Dumbledore and McGonagall appeared at the door, soon followed by Professor Flitwickand Madame Sprout. They made some sort of shocked remark, but Skylar barely heard. She vaguely felt Dumbledore levitate her onto a streacher, then place her onto a hospital bed. All the teachers examined her, shock still on their faces.
She closed her eyes, exhausted. Her last thought was, Why would Regulus Black save me, and why didn't he want anyone to know he did?
With that question rolling around in her head, she blaked out.

A/N: I really do think I have an unheathly obsession for the Marauder Era. I've also recently acquired a crush on Regulus Black, so it only seemed logical to write another story. Now I get to juggle four stories! Whoot whoot!
Oh by the way, Regulus is not a Legimin. He just has that look in his eyes that make it seem like he knows what you're thinking.
Comment and rate this story please! Thanks, y'all!


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