Escape From Goldedge

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Cobra0251
Escape from Goldedge
Chapter 1
Four days after the infection. “We were never prepared” thought Izac. “Nobody ever thought this could have ever happened” “ Their’s more of them today, our weapons are useless, their week,” thought Izac while helplessly watching a citizen being attacked by a Zombie.
“Hey dude were on our last pork chop.” yelled Zack while taking a bite out of it.
“We have to make a run for it, theirs a tram system that can get us out of here.” said Izac.
“What, that’s suicide!” exclaimed Zack.
“Maybe, but I have a plan, to the bunker.” Beaconed Izac.
Izac couldn't believe this was happening to them. It seemed impossible that all this had only happened days ago. The day it all started he had been down town when the meteor struck. It all happened so fast nobody was ready for it. There was a blinding flash and the ground shook. When the smoke cleared their was a giant crater with a flaming meteor in it. Everybody stayed where they were, it was as though time its self stopped. Then green gas erupted out of the meteor swirling around everybody in range like a wall of mist. Everyone who was caught in the blast was turned into the living dead, zombies. The smart ones ran for their lives, thinking of no one but their selfs. The city guard was trying to fight back but resistance was futile. Izac and Zack among others were captured, but thanks to Izac’s quick thinking he spotted two swords from fallen guards laying on the ground. Izac kicked them up with his foot and gave one to Zack. Instantly they started hacking away at the zombies. They barley escaped with their lives.

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