Maybe I'm Amazed - A Paul McCartney Love Story

FINALLY! I wrote the first 5 chapters of this ages ago, but have been too lazy to upload it!!! This is the second part of my Beatles love stories!! If you havn't read my George Harrison one, please do!

Chapter 1


As you quietly sat alone in your dark house, you hear a slight trickle.
Looking out the window, you notice it had started to rain.
Everything was perfect. You sighed and lay down, hoping to fall asleep.
Then suddenly, your front door slammed open!

"(Your name)!!!!!!!Get over here NOWW!!!" The voice screamed.
Although it frightened you, you were at ease when you saw your best friends face standing beside you.
She reached down, grabbed your hand, and pulled you from your comfy chair.
"Penny!? What are you doing!?" You yelled.
Penny was out of breath, and sweating from running over here.
"I was just at the book store, AND GUESS WHO WAS THERE!?"
You looked at her. "Who!?"
Before you could even finish the one-word sentence, Penny yelled "PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!!"

Your whole world lighted up. The Beatles were your favourite band, and you had the biggest crush on Paul. It was your dream to meet him!
But what if Penny was lying!?
"What happened?" You ask.
"I went to the bookstore hoping to pick up a cooking book. Then I heard screaming as a handsome man ran through. He sat down behind a desk, and started signing things!" She happily yelled.
"And why did you leave!?" You reply.
"You're my best friend, and you love him as much as I do!"
You smiled, and you both ran out of the house, towards the local library.

You both gasped when you got there. You could'nt even see the door. Millions of girls where crowding the outside.
"We'll never get inside!" You whisper to your friend.
Penny shook her head.
"No! We love Paul, and we're NOT missing this chance! Come on, let's sneak in the back!"
You follow Penny as you both scavenge your way through the crowd. And before you know it, you're at the back of the building, which was completely deserted.
Simultaneously, you both stared at the back door, which was half open.

You both creep up to it. Your heart races so fast when you see the back of a mans head, facing forwards, in front of a crowd of screaming girls.
Instantly, you recognize it. It was Paul.

"What are we going to do, huh!? We can't go in this way, they'll kick us out!" You whisper.
Penny smiled. We'll wait here for when he leaves. That way, he'll see us when he walks out!"
"Penny, you're the best friend anyone could ever have!" You laugh.

You had both been waiting for what seemed like eternity, when you realized, the crowd had gone. There were only about 20 girls still waiting out the front.
Suddenly, you hear a mans voice.
"Well...Okay Paul, it's time to meet up with the others at the recording studio!"
You look at Penny, who was just as scared as you.

Two men then walk through the door (which you and Penny are hiding behind).
Without noticing you, they walk towards a nearby car.
"They're leaving!" Penny quietly yelled.
This was your chance. You might never meet Paul if you didn't do something.
Without thinking you grab Penny's hand, and chase after him.

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