Shattered. That's what describes her... The way she feels when she looks in the mirror. The way he touches her skin... The way she dreams.. The way she awakens... She's... Shattered

Chapter 1

Never be too curious

Sometimes.. reality hits you, with a ton of bricks. Right on the left side of your cheek, coming at full force and with a vengeance so strong, you nearly topple over. Well that's what happened to me.
The phone was in my hand. I know it was, but I couldn't tell. I was so dazed. I felt the world spinning and my legs were going to give out any minute. My heart dropped to the bottom of my body. I blinked. Maybe I read it wrong. Maybe I am just over reacting. Maybe he's talking about me? I lifted the cell phone to my face and slid it open. The keyboard was revealed and it lit up in a bright blue. And, there it was. That dreadful message that ruined my life. I reread it over and over. I think I read it about a million times before he walked into the kitchen and stared right at my hand. Stared right at his phone that I was snooping through. He snatched it out of my hand and smiled. Why does he have to have such a perfect smile?

"What are you doing Haven?" he asked. Those beautiful bright green eyes staring at me like sharp daggers. I winced.
"I... I read something on your phone... Who is she?'

His reaction was calm. Almost as if he didn't hear what I just asked. He looked at me again. His perfect teeth shinning as he smiled.

"How dare you look through my phone Haven" his smile vanished. I almost wish it didn't.
"You didn't answer my question. Who is she Cole?" I was determined to get to the bottom of this. Yet... i really didn't want to know the answer.

He didn't answer me. He walked out of the kitchen and into the room we had been in just an hour ago. All day was an on and off day for us. I kept thinking it's just because of this new job Cole landed. The hours were rough. He landed a job as a security guard at night. Normally his eyes would be bloodshot red and his attitude would be extremely drowsy. But that wasn't the case for today. I wish it had been. He stormed into the bedroom and gathered his things. I watched helplessly wondering what I had said to make him so angry. I just asked him a question! He brought all of his things into the study and sat at the computer desk. He began tying his shoes and getting ready to leave, never saying a single word to me. I could feel the tears welling up inside of me. I tried my best to hide them.. he was acting... guilty.

"Cole! Answer me! Who is that girl that's texting you?!' I could feel the tears wash away as anger took there place.
"I'm not taking this from you. Haven. Your always treating me like sh***t! What did you expect?"
My mouth hung open in disbelief "Sh
***t?! What are you talking about. Oh my god. Your cheating on me! Cole! What did that message mean!"

He glared at me with hateful eyes. He slid open his phone and looked through it vigorously. His eyes shot back towards me and he spoke with anger shaking all through his body. He reread it out loud for me.

"Yes I loved yesterday. It was so amazing and I can't wait for us to do it again"
He closed his phone and slid it back into his jean pocket. He walked over to me smiling. For some reason, hearing him read the message out loud hurt more then finding it. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. I tried to hold back the tears but they overthrew my anger and came down in waterfalls. He watched as I cried.

"How could you do this to me Cole? How could you cheat on me? Who is she? What did you do with her yesterday that she loved?' I sobbed.

I bet I sounded pathetic. He grabbed my shoulders and looked at me straight in the eyes. But I couldn't find a trace of remorse in there.

"She's no one. I web chatted with her last night and we watched a movie together online. She's just a friend Haven. Stop crying"

I wiped away my tears with the back of my hand and stared him down. Did he take me for a fool?

"Are you fvckin me? I'm not stupid! How could you cheat on me!' my anger had returned and I let it run lose.

He let go of my shoulders and retreated back to the computer chair. He put on his other shoe and grabbed his bag. He walked to the door and looked back at me. There was no smile and there was no dagger eyes. Just him standing there looking back at me. I felt as if my my best friend was walking out on me, and in reality he was my best friend. I ran over to the door and stood in front of it. My determination sometimes gets me into a lot of trouble.

'Your not leaving until you explain herself. What the h3ll is wrong with you! For someone who supposedly didn't cheat on me, you sure aren't defending yourself at all!"

"I didn't cheat on you Haven. Get away from the door and let me leave. Your being psychotic again.' I hated when he called me psychotic.

"I am not a psycho! I just don't want to be left here not knowing the truth. Please just tell me. I just want to work things out and get to the bottom of this. Please don't leave" I grabbed his hand and he tore it away.

"Get...away...from...the...door. Your making me feel trapped and you know how I get when I feel trapped. Don't make me move you away from the door Haven"

"What are you talking about?! What? Your gonna hit me Cole? Whats wrong with you! Did you cheat on me or not?!"

This is when things got bad... really bad. So bad that I tend not to think about this too much. I erase it from my memory. He lunged at me and tore me away from the door, swinging me behind him. I fell to the floor and watched as he walked out of the door. I sprung up quickly and ran after him leaving the door wide open as I bounded down the front steps of my house. He glanced behind him and when he saw me he rolled his eyes and stopped walking.

"You little psychotic girl you need to stop. Go away, we are over!'

I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at him. Did he just say we are over? No.. he couldn't have just said that. I'm overreacting again aren't I. I blinked... twice I think before the tears rolled down my eyes. No, he did say it I wasn't overreacting. I turned around and ran straight towards my house. I remember sitting on the floor crying. My sister walked in and let me cry on her shoulders... The next day.... my life changed forever....


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