101 Ways to Know You're Too Obsessed With the Beatles

this is how I have been keeping busy all summer, lol :) But here I have compiled 101 ways of knowing you may have an obsession with everybody's favorite Moptoped boys. This took me FOREVER, so I beg of you, to enjoy!!

Chapter 1

101 Ways

1. The word "beetle" looks misspelled

2. You constantly long to be named after one of their songs

3. A part of you hopes to be a famous musician someday too, just so you can say the Beatles are one of your influences

4. You have impure thoughts about one or more of them ;)

5. You miss John Lennon, even though it's highly unlikely you ever shared the Earth with him

6. A part of you is glad that you were too young to know George when he died, but at the same time you wish you could have appreciated and loved him while he was alive

7. You constantly wish you lived in the 60s and 70s because of them

8. When you meet a fellow Beatlemaniac, you also meet a new best friend :D

9. When you hear the names John, Paul, George or Ringo, you immediately think of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr

10. When you saw the title of this list, your first thought was, "how can you be TOO obsessed with the Beatles??!"

11. You get a little bit excited when you have injured fingers so you can declare, "I've got blisters on my fingers!!"

12. You have to remind yourself to keep calm and not shower a subject who wears a Beatles shirt with compliments

13. Your list of top ten songs has 9 Beatles tunes and one solo Beatle song

14. You think of Abbey Road every time you cross a street with white lines, and try to pose like one if the Fab Four
(I always stick my hands in my pocket ;))

15. Your screensaver and computer background is Beatle-related

16. Your friends don't understand why you wear black on Dec. 8th and Nov. 29th

17. You defend John's "Bigger Than Jesus" statement, despite how Christian you are

18. You were shocked when the Queen did not personally invite Sir Paul to the Royal Wedding

19. You see Justin Bieber's CDs beside the Beatles, get disgusted, and put a couple of the Beatle's CDs on front of them. (I literally do this EVERY time)

20. You know it is sinful to turn down or (God forbid) CHANGE the radio station when a Beatles song is on

21. You have been told more than once to stop talking about the Beatles

22. You have a favorite Beatle, but still love the other three to death

23. You have cried listening to one of their songs at one time

24. You go to bed listening to "golden slumbers," the worlds greatest lullaby

25. You are particularly critical of any covers of Beatles songs

26. You know who cheered really loud at the end of "Get Back"

27. You want a Liverpudlian accent. Badly.

28. When the Beatles harmonize, you can tell which voice is which

29. You can't understand how people say, "I can't tell the Beatles apart! They all look the same!!"

30. You use the term "Gear Fab"

31. You constantly search for Beatles pictures, even though you have way too many in your computer

32. The greatest thing ever would be if you were surrounded by family and friends, blowing out your candles to the Beatle's "Birthday" instead of the traditional "happy birthday"

33. When a Beatles song comes on, you sing the lyrics out loud around adults just to let know you know the Beatles

34. You hate the BBC for banning any kind of Beatles song

35. The voices in your head? You're convinced it's either John or George talking to you

36. When people start singing Yellow Submarine, you join them, and after the chorus ends, you’re the only one left singing the verses, and people give you strange looks.

37. You gasped when you realized “Carry That Weight” has the exact same tune as “You Never Give Me Your Money”

38. When you hear the number 9, you repeat the phrase “number 9… number 9… number 9…” In an English accent.

39. You've tried meditation at one point or another because of their trip to India

40. Your kind of the school hippie because of them :)

41. You insult sluts by calling them Day Trippers, jerks by calling them blue meanies, and gross people are now grotty

42. Sometimes you wonder if you are the reincarnation of John Lennon (or maybe that's just me...)

43. Tornado/flood/earthquake warning? Save the Beatles stuff!!

44. Bands that are clearly trying to copy the Beatles (Oasis, anyone?) are now called "Wanna-Beatles"

45. You're listening to them now, aren't you? ;)

46. WWJD stands for "what would John do?"

47. The only French you know is what youve heard Paul sing in "Michelle"

48. You're the one of the only people who knows that Sprint is using the Beatles "All Together Now" in their new commercials

49. Any Beatles song named after a girl (Lucy, Lizzy, Michelle, Anna, Prudence) you change so they're singing about you :)

50. You torture your friends by writing "Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble"or "Jai Guru Deva Om" and not telling them what that means

51. You're just waiting for the day when someone asks "should I drive?" so you can shout, "Baby you can drive my car!"

52. Subject with a dislike of the Beatles? Cannot date.

53. 'Beatle' has been added to your computers dictionary

54. At one time, you had crushes on the school football players. Now, thanks to the Beatles, you look for long-haired musicians :)

55. You try not to use the word hate anymore. After all, All You Need is Love. :)

56. Everyone looks at you when the Beatles are mentioned

57. There is no official George Harrison memorial. Anywhere. That fact makes you angry

58. You're reading this list right now!

59. You want or have a tattoo that is Beatle related

60. You can pick up any playing Beatles tune, no matter how quiet it's volume

61. Someone shouts, "Help!" and you're tempted to yell, "I need somebody!"

62. You know you would fall in love if you ever met a guy named Jude

63. You have put your head on the body of a Beatle wife next to your fave Beatle via photoshop.
(Guilty as charged... Sorry Cynthia ;))

64. Your friends don't even ask and automatically assume you want Beatles garb for your bday... and they're right :)

65. In your opinion, Ringo Starr is quite possibly the cutest thing to walk the planet

66. You add "ie" or "y" to the end of the Beatles names (Paulie, Georgie, Johnny, Ringsy) like you two are going out or something.

67. You will never say no to a rousing round of Beatles Rockband

68. It literally kills you to see Beatles merchandise marked way down, unless you don't have the item already. How could someone not want it?!?

69. Your kids are going to have Beatle-related names

70. Your mother has lost it a few times from your Beatle "babbling" and constant belting of their lyrics

71. You're ancestors are from England, and you wonder why they would ever leave the land of the Beatles.

72. Your future children can planned on being disowned if they claim to not like the Beatles

73. You try not to, but it is extremely hard for you to not hate Mark David Chapman and Michael Abram.

74. The one thing you will always remember about a person is their response to, "Do you like the Beatles?"

75. When you are reading or watching something having to do with rock and roll, music in general or England, you try not to hope the Beatles come up, but do anyway

76. When you see a group of four people, whether it be TV show characters, another band, or real people in your life, you contemplate which one of them is "the John," "the Paul," "the George," and "the Ringo."
77. You are willing to put up with horrible talk show hosts, like Regis and Kelly or Jay Leno or something, to see the a Beatle on their show

78. You sang or plan on singing some sort of Beatles lullaby to a child to put them down to sleep. (I've sang "Golden Slumbers" to my baby cousin Lily :))

79. If Paul or Ringo are going to be at a televised event, (say, the Oscars or the Emmys) people remind you, even though you already know

80. You freak out when a song or TV show mentions the Beatles, even if it's as simple as, "You'll end up like the guy who turned down the Beatles!"

81. You have a deep appreciation of strawberry fields, yellow submarines, and walruses

82. Someone has told you that you will "grow out" of your "Beatles stage." Psh, riiiiiight

83. You slip Beatles references/quotes/etc. into everyday conversations

84. You considered/attempted/became a vegetarian or vegan because of Paul :)

85. You want to share a house with three other friends in a house just like the Beatles in Help, complete with a blue, food-stocked room, a red one with a huge bookcase and ditch bed, a white one complete with a matching piano and comic books, and a green room with grass carpeting and your own personal butler friend that plays the flute.

86. You roll your eyes when someone says, "The Beatles? Aren't they all dead?"

87. You have eight Beatles shirts- one for each day of the week.

88. In your opinion, Beatlemania>Bieber Fever

89. You have written Fan Fiction, and a character who is A LOT like you somehow gets very close to your favorite Beatle...

90. You can relate to the screaming and crying Beatlemaniacs at the concerts

91. You can name their eye colors, wive's names, children's names, their fave color, their childhood stories, etc... It's almost stalker-like

92. Time travel has to be possible. It just HAS to be.

93. You actually care enough to read 93 ways to know you are overly-obsessed with the Beatles.

94. When your computer first saw the word "Ringo" or "Starr" it told you that word was misspelled. You taught it real fast never to question those words ever again.

95. You love it when someone brings up the Beatles and lose it, like you're on pot or something. 

96. Forget Spongebob. Your favorite cartoon is the Beatles cartoon!!

97. People who don't like the Beatles are on your "To Kill" list.
(I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Mostly...)

98. You have been asked before if you listen to anything BESIDES the Beatles.

99. Your computer automatically assumes you are looking for John Lennon after you only type a J into the search engine. (And P for Paul, G for George, R for Ringo, etc.

100. The thought of your obsession ever fading honestly frightens you

101. You need more than love. You need the Beatles


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