bite me, my blood is filthy anyway (Sirius Black Love Story)

Name: Rose Nicole Scarlett
Age: same year as the marauders of course - 11 at beginning of story
Appearance: warm blonde hair and gold eyes
other: her eyes change to her mood, but gold is her favorite color to keep them as
the first chapter contains her biggest secret for you to read and find out about

Chapter 2

im getting really sick and tired of having to come up with suckish chapter titles - CUPCAKES are AMAZING because they are dressed up muffins

As i boarded the Hogwarts train, i told myself not to be shy. I was going to be more outgoing here, i can startover now. I mustered up my courage and went into a compartment with a girl and a boy sitting in it already. "May i sit here?" i asked. "Sure," the girl said while the boy just shrugged his agreement. "Im Lily Evans and this is Severus Snape," the girl named Lily interduced herself and the boy as. "Rose Scarlett," i replied back sweetly. I moved into the compartment and closed the door tightly. I picked up my bag and raised it over my head to put away, but me being the klutz i am, i put the bag on the shelf unstabily, and the bag just fell on top of me. "Ouch. This is how i make new friends, i show them how much of a klutz i am," i said to myself as my eyes turned orange with embarassment. I pushed the bag off of me angrily, and the bag flew up higher than seemily humanily possible. Thats vampire strength for you. I picked the bag up again and lifted it once again, for the second attempt. I lifted it, but as i put it up and away, someone else was helping me. I didnt need the help with my super human streangth, but i didnt argue. The bag was firmly put away so i turned to face the person who had helped me. It was a boy with shaggy black hair, and was rather cute i had to admit. "Thanks," i told him sheepishly. "Not a problem," he said smugly as he wrapped an arm around my waist. "Im Sirius Black, and you are...?" he said as he gave me a dazzling smile. My smile faded as i realized how much of a player this guy must be. "Rose Scarlett," i said flatly. "And who is your beautiful friend?" a boy asked, coming the in the compartment from behind Sirius, as he moved next to Lily. "Lily Evans," she said while blushing. "James Potter," he replied, giving her a smile that most girls would melt for. I moved swiftly from Sirius's grasp and sat down. Two more boys entered the compartment, one was rather awkward and ugly looking, while the other had many scars on his body which made him kinda cute in a bad boy sorta way. "Im Remus Lupin and this is Peter Pettigrew," Scar boy said. "Severus Snape," Sev said quietly. They all took a seat, and Sirius made sure to be as close to me as possible, amking me squished between him and the window. I focused my attention outside the window, trying to ignore him and hope that he would just give up and go away. He never did. He put his arm around my shoulders and constantly would try to get me to talk to him. I refused to. "Come on talk to me," he whined. "Then get your arm off of me and move 2 feet to the left," i hissed angrily at him as my eyes turned blood red with anger. He moved away with fear from seeing my eyes. "Are you a metamorphus?" James asked. "Considering i dont know what that is, no im not," i laughed. "Then how did your eyes change?" he asked curiously. "They change with my mood," i said while shrugging. James gave up on the questioning and began to talk to the other boys about something that i think was called Quidditch. I talked to Lily and Sev which i became really close friends with the both of them. I asked Lily to explain the houses to me, since i didnt remember clearly what Dumbledore had said about them. "Well Hufflepuff is for the loyal, Ravenclaw is for the smart people, Gryffindor is for the brave and bold and Slytherin..." Lily began but was cut off by Severus. "Is for the cunning and ambitious - the house im going to be in," he said confidently. James heard us and snickered. "Why would you want to be in Slytherin?" he sneered. "Well, what house do you want to be in?" Sev asked, obviously irritated. "Gryffindor, where the brave lie at heart," James said dramatically. It was Sev's time to snicker. "What?" James asked rudely. "Oh nothing, if you rather be brawny then brainy.." Sev said. Lily and I both laughed lightly. "At least it is MUCH BETTER then Slytherin which is full of a bunch of stuck of purebloods " he said as if 'Slytherin' hurt to say. I kept my mouth clamped shut fight the urge to bite him for being so rude. "Does Slytherin only take purebloods?" Lily asked Sev, suddenly worried that she wouldnt be able to get in it. "Dont worry, you will get in it," he said reassuringly. "Why? What is your blood status?" James asked Lily, all the venom to his voice gone. "Muggleborn," she said with distaste as she spoke to him. He didnt react as if it was a bad thing to be muggleborn, so that relaxed my nerves, but i was still tensed up and kept my mouth clamped shut. "What house do you guys want to get?" James asked us. "Gryffindor," Peter said nervously as he looked up at James as if he were some sort of God. Remus shrugged. "Im lucky to be here, i dont mind what house i get," he answered simply, but it seemed as if he had a big terrible secret he was trying to hide from us. "If i got Slytherin i would probably just go home," James pointed out rudely. My eyes turned a deep red with anger and i clamped my mouth shut. I couldnt help it as my fangs retracted themselves since i was so angry. The fangs poked my gums, making the inside of my mouth bleed. "Are you okay?" Sirius said, now next to me with his arm around my shoulders once again. "M-hm," i hummed so i wouldnt need to open my mouth. "Really because you look like you are going to explode," Lily said. "M-hm," i hummed once again, and i turned away from them, looking out the window so i could relax my nerves. "What house would you want to be in?" James asked Sirius. "My entire family was in Slytherin..." he said, voice trailing off. "Aww, and i was just beginning to like you," James said. I clenched my jaw. He was just going to ignore Sirius now just because he was a SLytherin?! I took some deep breaths until i was calm enough to let my fangs sink back into my gums, so they looked just like any normal teeth. "Who knows? Maybe i will be the one to break the tradition?" Sirius joked, but i could tell that he truly wanted that. "And you?" James asked me. "I honestly dont give a dam, i just found out that im a witch a few weeks ago and im just exicted to be here. So i dont want to be worried what house im going to get into - but i do hope that its not the same house as you," i said distastefully. Lily and Sev both smiled at me, while James glowered at me. "And whats so bad about me?" he asked, he honestly didnt know. This got my blood boiling. "Because you dont keep your trap shut! If they want to be in Slytherin, be quiet about what you believe and respect their wishes! You dont have to be arrogant and cocky all the time!" I shouted at him. My eyes turned from red to orange as i regretted my sudden outburst. My cheeks flushed and i looked down from everyone's stares. "Sorry about my sudden outburst," i said quietly. "Its ok, nothing could drive me away from someone as beautiful as you," Sirius said smugly as he wrapped his arm around my waist. I knew that wasnt true, because my fangs would automatically make me look ugly. "Dont waste your time," i said distastefully as i picked his arm off my waist. He placed it around my shoulders instead with a smirk on his lips as if he thought we were playing some game. Well game over. I grasped his wrist with my super human strength and swung it off my shoulder and pushed him away from me. As i do so, i accidently moved my hair off my shoulder as well, making the bite mark on my neck clearly visible to everyone. I quickly replaced my hair to cover it, but it was too late. "What happened?" Remus asked, he looked almost... hopeful? "I got attacked by a bear," i lied quickly and easily. But maybe i answered a little too quickly... My eyes turned gray as i wait for one of them to begin talking again. "Well this is an awkward silence..." i said while stating the obvious. "Thanks, i didnt notice that," Sirius said sarcastically. My eyes turned orange and i blushed from my stupidity. "Are you blushing for me?" Sirius asked. My cheeks quickly regained normal color and my eyes became red again. "Take your arm off my shoulder before i kill you," i i said coldly. "What does red mean? Love?" Sirius teased me. "Anger," i said with narrowed eyes. "Aww, come on you love me. How about you go out with me?" he asked. "Let me think.." i said as i pretended to be thoughtful. "No," i said flatly. "Your loss," he said. "How about you my sweet Lily flower? Will you go out with me?" James asked Lily. Lily looked disgusted by the very idea. "No," she answered. James was disappointed by the answer, but he merely just shrugged it off. "Come on, lets find another compartment," Sev said. Lily and I quickly agreed. "Bye... what was it Snivellious?" James teased. I had lost my temper at that point, i wasnt going to take his shiz anymore. "WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY?!" I screeched at him. I immediatly clamped my mouth shut after i shouted, because my fangs had retracted themselves from my anger. I could feel my fangs biting into my own flesh, but i tried to ignore the pain as i stared James down with blood red eyes. "Oh... Have a girlfriend Snivellious?" he teased both me and Sev. My eyes went black, the color of death. I kept my mouth shut with all my might and i felt blood trickle down my lip as it escaped the inside of my mouth. James eyes went wide with fear as he moved slowly away from me. But i was too fast for him. I punched him straight in the face. I heard a crack though, and realized that my super strength made me just break his nose. I didnt regret it though. But then i saw blood begin to trickle out of his nose down his chin and dripping to the ground in a small puddle of red liquid. I eyed the blood hungrily for a few seconds, but then caught myself and stalked out of the compartment while i mentally slapped myself. How could i have been so stupid to let myself loose my temper like that, i could of easily exposed my vampire side to them. Well i suppose it wouldnt of made much difference anyway since they were going to hate me whether i was a vampire or if i punched him... "What was that?" Lily asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts. "What was what?" i asked pretending to be clueless. "You were looking at him as if you wanted to eat him," she explained. I began laughing as if she just told a funny joke. "you are really funny lil," i said pretending to think what she last said was just a joke instead of the truth. "Yeah, it was a joke," she said quietly, as she was embarassed. I knew i was making her feel dumb, but it was the only way to protect my secret. "That punch was amazing! I think you broke his nose!" Sev exclaimed. "Never underestimate me when i lose my temper," i said simply while shrugging. "I think we will all become good friends over the years," lily predicted. I swung my arms over each of their shoulders and my gold eyes shimmered in the light as i agreed, "Most definitely."
(i have nothing better to do so im going to continue typing)
I couldnt bear to look at James as i stood in the hall with Lily and Sev standing by my side. All i could think of was how much i regretted what i did. I snuck a glance at him once, to see him holding a tissue at his bandaged and bruised nose. I looked away quickly because i didnt want to be caught staring at the blood on the tissue. Anxiety and impatience filled my body as the sorting began. I would have to wait for such a long time before my name was called since i was in the 's'.
"Black, Sirius," was called very close to the beginning of the sorting. As much as i disliked him and his choice of friends, i watched him intently as he sat down on the stool. An old hat was placed on his head and began to speak to the crowd, "From a long line of Slytherins and a pureblood as well, SLYTH- but wait, you want to be different from your family... and you are brave and bold to match... GRYFFINDOR!" the hat rang out after minutes of deciding. Relief seemed to wash over Sirius as he walked over to the Gryffindor table confidently. The Slytherins all watched confused as a Black made it into Gryffindor, the Gryffindor seemed confused on this also since they all clapped for him half heartedly. Sirius didnt seem to care though, as he flashing a dazzling smile to the Gryffindors, causing some girls to giggle and blush. I huffed and looked away, waiting for the sorting to restart again.
"Evans, Lily," was called not much longer and Lily was glued to the stop with fear and nerves keeping her still. I pushed her and she moved forward with a start. I could see her hand shaking as she tried to push it into her pocket to hide her nerves. I prayed for her sake that she would be in a different house than that Potter kid. "Ah..." the hat began as it soaked in all of Lily's knowledge. "Too much potiental to be a Hufflepuff and Slytherin will not do... the mind of a Ravenclaw, maybe there perhaps? No, well than your bravery and kind heart will make you a GRYFFINDOR!" the hat sang. My heart sank slightly as she sat across from Sirius, if Potter could back up his talk then Lily would be stuck with him all the time.
"Lupin, Remus," was called awhile later, and the boy with the scars all walked to the stool in front of the room, in front of everyone. The hat was placed on his head. "Slytherin and Hufflepuff will not do, no, but a very bright mind fit for Ravenclaw... and horrors in your past that no one else here had has to deal with.." the hat said thoughtfully. "No one else has ever come here with your particular curse Mr. Lupin," the hat whispered to Remus, so that no one but him and me with the super hearing, were able to hear him. "But your bravery is admireable, and your good heart is what will get you far in GRYFFINDOR!" the hat decided finally. Remus walked over to the table and sat next to Sirius, who gave him a high five. I couldnt help but ponder over what Remus's secret may be. It also felt good to know that i wasnt the only secretive one out there. I decided that i would try to learn more about vampire powers to see if i could find a way to read Remus's mind to find out what it could be...
"Pettigrew, Peter," was called right afterwards and i snapped out of my thoughts to see which house the boy would be placed in. He only seemed like tag along to me, and i suspected that James would only keep him around to make him feel better about himself. The hat seemed to take forever with him, but as i listened closely to what the hat was saying, it seemed that Peter didnt have a house for him. That he was too strange and awdward for each house. "Gryffindor," the hat decided on finally, but the hat still seemed unsure of how well the awkward boy would actually do there. "Sirius and Remus greeted the boy warmly and he sat down next to them as the sorting continued.
"Potter, James," was called right afterwards, and my lip curled in disgust as he strutted up to the stool so confidently. The hat had barely touched his head before it called out "GRYFFINDOR!" to the crowd. I thought that was strange, since James had stated that all the stuck up purebloods are in Slytherin - why wasnt Potter in that house then? James placed a 'i-knew-it' smirk on his face as he took a seat next to Lily, which obviously made her uncomfortable as well. I watched Sev glare at how close Potter was to Lily and i could tell right then that Sev fancied her. I could tell from the way his fists tightened when he saw Potter put his arm around her, and the way that Sev talked to Lily with a gleam in his eyes... I smiled at him as i realized that i had figured it out. "Dont worry she doesnt fancy Potter," i whispered to Sev to make him relax. It did slightly, but i could still see that his muscles were tense.
"Snape, Severus," was called a bit later and Sev took a deep breath before walking up to the stool. He sat down on it with confidence written all over his face, but i could tell that he was faking it. "Slytherin," the hat said quickly, almost seconds after it touched Sev's greasy hair as if it didnt want grease on him. Severus look momentarily depressed by this and looked a Lily for support. Lily gave him a wamr smile which meant that she didnt mind and would still be his friend. Sev gave her a weak smile in return and head to the Slytherin table on the other side of the room of Lily. He was greeted by a girl with crazed curly black hair, a boy with long white blonde hair, and a girl with blonde hair who seemed to be going out with the blonde hair boy by how she was holding his hand.
"Scarlett, Rose," was called and it snapped my out of my thoughts. I felt all the nerves build up inside my body as i forced myself to move on forward ot the stool. I sat down carefully since the stool looked old and i was afriad to break it by sitting on it. The old hat was placed on my head and the hat was silent. It never said a word for a few moments and the continuing silence only strengthened my nerves. I could feel the hat probing my head, looking at all of my memories. But i knew that the hat wouldnt find much of interest since my life has always been pretty boring. Everyday was pretty much the same as the last, i had a boring life before this. "No one else has walked through these doors with the same curse as you have," the hat stated after the piercing silence was over. I stayed entirely silent as the hat mulled over it's thoughts on where i should be. "Loyal like a Hufflepuff but that is not your strongest quality... Ambitious like a Slytherin, but a muggleborn so that will not do... so it comes down to Ravenclaw or Gryffindor," the hat thought over logically. My best friend is in Gryffindor, but so are my only enemies... I thought over, trying to decide which would be better in my point of view. "A friend in Gryffindor, along with enemies?" the hat said aloud as it questioned my thoughts. "Then you better be GRYFFINDOR!" The hat FINALLY said. The hat was lifted from my head and i walked over to the Gryffindor table. I slid inbetween Potter and Lily and Lily shot me a grateful look. 'your welcome' i mouthed to her. "Looks like our sweet flowers made it as well," Sirius said to James as he addressed me and Lily as flowers. I should of told them that my middle name 'Nicole' was my actual name so that they wouldnt call me a flower. Yes, it would be lying, but would you on your own free will want to be called flower by some guys you hate? "Wonderful," Potter said cheerily as him and Sirius highfived each other. Lily both looked at each other and sighed. "We both should of chosen Ravenclaw," we said at the same time to each other. We laughed at us talking at the same time saying the same thing. My gold eyes became just yellow with happiness. The sorting ended and Dumbledore made a speech that i didnt listento because i was lost in my own thoughts during the time. It seemed that i was the only one that wasnt listening though. Then food appeared on the table and i looked at it sadly. My eyes turned blue at the sad thought of seeing all this food and it wouldnt make any difference to eat it or not. I had tried to eat normal food again but now it just tasted werid and i couldnt even bare to swallow the disgusting food. I eyed the cupcakes and quickly grabbed one out of habit of grabbing the most sugary thing on the table first. "The first thing you pick is the cupcake?" Lily asked me amused. "I love cupcakes, they are like dressed up muffins," i said dreamily. Lily looked at me as if i had gone mental, but then we both burst into a fit of laughter. Once i had calmed down, i took a bite of the cupcake.

I didnt like cupcakes anymore either.

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